The Space Kidettes

NBC (ended 1967)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Something Old - Something Gnu
      The Space Kidettes are on their way to Jungle Planet to capture a rare animal specimen, the Galaxy Gnu, for the Great Zodiac Zoo. Captain Skyhook thinks they are going to get their secret treasure so he follows them to try and steal it.
    • Haunted Planet
      Haunted Planet
      Episode 19
      Captain Skyhook and Static need a new plan to steal the Space Kidettes secret treasure map. When they notice they have packed for a camping trip they rig their ship to take them to the Haunted Planet. Will the Space Kidettes be able to protect their treasure map and find enough fuel for their trip back home?moreless
    • The Space Mermaid
      The Space Mermaid
      Episode 18
      The Space Kidettes meet a new friend. She is a Space Mermaid named Hydro Jean. Captain Skyhook captures the whole group in an effort to find the treasure map he so desperately wants. Will they be able to escape his evil clutches?
    • Cosmic Condors
      Cosmic Condors
      Episode 17
      Captain Skyhook hides inside of a black cloud to try and capture the Space Kidettes but it doesn't work. Next, the Space Kidettes stop on a planet that has a giant candy cane. Unfortunately for them Captain Skyhook is hiding inside. Static grabs what he thinks is their treasure map and gives it to Captain Skyhook and then tries to boil them in moon oil. The kids next hide in a giant space condor nest and have the mother protect them. Will Captain Skyhook get the real treasure map?moreless
    • Planet Of Greeps
      Planet Of Greeps
      Episode 16
      Captain Skyhook uses his patented Mirage Gun to set a trap for the Space Kidettes. When he shoots his gun it creates a tropical space island. When the Space Kidettes see the island they stop to investigate becoming trapped inside. They escape from the trap only to be forced to make an emergency landing on the Greep, a planet of strange monsters. The Greeps capture the Space Kidettes, Captain Skyhook and Static. The Greeps think that Captain Skyhook is their long-lost king. When a volcano starts to erupt the Greeps send Captain Skyhook into the volcano as a sacrifice. The Space Kidettes are forced to decide whether or not to save them.moreless
    • King Of The Space Pirates
      Scooter is fishing on the Moon at Moon Crater when Captain Skyhook comes along and captures the Space Kidettes. They escape and return to their clubhouse leaving Captain Skyhook to come up with a new plan. He runs into an old friend Blastoff Bart, the meanest space pirate in the Universe, and decides to partner up with him. Will the two pirates be able to steal the Space Kidettes secret treasure map?moreless
    • Secret Solar Robot
      Secret Solar Robot
      Episode 14
      Captain Skyhook is once again chasing the Space Kidettes to try and get their secret treasure map. He gets an idea to build a robot in his space lab to help him get it.
    • Dog-napped In Space
      Captain Skyhook come up with a plan to take Pup Star and hold him for ransom. All he wants is the Space Kidettes' treasure map.
    • Beach Brawl
      Beach Brawl
      Episode 12
      The Space Kidettes are taking a trip to Ocean Planet for some fun at the beach. They dig with their shovels so they can get to some wet sand and build a sandcastle. They just happen to be digging right where Captain Skyhook thinks an old pirate map says the Giant Space Pearl is buried.moreless
    • The Flight Before Christmas
      Captain Skyhook eavesdrops on the Space Kidettes on Christmas Eve and hears their excitement of waiting for Santa to come. He sends them a message by special delivery rocket that is supposed to be from Santa. It reads "Dear Space Kidettes, I regret to inform you there will be no presents for you or any other kiddies because I am broke. Signed, Santa Claus. P.S. If you wish to help come to the planet North-Polaris, and bring your treasure map!" The kids vote to give the map to Santa. The problem is when they get to North-Polaris, It's captain Skyhook waiting for them rather than Santa Claus.moreless
    • The Laser Breathing Space Dragon
      Captain Skyhook has a new weapon called the Sonic Cymbal Key-rasher to get the Space Kidettes to give up their secret treasure map. His plan backfires and the Captain gets smashed by his own weapon. Static decides he disappoint the Captain too often and in an effort to make him happy sends the Space Kidettes clubhouse shooting off on a rocket towards planet X OO XXX. Captain Skyhook goes after them knowing that there is a Laser Breathing Space Dragon on the planet. If he doesn't save them he will never get their secret treasure map.moreless
    • Space Carnival
      Space Carnival
      Episode 9
      Captain Skyhook sets up his own space carnival in order to scare the Space Kidettes into giving up the location of their treasure map.
    • Space Giant
      Space Giant
      Episode 8
      Far out in space on a lonely asteroid, the evil Captain Skyhook is resting in his secret hideout. He is pondering a way to trap the Space Kidettes and find out where they hide their secret treasure. He is trying to come up with a humane yet diabolical plan. He sets up an ice cream stand to capture them. As the kids escape from the Captain they find themselves on the Space Giant planet only to get trapped in a cave when the Captain seals them in with a boulder. When the Space Giant captures Captain Skyhook the kids decide to try and free him.moreless
    • Tale Of A Whale
      Tale Of A Whale
      Episode 7
      The Space Kidettes go to the space burger drive-in for a snack after slipping past Captain Skyhook. When they order their super space burgers they realize that it is Captain Skyhook taking their order. They get away once again. Static then invites them to Captain Skyhook's birthday party. They escape from him again only to get chased into the belly of a giant space whale.moreless
    • Space Witch
      Space Witch
      Episode 6
      The Space Kidettes are playing baseball until Captain Skyhook kidnaps Snoopy to try and find the treasure map. The Space Kidettes use their trusty dog Pup Star to try and locate their missing friend. Snoopy draws a treasure map for Captain Skyhook but Suzy Space Witch appears and grabs the map and Snoopy and tries to find the treasure herself. Will the treasure be located? Will the Space Kidettes find their pal Snoopy?moreless
    • Space Heroes
      Space Heroes
      Episode 5
      Captain Skyhook continues to locate the hidden treasure of the Space Kidettes. This time he dresses up like their TV idol Space Hero who has announced he is going to visit a lucky viewer. Captain Skyhook steals a costume from the TV station and heads off to the Space Kidette clubhouse to try and get inside. The kids let him in to see what he's up to even though they recognize him. Will Captain Skyhook be able to locate the treasure map this time?moreless
    • Swamp-Swamped
      Episode 4
      Captain Skyhook decides to try and join the Space Kidettes in an effort to find their treasure map. The kids decide to let him join in case he really wants to change. They tell him he can join if he can pass the usual initiation. Will he become a member or will he revert to his evil ways?moreless
    • Space Indians
      Space Indians
      Episode 3
      The Space Kidettes are flying off to their annual picnic. They decide to have it in a crater of the Moon. Captain Skyhook spots them and assumes they are there to dig up their buried treasure. Captain Skyhook captures Snoopy until the Space Kidettes save him by pelting him with food. A group of Space Indians show up looking for Captain Skyhook because he is wanted for rustling space cows.moreless
    • Jet Set Go
      Jet Set Go
      Episode 2
      Captain Skyhook is searching for the Space Kidettes so he can get revenge. He sees them go into their clubhouse and overhears them talking about a treasure map. He makes plans to steal the map but Snoopy and Pup Star are out to foil his plan. Captain Skyhook kidnaps Countdown but he will not revel the location of the map. Will Countdown give in or will the Space Kidettes save the day?moreless
    • Moleman Menace
      Moleman Menace
      Episode 1
      The Space Kidettes have just escaped another attempt by Captain Skyhook to steal their treasure map and now find themselves in the middle of a violent space storm. When they get out of the storm they realize they are lost and are forced to land on a strange planet. They are warned by a little blue man to be aware of the Moleman but are captured and need to find a way to escape.moreless