The Soup

Season 7 Episode 9

The Soup Awards 2010

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on E!

Episode Recap

Joel honors the "best" in television, movies and pop culture including:

Introduction by figure skater, Johnny Weir

Outstanding Meltdown presented by Katharine McPhee
Nominee(s): Spencer Pratt's Jungle Freak-Out on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Here!; Rampage Jackson's Ultimate Fighter Door Smash; Ax Men's father/son team ("Get Back Here and [BLEEP] Me!")
Winner: Maury's Battling Paternity-Debate Couple

Most Harrowing Loss of Ass While Dancing Off Ass
Winner: Dance Your Ass Off's Alicia

Bachelor of the Year Award
Nominee(s): The Bachelorette's Wes ("The Hidden Agenda Guy"); The Bachelorette's Toe-Sucking Guy
Winner: For the Love of Ray J's Ray J for recognizing the "Smashed the Homie" situation

Outstanding Achievement in Being a Tool or Valedictoolian presented by Rachael Leigh Cook and Seth Green
Nominee(s): The Tool Academy's female tool
Winner: The Tool Academy's Angelo for turning into a crying pussy in record time.

Soup Award Winner: Wendy Williams

Outstanding Writing on a Reality Series
Nominee(s): Daisy of Love ("for putting their elimination ceremony on a runway"); Million Dollar Listing ("for giving Josh a champagne bottle to break for an entire episode")
Winner: The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's contestant (for her landing strip "poetry")

Outstanding Achievement in Not Broadcasting the Weather While Standing in Front of a Weather Map
Winner: WHDH's Pete Brouchard (for comparing the Boston snowfall to his manhood)

Unintentional Racist of the Year
Winner: Good Day L.A.'s Jillian Reynold's for her "sensitive" handling of the Tiger Woods scandal

Worst Treatment of Genitals
Nominee(s): New York Goes to Work; Tyra for "5 Women, 10 Vaginas"
Winner: Ax Men's father/son team ("Get back here and {BLEEP] me!")

Soup Award For Best Not Staying Out of It, Nick Lachey
Winner: One Tree Hill's Nick Lachey

Most Traumatic Today Show Moment
Nominee(s): Al Roker for trying to get Matt Lauer to kiss a 16-year-old girl on her birthday
Winner: Today's Halloween exploitation of Ewoks

Best Lie Detector Claim
Nominee(s): For the Love of Ray J's Heartbreaker for "stretching the truth"
Winner: Maury guest, Q

Law Man of the Year
Nominee(s): Steven Seagal Lawman; CSI: Miami's David Caruso
Winner: Detective Gomez from Cheaters, who shows his dedication to his craft by going "undercover" as a clown at the circus

Soup Award for 3rd Best Jonas
Winner: Joe Jonas

Most Awkward Silence (Non Hills Related) presented by 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub
Winner: So You Think You Can Dance's live finale

Best Awkward Silence (Hills Related)
Nominee(s): Spencer Pratt and Stacey the bartender
Winner: Stephanie Pratt for her awkward work "answering" phones

Unlikeliest Voice of Reason
Winner: The Hills' Stephanie Pratt

Snooki of the Year presented by Mary Lynn Rajskub
Nominee(s): Jersey Shore's Snooki dancing alone on the boardwalk; Snooki getting punched in the face
Winner: Snooki making out with "The Situation"

The Mario Lopez Award for Meaningless Journalism
Winner: Access Hollywood for turning a photo of Tiger Wood's wife Elin Nordegren's identical twin sister into a non-story

Soup Award Winner: Martha Stewart

Performance by Bo Burnham singing the "lyrics" to The Soup theme song

The Ann Curry Good Morning Award
Winner: Good Day New York's Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly "for getting every possible fact under the sun wrong"

Best Song
Nominee(s): Jeffrey Osborne "for the stirring love theme from The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love"
Winner: Heidi Montag's Miss Universe performance

Montage of Shows We Lost and People Who Are Dead to Us
Tiger Woods (Dead to Us)
Jon & Kate (Cancelled)
Jon Gosselin (Dead to Us)
New York Goes to Work (Hopefully Cancelled)
More to Love (Cancelled)
Luke from More to Love (Tick, Tick, Tick)
Heidi Montag Version 1.0
Monkey Babies
Toilet Babies
Canadians (Dead to Us, Eh)
Lost's John Locke (Dead-ish)
Heidi Montag Version 2.0
Jessie from Big Brother (What a Douchebag)
The Ham that Hit Paula Deen
Heidi Montag Version 2.6 (Dead to Us, Pleae Recycle)
Joel McHale (With His Stupid Network Sitcom and Lame Skinny Ties... Dead to Us)

Entertainer of the Year Award;
Nominee(s): "Slim Jim arsonsist" Wendy Williams; Little Miss Perfect's team of little girl and person in wolf costume
Winner: The Hot Tub from Jersey Shore
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