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  • Not worth watching anymore

    Not worth watching anymore. I faithfully watched this show ever since it's beginnings as Talk Soup. I tried hanging on for the last two years, but it has become a complete waste of time to watch. It's not that there is any lack of material, it's that the writing and production sucks. Tosh.0 and TMZ prove that snarky mocking television programming definitely works. TMZ even does it daily. Whoever is running The SOUP is just plain incompetent and not funny. Joel is too busy plugging his piece of crap show Community. The soup itself is too busy plugging ever crappy thing under the sun. The recurring jokes (I'm looking at you Mankini) aren't the least bit funny. If a subject like the Kardashians comes up, the show tries to act like they're making fun, but they're really just kissing butt and plugging once again. This show is old, lame, and dead. Watch Tosh.0 or TMZ. You'll laugh much more often and much harder. They need to fire everyone on The Soup and start over. The format works, these idiots running it don't.