The Space Ghost/Frankenstein Jr. Show

Season 3 Episode 3

The Council of Doom, Part 3: The Deadly Trap

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 16, 1967 on CBS
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The Council of Doom, Part 3: The Deadly Trap
Zorak and Moltar spring their trap. Can Space Ghost and crew escape and defeat them?

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      • Narrator: I this to be the end of our heroes? Has Moltar succeeded where the others have failed? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode and find out!

      • Space Ghost: bursts into the cave) Jan. Jace. Are you alright?
        Jan: Space Ghost! Go back! It's a trap!
        (Moltar drops a metal container on them)
        Moltar: Too late, Space Ghost. I've prepared a warm welcome for you. (releases lava which flows into the metal container) Three hundred thousand degrees warm! (evil laugh)

      • Moltar: Well, Zorak?
        Zorak: I've put them in the cave, Moltar, and Space Ghost is on his way.
        Moltar: Good. Now return to the Council of Doom. I will take over from here.

      • Zorak: And now, Space Ghost, meet your doom! (evil laugh)

      • Zorak: (spots Jan, Jace, and Blip on the monitor) Intruders! Well, they won't help Space Ghost this time. (springs trap to capture them)

      • (Space Ghost is being pulled into Zorak's Space Hive)
        Space Ghost: I can't stop it. It's too powerful.
        Zorak: That's right, Space Ghost. And once inside, my killer insects will finish you! (evil laugh)

      • Zorak: I'll get you yet, Space Ghost.
        Space Ghost: Don't bother, Zorak. I'm coming down to get you!

      • Zorak: I've destroyed Space Ghost! (evil laugh)
        Space Ghost: (transmitting) Not quite, Zorak.
        Zorak: What?
        Space Ghost: (transmitting) As you can see, I'm very much alive.
        Zorak: But I blasted your ship into dust?
        Space Ghost: When that distress signal came from Moltar's planet, I suspected a trap. So I teleprojected a Ghost Ship ahead. What you destroyed was merely an image.

      • Zorak: Space Ghost has entered our trap and now I can blast him to cosmic dust.

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