The Soupy Sales Show

ABC (ended 1962)


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The Soupy Sales Show

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None of the themes really fit this show. It was unique and very hard to describe. It was a kids' show loaded with double-entendre for the adults.

Soupy Sales served as host and was usually the only human. Random bits of silliness (Soupy Says) were intermixed with skits (Philo Kvetch, people coming to the door). The audience usually didn't see who was at the door, just heard the dialogue and saw Soupy's reaction.

White Fang and Black Tooth were Soupy's "dogs". You only saw a paw/leg and the dialogue was unintelligible. Soupy acted as translator. His other puppet friends appeared at the window. Hippy was a hippo and Pookie was a lion.

White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie, Hippy, Man at Door were all Clyde Adler (1959-1962) and Frank Nastasi (1965-1967).