The Space Ghost/Frankenstein Jr. Show

Season 1 Episode 15

The Cyclopeds

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 29, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cyclo has his Cyclopeds out on patrol and they spot the Space Coupe with Jace, Jan, and Blip. It seems that the Space Coupe had damage and Jace was fixing it. Cyclo tells the Cyclopeds to chase them into his maze of terror.

The Cyclopeds approach the kids and Blip and chases them. Blip turns on his inviso power just as the Cyclopeds chase Jan and Jace into a cave. Blip escapes, but Jan and Jace are now in Cyclo's maze of terror. Cyclo sends his Cycloterror after Jan and Jace and it starts to chase them through the maze.

Space Ghost arrives at the damaged Space Coupe and wonders what happed to Jan, Jace, and Blip. Blip appears and points to the planet below. Space Ghost flies down to investigate and is confronted by the Cyclopeds. He destroys them and then blasts into the maze justs in time to face off against the Cycloterror. Blip comes in and sprays some Spraymet (instant metal) on the robots only eye and blinds it.

Space Ghost tries to capture Cyclo, but he runs into his own maze of terror. As Space Ghost and the kids fly home, Blip is playing with the Spraymet and causes metal to appear above Jace's head and it falls and hits him.