The Space Ghost/Frankenstein Jr. Show

Season 1 Episode 7

The Evil Collector

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 01, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Evil Collector is toying with an alien that he collected and tells his eight legged cat, Dracto, to hunt the miniature alien. Just then, the intercom alerts the Collector that Space Ghost is passing nearby. The Collector sets his trap.

Space Ghost and crew see an unusual sight on the planet so they land to investigate. The Collector springs his trap and captures everyone, except Blip. He takes the kids inviso belts and Space Ghost's power bands. He then shrinks them to a height of six inches and then release Dracto to hunt them.

Blip stops Dracto from getting Jan and the Collector grabs Blip and takes him to the shrinking chamber. Space Ghost activates the chamber and Blip gets out in the nick of time. The Collector now becomes the hunted.

Space Ghost is able to reverse the shrink ray and everyone is returned to normal except the Collector.
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