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  • Only adjectives(continue for full review):outrages, off the wall, outgoing, refreshing, addicting, hilarious, daring, fun, sensational.

    The soup is an extremly humoruos show that takes regular telivision, and turns it into a clip show of hilarious proportions! most of it's jokes are in the spirit of fun, and arent trying to hurt somones feelings. it's a change of pace from the comidians who get cheap laughs at others pain. Joel michale can take soemthing from tv that normaly no one would consider funny, and turn them into comic gold. the show frequently has mildly famous guest stars that add to the shows hilarity. for example "Cee Dub" from the cooking show Dutch oven. I think the name says it all;) The soup also has different shows on different topics with the beggining title "the soup presents." one of which is "the soup presents people who wont go away." so you should realy give The Soup a try, it's worth your valuable time. I promise;)