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  • Humor

    Gotta see a skit waterboarding Sharpton and Feinstein.
  • Best show on TV

    Great show, Joel McHale makes it a godsend to watch one of the best shows on tv
  • Yeah 4 tha Soup

    Yeah 4 tha Soup! I watch the Soup for much of what I'm missing in reality TV. The Soup validates my reasons for not watching much of that garbage. I luv u Joel McHale.
  • Revolted and will now boycott this show.

    Have to say this first: I once adored this show. BUT...

    is bad enough (and slightly disturbing in a SICK WAY) when those horrible pageant-parents give their children "gogo" juice, powedered-sugar-stix, sleepless nights, and whore make-up all for some low money prize on reality TV (I rely on The Soup for these clips as I cannot stomach the shows normally I LAUGH at the ignorance that Joel/the writers point out....

    BUT WHEN JOEL, THE WRITERS FOR THE SOUP, and the PRODUCERS for the show think it is acceptable to say a little girl will be giving "BJs for PIXIE STICKS" in her furture?!?!?! You guys are EFFING disgusting, vile, MONSTERS who are almost as sickening as the parents and perverts that engage in this crap. SHAME ON YOU, E! and JOEL, and especially you "writers". In the eternally appropriate words of Frank HOPE YOUR $H1T comes alive and EATS YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!

    Ive watched this showed for ten years now and I never get tired of watching it. It always has something funny to make me laugh because I watch a lot of tv shows. Best clip show out there!
  • Not worth watching anymore

    Not worth watching anymore. I faithfully watched this show ever since it's beginnings as Talk Soup. I tried hanging on for the last two years, but it has become a complete waste of time to watch. It's not that there is any lack of material, it's that the writing and production sucks. Tosh.0 and TMZ prove that snarky mocking television programming definitely works. TMZ even does it daily. Whoever is running The SOUP is just plain incompetent and not funny. Joel is too busy plugging his piece of crap show Community. The soup itself is too busy plugging ever crappy thing under the sun. The recurring jokes (I'm looking at you Mankini) aren't the least bit funny. If a subject like the Kardashians comes up, the show tries to act like they're making fun, but they're really just kissing butt and plugging once again. This show is old, lame, and dead. Watch Tosh.0 or TMZ. You'll laugh much more often and much harder. They need to fire everyone on The Soup and start over. The format works, these idiots running it don't.
  • Really miss Kinnear & Skunk boy

    With this new satirical series, the E! Entertainment Network returns to a format they helped create with the popular '90s show Talk Soup.

    JM's good too in his own right, Skunk boy was just irreplaceable-yet somehow they did it. biggest career mistake since Brian Dunkleman

    You can always catch Wipeout/ he shines there as well.
  • Most of you have no sense of humor!

    This show is hilarious! For those of you nit pickers who get offended so easily, get over it, its just goofing around. get a sense of humor and stop taking things so serious!
  • What happend to this show?

    We used to love this show and even watch it as a family. This season is not funny just raunchy and disgusting. Joel comes off as stupid. Constant sex references and its not even funny anymore. After about half of this weeks show we made the decision to delete our season pass.
  • Very Unprofessional

    Im sitting here just turned on the tv...and the soup was on..this is not a show that i would watch...but as i sit here what i seen on that show just a second ago made me feel disgusting..

    i understand the skits..and what have you..but the lady that just came on the stage was acting like her wrists were slit....NOW WHY IS THAT FUNNY...

    i feel that this show or station does not take suicide seriously..being that, that was not funny..

    i have had a friend take her own life...and i sure dont think it was funny...and im sure neither do her sons...

    so i think the NETWORK needs to really monitor what is on their station..

    and being that i have to rate the show before i can post....and i have to at least give 1 rating..KNOW THAT I WOULD NOT GIVE THIS SHOW ANY RATING AT ALL..
  • The Soup on "E" its a DUD!

    Even though it makes fun of reality shows, which I don't like, it still prays on the frailty of others, soup is not any better. The Soup is Cold!!! just saying... not funny.
  • ***

    Joe is Fuckin Blow job

    He's Fuckin ***ed

    Wow all u have to be is ***ed to make a lot of money
  • It will make you pee your pants.

    Oh my God,this show is so flippin hiralious.It's a lot better than Jackass...Take that back,it's better than Malcome in the Middle.It's this dude who tells about things on tv and commercials an his rants are so hirailous.This is the best so on E!It's so hiralious and I love it.He rants about Kids shows,and it's totally something you would poop your pants in.I give it an A.Scores:

    Humor:10\10.I love the humor.He's funny and awesome,like Ray William Johnson.

    Voices:10\10 I love the voice acting.His jokes are so flippin funny

    And those are the only scores I had.I really enjoy comedy.And this show fits The Big Bang Theory,Jackass,Malcome in the Middle,Everybody Hates Chris and the best comedy of all time,Chowder.You'll laugh so hard that you'll cry.I love this show.
  • Clips of the silly and weird moments of tv, with the hilarious Joel McHale as host.

    Finally, a comedy show that has real comedy! Joel McHale has that "voice" that can make anything sound funny, a rare talent. Every Friday night, Joel comments on clips of the absurd moments in today's tv ranging from the reality shows to celebrity news shows. He seems to have his favorites to mock, such as Tyra Banks, Wendy Williams and The Hills. Each episode airs a few times a week, and I watch every one, it's that good. I love the celebrity "pop-ups" and voices throughout the show-it really ties things together. I have only two complaints- 1)it's on too late- 11 pm my time and 2) it's not long enough!! A show this funny should be on a full hour- or at least two shows back to back. There's only one thing to say when the show's over- More Soup please!!
  • Funny.

    I've watched the Soup enough to realize that it is not really a show for those who like their shows and don't want them to be made fun of. I actually think it is hilarious to see shows being made fun when there are some really stupid moments. The best part of the show is when they rip on reality shows with no sense of pride. One thing that I don't really care much for is the redundance of the show and the fact that there really isn't a direction or base for the show other than it being strictly comedy. Thank you.
  • Awesome, The Best of Worse of Reality television hosted by the hysterical Joel McHale.

    The Soup is one of the funniest weekly shows on television. I originally started watching the show a few years back, never heard of Talk Soup. However watching the Soup I became an instant addict. The show highlights the "worse of reality television" and Joel McHale's commentary really enhances the show. Not to many guy can be lovable and a total jerk at the same time, and Joel masters it perfectly. He is a great actor and is always funny, brash, arrogant and unafraid to take any risks. You got to love someone like that. The show includes characters like Mankini (though the guy cut his hair short right now), Lou the Dog, and a few other characters. Almost everything about this show is great including the voice overs for "It's Miley!" to the animation for "Clip of the Week." Best Week Ever kind was the Soup's competition for a while but it seems like Best Week Ever and their talking heads don't have the charisma of Joel McHale which is probably why they got canceled. Anyway the Soup is a must-watch. It makes fun of how bad reality television has become.

    I am absoluty in love with this show so much. It just makes me laugh till my gut hurts. My favortie clip was the one with the dog and the cupcakes. I LOVE the dogs face. I couln't stop laughing. Also, when he has people come on his show. Like when the guy off of Bizzare Foods was one there that was just hillarious. Also, when the they have something about Miley on there and the the one vocie saids it MIley. that is aslo hillarius. Although i hate that it is one tv so late. and they only show that show that week. how lame is that.
  • How to make TV's worst moments into TV's best moments...

    I don't get to watch this one regularly either, but when I do its usually a good laugh over what would otherwise be uncomfortably mind-numbing dumbness!
    No one is safe and nothing is sacred. If you do something stupid, you're going to be on The Soup. If you SAY something stupid, you're going to be on The Soup. If you take yourself too seriously, you are most definitely going to be on The Soup. And if you end up on The Soup you'd best be able to laugh along with the rest of us, 'cause its gonna hurt to sit down for a while!
  • This show is great

    This show is just great it's full of witty jokes and just general hilarity. The soup is tremendously funny and continuously getting better. the jokes are consistently well written and there are some definite laugh out loud moments. you get the best of reality television boiled down to a half hour. Joel McHale is the perfect host he is charismatic and has great comic timing. I love the fact that there are new episodes almost every week of the year. I tune in every Friday with my whole family. If it weren't for this show I would never watch the E network.
  • This is on heck of a show! The only good show that's watchable on E! compared to the crap they air

    This is my first review as I talk how good The Soup is. I first watch this show since December 2007. I tune to it every friday night to see Mchale make "cracks" about the clips. The clips the staff aquire are funny. I kinda like the girl the that shouts "It's Miley" or is she a real girl, and the "it's Britney B**ch". I record almost every episode including the specials even though they use the same clips. When Joel shoots Matt every time he calls him out to stage is still funny. I just hope this show continues with years to come I'm out.
  • Haha I had to say its fabulous just because its on E! and I wouldn't want to disobey stereotypes. This show is the bomb diggity!!!

    Even though I just started watching The Soup about a month and a half ago it has quickly become one of my favorite shows on the ol' telly. I look forward to Friday nights mainly so I can see The Soup and I also save every episode on the DVR so I can watch it again... yes I am aware of the fact that I have no life :P

    The host Joel McHale is friggin awesome! He can be so cruel, yet at the same time he comes off as a really funny and nice guy. Besides the host, the other reasons I love The Soup are for things like Tyra bashing, Spaghetti Cat, Whats Pissing Off Steve Edwards, Chat Stew, What the Kids Are Watching, Chicks Man, Dudes Bro, and the countless other clips like Kiss My Ass or Good Morning Good Morning In The News This Morning Good Morning!

    I hope some day I can get a clip into them but for now just watching this great show is good enough for me and it should be for you too! Watch this show. Do it. Do it or I'll find you and get you while you sleep! Seriously.
  • LOVE IT!

    yeahh the soup is one of my fave shows! its like the greatest comedy show like in the history of mankind! im serious! plus, joel mchale is such a great comedian. whatever comes out of his mouth, he still makes it funny!

    one of the sketches i love is lou and spaghetti cat! oh god that made the soup so much better! and i love those trailer parodies they make. like quarantween, spaghetti cat/lou wall street, hsm 3, and all the other good stuff! oh and the daniel noriega thing from american idol! the "some people weren't likin it" gag!

    The Soup rox my sox! :) yes that IS a fact.
  • Best show ever!!!!!!

    I love the Soup!!!! It is so funny and Joel is the best host ever!!!!!!!! It is one my Ipod and it takes up more space than the rest of my stuff! It contins hirlirous characters like Mankini,Spaghetti Cat, and many more!!! They always take the simplest clips and turn them into comical gold!!! Like any Tyra clip, Liz Taylor, and of course, Whitney Houstan's "Kiss my ass" clip! Their skits are great! Like Prom Night, Rightous kill, and Laguna Beach Bus "accident". I totally remend tell this show to everyone you know cause it is funny! Lets get this show out of cable!
  • Absolutely hilarious!

    Once in a while, a show comes along that makes you set a bunch of sticky notes onto every surface you frequent for you to remember when it comes on (even though you'll remember anyway), make you anticipate a new episode more than any other show you watch, and make you practically cling to the TV during the commercial breaks, eagerly (and somewhat anxiously) awaiting for it to come back on. For me, The Soup is that show.

    It's so funny, and it's the only show I've geniunely laughed at in a while. I have a unique sense of humor, and The Soup satisfies it every week, even if it's just a rerun. Joel McHale is an awesome host. Just everything he does makes this show even better.

    And Lou, Mankini, Dancing Maxipad (lol), and the infamous Spaghetti Cat are the icing on the cake.

    Bravo, Soup. Bravo.
  • The Soup is a rarity in that is consistently funny each and every week. Some of the best writing on television.

    I started watching Talk Soup many years ago and even though they went through the succession of hosts (Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks, and Aisha Tyler), I remained a faithful follower for many years. Some of the shows would be hit or miss and sometimes, I would find myself drifting mid-show. But overall, I thought it was an entertaining show and I'd try to remember to catch it each week.

    When this latest incarnation began with Joel McHale as the host, I realized that not only had television entered a new age (with the unfortunate success of reality shows), but Talk Soup (or The Soup) had come into its own. When I watched the show, I would laugh at Joel's jokes, realizing that the things that made him crazy, that drove him to mock and point, were the same things that made my eyes cross and it made the viewing of it all the more hilarious.

    Joel actually got it!!!

    I am still a very faithful The Soup viewer, making sure that I record it each week on DVR. I usually end up watching it more than once over the course of the weekend because once I turn it on, I know I'll see Mankini or Lou or Carney the Intern getting shot. Along with the schtick, I'll see Joel poking fun at the faux celebrities as he questions their dead-eye likenesses - "Why are you famous?"

    Though it is not a show known for it's social commentary, Joel's commentary is more a state of today's society which is representative by our television shows than a lot of other shows are.
  • Always gives a laugh

    The Soup,
    After the talk soup ended. E went back and go the soup. Usually every week a new episde is made. And every time u'll get a laugh. 99.99% of the time. The host joel. is great and if he leaves the show wont be the same. Over all the show takes looks at things that happened during the week. Usually on the today show. With fixing up the vids some times and making fun of things that have happened the show goes in a place many not dare. True comedy comedic comedy. Which is great considering what is on the E! channel.
  • I love it!

    Who Thougt of this in a good way!! It is great
    Joel Mchale is a great host on a great show!!
    I catch this show every friday. It makes fun of all the worst stuff on tv. The soup presents are also really funny! They are a topic. Like The soup presents people who wont go away and others like stuff your mother wont let you watch!!
    This show is always new every friday. They never miss a new episode. The soup is one of my favorites. WATCH IT!! It is so funny!! mankini is also really funny!
    Fridays at ten on E!It is the only good show on E!)
  • Only adjectives(continue for full review):outrages, off the wall, outgoing, refreshing, addicting, hilarious, daring, fun, sensational.

    The soup is an extremly humoruos show that takes regular telivision, and turns it into a clip show of hilarious proportions! most of it's jokes are in the spirit of fun, and arent trying to hurt somones feelings. it's a change of pace from the comidians who get cheap laughs at others pain. Joel michale can take soemthing from tv that normaly no one would consider funny, and turn them into comic gold. the show frequently has mildly famous guest stars that add to the shows hilarity. for example "Cee Dub" from the cooking show Dutch oven. I think the name says it all;) The soup also has different shows on different topics with the beggining title "the soup presents." one of which is "the soup presents people who wont go away." so you should realy give The Soup a try, it's worth your valuable time. I promise;)
  • A satirical look at reality TV, talk shows and tabloid TV.

    This might be THE funniest show on TV. I dont watch any the programs they poke fun of, but I love the way they show how trivial these programs are. How truly pathetic Tyra Banks really is. And they arent afraid to bite the hand that feeds them. They save some of their best bits for E! Ryan Seacrist especially. I liked the show when it was Talk Soup with John Henson and that other guy I cant remember his name, but since Joel McHale took over, the show has reached a new level of brillance. Definitely one of my favorite shows.
  • One of my favorite shows.

    Its funny the only watchable thing on E is the show making fun of E. I love this show one of my favorite. I dont know what it is about Joel but he can get me laughing faster then any one on the planet. This is the only show I need to watch then I can save myself hours of self torture by watching american idle. So its good but my favorite skit was the one making fun of Gordon Ramsey of Hell's Kitchen IN HELL. That one was awesome. I watch this every week I actually record it then watch at a few times later. It is that good.