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I Want a Recount?

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    [1]Sep 8, 2009
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    I may be extremely unobservant, but was there actually anywhere online that we could vote for the funniest Aussies? Did anyone really vote? Please help me, I'm confused.
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    We asked TEN for clarification on the voting since a lot of viewers were up in arms on Tuesday night, thinking there would be some type of interactivity during the show -- easy to do given the show's synopsis on the TEN web site:

    "The Spearman Experiment is a pop-culture program that throws a subject into the hands of the Australian public each week to vote for the nation's most celebrated moments."

    "The Spearman Experiment is a countdown show that's interactive, it's 'now' and very much 'of the people.'"

    A representative of Channel TEN responded to our query today:

    "The polling was done earlier this year, in April and May through independent TV audience research organisation Audience Development Australia (ADA). The polling needs to be done prior to the show going to air to give producers time to get clearance for the clips and compile the show. It's interactive in the sense that the lists aren't compiled by official rankings, rather public opinions."

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