The Soupy Sales Show

ABC (ended 1962)


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The Soupy Sales Show

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None of the themes really fit this show. It was unique and very hard to describe. It was a kids' show loaded with double-entendre for the adults.

Soupy Sales served as host and was usually the only human. Random bits of silliness (Soupy Says) were intermixed with skits (Philo Kvetch, people coming to the door). The audience usually didn't see who was at the door, just heard the dialogue and saw Soupy's reaction.

White Fang and Black Tooth were Soupy's "dogs". You only saw a paw/leg and the dialogue was unintelligible. Soupy acted as translator. His other puppet friends appeared at the window. Hippy was a hippo and Pookie was a lion.

White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie, Hippy, Man at Door were all Clyde Adler (1959-1962) and Frank Nastasi (1965-1967).

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  • Soupy was The Man!

    This show would never be allowed on air today in the age of PCness. In fact, Soupy was suspended for telling the kiddies to "go into their daddie's wallets and mail him all the little green pieces of paper they find there," at one point in his career! The show was a bunch if silly skits with Black Tooth and White Fang and Pookie, the dance, "Do the Mouse", pies in the face, and other assorted craziness. But it was a blast to watch. Soupy Sales became a DJ on WABC radio in NYC later in life. Soupy is missed.moreless
  • Soupy Sales was a kids' show that worked just as well for adults.

    Soupy Sales was a kids' show that worked just as well for adults.

    I used to love watching Soupy Sales even if most of his humor went over my head. His interactions with White Fang, Black Tooth (puppet dogs in a manner of speaking), Pookie (a lion puppet) and Hippy (a hippo puppet) were priceless. So were "Soupy Says" (wacky words to live by) and the other assorted skits that blazed by during the 30 minute show. Soupy would open the door to visitors and would usually get a pie in the face or some very odd request from an unseen person outside.

    When all else failed, there was always the "do not touch" sign, which when lifted, exposed a hole in the wall and Soupy would get a face full of water.

    The show wasn't particularly PC, so it probably wouldn't get on the air now, but it was a very funny show.moreless