The Space Ghost/Frankenstein Jr. Show

Season 1 Episode 22

Space Birds

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 19, 1966 on CBS



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    • Villain: Now, let's see what we've caught. (opens hatch on the Space Coupe and looks inside) Empty! Where are they?
      (Jace sneaks up behind him on inviso-power)
      Jace: Why don't ya take a closer look. (kicks him and he falls inside the Coupe and Jace shuts the hatch)

    • Jace: What are we going to do now, Space Ghost?
      Space Ghost: Get back to the Phantom Cruiser then we'll come back and clean out this bird's nest.
      Jan: Including the number one cuckoo.

    • Space Ghost: (hit with a beam that shows his shadow even though he is invisible) This fellow has a lot of tricks in his bag.

    • Jace: (transmitting) Some weird metal birds are attacking our communication satellites.
      Space Ghost: What do they look like? Never mind, her comes one now. It's attacking.

    • Space Ghost: He wants to play rough. A blast of stun ray ought to stop him.

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