The Spearman Experiment

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1: Aussie Comedy Characters

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Sep 08, 2009 on Network Ten



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  • Quotes

    • "He's the little Aussie bleeder with the best comb-over in the business"

      - Madga Szubanski on Norman Gunston

    • "Poita is your classic bogan - he's got your classic mullet, ciggie hanging out his mouth, always got a VB in hand and an esky in tow. He's got everything a man could want."

      - Samuel Johnson on Poita

    • "Legend"

      "He's funny 'cos he's a disgusting Australian"

      - Merrick and Rosso on Sir Les Patterson

    • "It was like the cricket version of MacGyver, he was there to help people out of dire situations"

      "I think the Fast Bowler was probably based on, like, the lovechild of Dennis Lillee and Merv Hughes - if they could procreate they would've created the Fast Bowler"

      - MTV Australia VJ Maz Compton on The Australian Fast Bowler

  • Notes

    • The premiere of The Spearman Experiment attracted 1.039 million viewers across Australia, making it the 11th most viewed program of the day.

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