The Space Ghost/Frankenstein Jr. Show

Season 1 Episode 36

The Looters

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 07, 1967 on CBS



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    • Jan: So you did get my message, Space Ghost.
      Space Ghost: Only part of it, Jan. Jace had already contacted me.
      Jace: And you arrived like the Marines.

    • Jan: (being held by Brak's henchman) Let go of me!
      Henchman: What shall we do with her, Brak?
      Brak: She must disappear without a trace so that Space Ghost will never find her.
      Jan: But sooner or later, he'll find you! (they hear a loud noise and turn to see Space Ghost)
      Space Ghost: Suppose we make that sooner rather than later, Brak.

    • Jan: (talking on her communicator) Calling Space Ghost. Jan calling Space Ghost.
      (Brak and his henchman hear Jan)
      Henchman: Brak, look! (they spot Blip's tail coming from behind a chest and Brak kicks the chest out of the way)
      Jan: Jan calling Space...Never mind operator, cancel the call.

    • Jan: A treasure cave! I wonder who it could belong to? (hears and sees a ship entering the cave) I'm sorry I asked!

    • Jan: My invisobelt, please Blip. (Blip starts to run off with it) Blip! Give me that belt! (Blip runs off with it) Hey! This is no time for games! Blip, come back here!
      Jace: What a time to be playing follow-the-leader.

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