The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2008 on Disney XD

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  • Out of all the episodes in the last 2 seasons this is my favorite.

    Peter and Mary Jane go to Midtown Highs Fall formal.
    Meanwhile J.Johna Jameson and John Jameson go to a fund riser haled by L. Thompson Lincoln when the Green Goblin attacks.Now of course Spider-man(Peter)has to leave The formal to try stop the Goblin's reign of terror.
    I have no idea why I love this one so much but every thing about it for me was awesome,from every one whirring suites and dresses to just the formal theme in general made it just the more enjoyable.I have not even talked about Mary Jane's and Harry's roll in the episode and I am not going to for spoilers sake.
    So watch it already,BEST EPISODE YET.
  • Finally get to see a more accurate depiction of Mary Jane, plus The Green Goblin's first appearance.

    Everyone's reaction to Peter's date, priceless. Especially since we get a mention of his bet with Flash.

    Though I feel bad for Gwen, good to see that she got a smile after seeing MJ with Flash in Peter's absence.

    Like everyone else, I'm certainly not a fan of Sally.

    Leaving Mary Jane to help Tombstone. I'd say this is my favorite example of The Parker Luck. Good thing that MJ takes Peter's departure well, and that he gets the last dance.

    Too bad that Harry was dumped, but at least Flash and the gang got a bit of karma. Don't dump the guy with the limo indeed.
  • Peter Parker is forced to abandon his dream date at the school dance when a new villain, the Green Goblin, attacks Tombstone at a public event.

    I loved everything about this episode. The dialogue is exceptionally well-done here. The exchange of quips between Green Goblin and Spiderman is as hilarious as their battles are thrilling. The great thing about this series is that it captures the spirit of the Spiderman from the comics better than any other screen adaptation I have seen. The Sam Raimi movies, for example, give you a touch of Spiderman's trademark fighting banter, but in this series Spidey goes all out. And, as in the comics, he occasionally uses his banter to goad his opponents into making careless mistakes. The Goblin is a delightfully twisted villain, somewhat reminiscent of--but more dangerous than--the Joker.
  • On the night of the Midtown High Fall Formal, Peter Parker and his date Mary Jane Watson, enjoy the night. But when the Green Goblin tries to eliminate Tombstone, will Spider-Man be willing to take on this new challenge at the price of his date?

    This episode surprised me in many ways, not just the appearance of the Green Goblin, but the stunning ways this episode was well plotted, animated and written. As this episode continues from "The Invisible Hand", Peter and MJ are at Fall Formal. Meanwhile, Harry tries to make himself known with the A-Listers. However, Glorie Grant happens to unknowingly dump him and get back together with Kenny Kong. Seeing Harry's expression on his face when he saw his girlfriend cheat on him made me sad, and also puzzled me when they showed him drinking the "Gobulin Green" serum. Although, it's highly doubtful that Harry would become the Goblin before his father, since this show so far has been keeping it to the comics as much as possible.

    Green Goblin was just freaking awesome. When I had first seen his designs, I wasn't quite sure how he would turn out. But Steven Blum changed my mind after hearing his voicework with his insane laugh. Great dialogue for this incarnation. Probably some of the best quotes where when GG was fighting Spidey for the first time and convincing him to join alongside him. Perfect use of Goblin's insane personality with the voice. Bravo, Mister Blum!

    As for the other appearances:

    -Gwen Stacy & Eddie Brock
    I thought they made a cute couple at the dance. Gwen jumps to conclusions that Peter lied to her about not coming, while Eddie's looking angry as ever. (I sense more tension between him and Peter, and Venom buildup coming...)

    -J.J.J. & John Jameson
    Ah, the first good look at John Jameson. More hints at the upcoming Venom arc as J.J.J. mentions about him piloting a space shuttle mission. Good use from the 1994 series. Hopefully, we'll see more of him soon. As for J. Jonah Jameson, still brilliant work for his character: the loving father of John and the yappy dog-like, time pinching Bugle owner. Old J.J.J. has taken a spot as one of my fave characters in this incarnation as being the comic relief. (1994's Jameson ties up with Spectacular's anytime.)

    -Ned Lee
    A brief appearance, but a hint of what's happening with the Hobgoblin storyline with him. His investigation about Spider-Man's identity will be interesting once it starts to surface.

    -Mary Jane Watson
    Still growing used to her character, but it's only been one full episode with her, so we'll see later how that clears up. Do I sense a school transfer in the future? Loved how what she did to anger April after dancing with Randy. April's face was priceless...

    -Otto Octavius
    A very brief scene with him, but good foreshadowing of what's to become of his transformation into Doc Ock. "Look at yourself, Otto. You're afraid of your own shadow..." Otto's confidence is definitely going to grow in the next episode: "Reaction". I can't wait!

    Other things:

    As always, absolutely brilliant. GG and Spider-Man's fight scenes was especially the best of it all. Best scene was probably when GG did an awesome mind blowing backflip over a skyscraper in mid air and landed right back onto his Goblin Glider with no problems. With this being seen, Spider-Man responds, totally baffled: "Okay, wow. Just wow." Well said, Spidey...

    Totally excellent. Again, Green Goblin stole the show with some of the best lines:
    "What I want is your undying loyalty...or the dying kind."
    "Just the special fire and brimstone pumpkin bomb I left as a present for our Mister Lincoln. Any minute now, the creme de la creme of New York City is going to paint the town red! Well, the ballroom, anyway..."

    However, Spidey's snappy quips are good too, especially with his one that made me laugh so hard:
    "Sorry, I make it a rule not to partner with anyone green...or, you know, PSYCHOTIC."

    There are still links to be tied that leave viewers at the edge of their seat until next week:

    -Just who is the identity of the mysterious Green Goblin? Norman or Harry Osborn? -Will Tombstone confront Norman Osborn after tracing the Green Goblin's technology back to Oscorp?
    -How did Harry steal the "Gobulin Green" formula from Oscorp?
    -Will Gwen and Eddie confront Peter about what happened at the dance?
    -And will MJ become Peter's girlfriend?


    After all that, great episode. Stay tuned for next week for Doc Ock's big appearance! (I know I will...)
  • Green Goblin...Harry or Norman??

    The episode was great, like usual. However, I have to say, I'm a bit confused. Like others have said, why would Harry become Green Goblin and go after Lincoln just because he lost his date? But, if he's not the Goblin, then why show us Harry drinking the formula if he's not the Goblin? I do believe that they should show a type of flashback in the next episode to explain how Harry came in possession of the formula to begin with. Although, I'm almost thinking that it's Lincoln who tries to sabatoge Osborne's lab, thus creating Doc Ock. Did you see the look on his face when he caught one of the Goblin's batarangs?
  • Another typical Parker day filled with fun and pumpkin bombs! (spoilers, maybe.)

    This is what I've been waiting for. Although I admit I thought it would take almmost an entire season for this show to hit its stride(a la The Batman),it has done so surprisingly quick. The fight scenes were well done( Green Goblin Backflip = Sweet.), and the snappy banter was reminiscient of Dematteis' writing on the comic book itself. Not just between Spidey & Villans, but even between Mary J & the Jock Squad. While the true identity of the Gobster might be up in the air, I have no doubt that its final reveal will be worth waiting for. The Goblin is one of my favourite characters ever, and this episode has me looking forward to next week's intro of Doc Ock, another fave. Here's hoping this series only gets better. 'Nuff Said.
  • Green Goblin arrives!

    While watching today's episode "Catalyst," I was at first confused. I was wondering why Spider-Man is fighting the Green Goblin right at the beginning when we haven't seen the transformation of the Green Goblin. But other then that, it was cleverly plotted. The writers made us think that Harry is the Green Goblin because we saw him drink the serum. But, if you think about it, why would Harry want to take down Tombstone just because he lost his date? I'm guessing that Norman is the real Green Goblin. They'll probably show the transformation of the Green Goblin in the next episode because I heard that in the episode "Reaction," Doc Ock and Green Goblin are both going to appear. Great episode. I give it a 10 for cleverly plotted!
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