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  • The Soup is a rarity in that is consistently funny each and every week. Some of the best writing on television.

    I started watching Talk Soup many years ago and even though they went through the succession of hosts (Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks, and Aisha Tyler), I remained a faithful follower for many years. Some of the shows would be hit or miss and sometimes, I would find myself drifting mid-show. But overall, I thought it was an entertaining show and I'd try to remember to catch it each week.

    When this latest incarnation began with Joel McHale as the host, I realized that not only had television entered a new age (with the unfortunate success of reality shows), but Talk Soup (or The Soup) had come into its own. When I watched the show, I would laugh at Joel's jokes, realizing that the things that made him crazy, that drove him to mock and point, were the same things that made my eyes cross and it made the viewing of it all the more hilarious.

    Joel actually got it!!!

    I am still a very faithful The Soup viewer, making sure that I record it each week on DVR. I usually end up watching it more than once over the course of the weekend because once I turn it on, I know I'll see Mankini or Lou or Carney the Intern getting shot. Along with the schtick, I'll see Joel poking fun at the faux celebrities as he questions their dead-eye likenesses - "Why are you famous?"

    Though it is not a show known for it's social commentary, Joel's commentary is more a state of today's society which is representative by our television shows than a lot of other shows are.