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  • Haha I had to say its fabulous just because its on E! and I wouldn't want to disobey stereotypes. This show is the bomb diggity!!!

    Even though I just started watching The Soup about a month and a half ago it has quickly become one of my favorite shows on the ol' telly. I look forward to Friday nights mainly so I can see The Soup and I also save every episode on the DVR so I can watch it again... yes I am aware of the fact that I have no life :P

    The host Joel McHale is friggin awesome! He can be so cruel, yet at the same time he comes off as a really funny and nice guy. Besides the host, the other reasons I love The Soup are for things like Tyra bashing, Spaghetti Cat, Whats Pissing Off Steve Edwards, Chat Stew, What the Kids Are Watching, Chicks Man, Dudes Bro, and the countless other clips like Kiss My Ass or Good Morning Good Morning In The News This Morning Good Morning!

    I hope some day I can get a clip into them but for now just watching this great show is good enough for me and it should be for you too! Watch this show. Do it. Do it or I'll find you and get you while you sleep! Seriously.