The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2008 on Disney XD
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Peter Parker and Harry Osborn try out for the football team and become a little obsessed with going for the glory. Flint Marko, newly transformed into the Sandman, is out for glory too- at the expense of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

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    Harry and Pete go to Football try outs, meanwhile Flint Marko is bailed out of county lock up with Alex O'Hirn by Hammerhead.

    Subplot note: Gwen still not talking to Peter, MJ got a name chuck, Hobbie Brown (The Prowler) appears and more of The Big Man.

    The creation of Sandman was awesome(even though I personally liked the movie one better, But I'm not going to go in to that here) Second on: My things to say in this review…… list…….thing…amboby( forget I just said that)

    the Spidey Football montage was funny,the fight(s) was (were) not that grate and ummm, the Football try outs were sort of cool.

    Better then Episodes 1,2 and 4. under 4.moreless
  • Sandman's return to animation certainly feels better than sand in the shoes.

    With this being their last onscreen interaction for the time, I'm looking forward to seeing Flint and Alex's interaction when they meet up in The Sinister Six as Sandman and Rhino.

    I'm going to guess that May didn't look into Peter's room after the webbing expired. Too bad we couldn't see the results.

    Good to see that Sandman has a sense of priority (no revenge), even if he didn't have the sense to take a crime breather.

    Had a flashback to Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends when Sandman left the bag of money behind. Everyone seeing the scene with me shared a laugh of course.moreless
  • Great episode.

    This was the first time I ever saw Spectacular Spiderman. This, also being a great episode. And I have to say it stays true to it's title. The whole basic idea isn't exactly how the movies and comic books follow, which is great. You have a sense of feeling that they can come up with different ways that villians got their powers. It just goes to show this show can be good and doesn't have to follow it exactly the way it should. The whole football episode plotline was pretty creative and makes this the best episode up to date.moreless
  • Flint Marko becomes the Sandman in this episode! At that time Peter and Harry are trying out for the Football Team.

    Sandman is one of my most favorite villian on Spider-man. I just love it how some few scene had a few reference of Spider-man 3. One of my favore quote is when Hammerhead said, "Yo Sandman, Chill!" It had a great fighting scene between Sandman and Spider-man. I like how Harry wanted to prove to his Dad that he's good at something like playing football. And he made it to the team. It was nice that Gwen was there for Peter even when he didn't make it in the team. It was great to see Otto Octavis wear the four Metellic arms before he become Dr. Octopus. He seem like a nice guy in this episode. I just can't wait to see the next episode with the Rhino has the villian!moreless
  • Flint Marko becomes the Sandman!!

    In this installment, Peter and Harry decide to become more popular in school and tryout for the Football team. Despite the Flash and the bullies trying to discourage Peter and Harry, they both impress and are considered for the starting spot along with another classmate.

    Meanwhile, Marko and O'Hern are bailed out of jail by the mysterious Hammerhead and supposedly given a fantastic opportunity. Little did Marko realize that he was being used as a guinea pig by Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius. Marko ended up being transformed into the Sandman during Octavius' experiment when sand particles fused to Marko's DNA. Not initally approving of the results, Marko expresses his discontent, but Hammerhead tells him that he now possesses great power, the power to take down Spider-Man. Marko decides to not work for his omnious benefactor, but Hammerhead realizes that all he needs Marko to be is a distraction. Marko, with his newfound power, decides to rob a bank and when Spidey arrives on the scene, he discovers that Marko is much more than he seems. After a brief battle, Sandman takes refuge to the sewers for a quick getaway and realizes that he left behind the money he stole.

    The following day, Sandman hijacks an armored car to steal money, but again, Spidey is on the scene in no time. They end up fighting in a construction site where Marko gets the early upper-hand. Ultimately, Spidey outsmarts his foe by luring him to an area that would douse him with quick drying cement which freezes Marko in his tracks.

    The following day, Peter and Harry have their last day of try-outs and Peter decides to let Harry have his moment in the sun and doesn't use his spider powers to dominate. Harry ended up winning the starting position and the other character that competed for the position was second string.

    Overall, this was another good episode. Although, the origin of the Sandman was slightly off from the comics, it was still an entertaining episode that could be enjoyed by the entire family.moreless
Andrew Kishino

Andrew Kishino

Kenny Kong

Guest Star

Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown

Alex O'Hirn

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Coach Smith

Guest Star

Alan Rachins

Alan Rachins

Norman Osborn

Recurring Role

Andrew Kishino

Andrew Kishino

Kenny "King" Kong

Recurring Role

Joshua LeBar

Joshua LeBar

Flash Thompson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof:
      The orange that Gwen is peeling when Harry talks about trying out for the team seems to be unpeeled a few seconds afterwards.

    • The Spider symbol at the end of the episode didn't cover the whole sky. Instead, it was presented in a Bat-signal like insignia that rather resembles a football (appropriate for the episode's Backstory).

    • It is revealed that Harry's mother is still present in their family. Most comic and movie incarnations of the Osborn's show only Norman and Harry.

    • This marks Flint Marko's 3rd appearance in the series. First being in the prelude of Survival of the Fittest and then alongside his partner, Alex O'Hirn, in Market Forces.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Sandman: (To Spider-Man) You know, I hadn't planned on coming after you. But you're just determined to be the cloud hanging over my sunny, sandy beach. Time to change the weather... forever!

    • Spider-Man: Okay, Sandman, show me what you've got! Or better yet, I'll show you! (Smashes him with a girder)
      Sandman: (Reforms) Wow. He sure showed me.

    • Harry Osborn: Hey, Mom. Dad...
      Norman Osborn: Harry, what happened to you? And... what's with the helmet? Going to a costume party?
      Harry Osborn: (Smiles while holding up his helmet) Trying out for the team.
      Norman Osborn: Football? Not really your strong suit, is it? (Harry's smile vanishes and looks disappointed)

    • Sandman: It's over, Spider-Man. When you were the only one with powers, you had me beat. But now King Sandman reigns supreme! (Forms one hand into a hammer, the other a mace)
      Spider-Man: Your Majesty...(Webs the spout of a nearby cement mixer) Allow me to build a statue in your honor! (Breaks spout, encasing Sandman in quick-dry cement)

    • Flash Thompson: Hey Kong, Osborn's tryin' out!
      Kong: Cool.
      Flash Thompson: Cool?!
      Kong: I need a new tackling dummy. (Points to a boy on crutches) I broke my last one.

    • Flint Marko: What have you done to me? I know you're in there! Answer me!
      Hammerhead: Hey, Mr. Sandman. Chill.

    • Guard: (To Marko and O'Hirn) Bail's been paid. Guess pond scum can have friends. Who knew?

    • Peter Parker: I asked Miss Brant from the Bugle.
      Gwen Stacy: Wow, that's great. Umm, you don't actually call her Miss Brant in person, do you? (Peter stares at her) Never mind.

    • Peter Parker: So Harry gets his dream and I watch from the sidelines.
      Gwen Stacy: Ice cream?
      Peter Parker: Course, that has its benefits too.

    • Dr. Otto Octavius: (After seeing Flint Marko mutate into sand) What have we done? What do we do?
      Norman Osborn: We sweep up and we try again.

    • Flint Marko: (While being strapped in for an experiment) So, uh, Doc, what's with the arms?
      Dr. Otto Octavius: (Looking at his mechanical arms) These? Well, uh, well, they allow me to multitask, manipulate different objects, (Quietly) and of course maintain a safe distance...
      Flint Marko: You need a safe distance? What about me?!

    • Gwen Stacy: (To Harry after wanting to go to football tryouts) You know I'm all about the encouraging gal pal, but the words: "catastrophic bone breakage," do come to mind here.

    • Peter Parker: (After sitting with a silent Gwen and Harry) Okay, I'm sitting with my two best friends and neither is talking to me. Should I change seats?

    • Flint Marko: (After watching the limousine go back to the surface) What about O'Hirn?
      Hammerhead: This is a solo job and the Big Man's had his eye on you, Marko.
      Flint Marko: (Smiles) The Big Man? Do I get to meet him?
      Hammerhead: (Grabs Flint Marko by his shirt) No one meets the Big Man.

    • Sandman: Spider tricks don't work on the Sandman, but do sand tricks work on the Spider-Man? (Turns into sand and dives under a pile of steel beams)
      Spider-Man: Oh, this can't be good... (Dodges the projected steel beams)

    • Spider-Man: (After webbing Sandman) Aw, all webbed up and nowhere to go.
      Sandman: (Smirks) Heh. Who do you think I am? Flint Marko? (Turns into sand and escapes the webs)

    • Gwen Stacy: So, how come you aren't hanging out with your new friends?
      Peter Parker: 'Cause I like my old friends? (Gwen frowns at Peter) Look, I know that you think I've been acting like a jerk. I put taking photos for the Bugle before other things, but I promise it won't happen again. So, can you forgive me already?
      Gwen Stacy: You're forgiven. It would take too long to train anyone else.

    • Sandman: (To Spider-Man) Look, cleaning your clock's been fun, but I've got banks to rob. (Turns into sand and vanishes down a gutter. Suddenly, he realizes that he left his bag of stolen money on the sidewalk) Aw, man. My money!

    • Spider-Man: (To Sandman) Let me guess, you were on a reality show? Changing Faces or Completely Ridiculous Makeovers?

    • Spider-Man: (After being punched around by Sandman) Ugh, what just...
      Sandman: Happened? I happened. Sandman happened. (Turns himself into a pile of sand and launches himself at Spider-Man)
      Spider-Man: Now that's just wrong...

    • Spider-Man: Aw, man. Marko? This is so getting old. Where's your partner?
      Sandman: (Laughs) Don't think I need a partner anymore... (Punches Spider-Man with a giant sand fist)

    • Hammerhead: (To Flint Marko) There you go. You've got your sand legs, your sand clothes... (Marko changes back to normal) Hey, and now you're in color.

    • Spider-Man: (After encasing Sandman in concrete) Michelangelo, eat your heart out.

    • Aunt May: (About the Fall Dance) Why don't you ask Anna Watson's niece, Mary Jane?
      Peter Parker: (Thinking to himself) Miss 'Wonderful Personality'? (Shutters)

    • Spider-Man: (Dodges Sandman's hammer-shaped hands) Seriously, Marko, the hammers are getting a bit old.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Lead character designer, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, stated at Comic-Con that this was his favorite episode.

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      April 6, 2009 @ 7:30pm (ET)

    • This episode can be seen on "The Spectacular Spider-Man: Rise of the Supervillains!" DVD.

    • The Sandman
      Born William Baker but uses the alias of Flint Marko, which has become his actual name in all adaptations, lived with his mother, after being abandoned by his father. Forced to steal to pay the bills, Baker was sent to prison, changing his name to Flint Marko to hide from his mother. Becoming a more aggressive man, Marko ended up in a nuclear testing site in Georgia, where his molecules mixed with those of sand. Despite being a Spider-Man villain, Sandman was not necessarily evil, but a man who went through hard times and desired to follow a different path. This is the origin of the Sandman as told in Marvel comics and differs from what is shown in The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.


    • Spider-Man: (After trapping Sandman in cement) Michelangelo, eat your heart out!

      Spider-Man references the famous artist named Michelangelo, who is best known for his work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

    • Spider-Man and Sandman: Construction Yard Battle.

      Spider-Man and Sandman's battle in the construction yard seems based on the final battle in Spider-Man 3.

    • Peter Parker: Web-shooting a soda can

      The scene with Peter using his webs on an empty soda cans mirrors a scene in the 2002 live action Spider-Man film.

    • Flash Thomson: Unbelievable! The geeks are inheriting the Earth!

      This is an allusion to the Bible (Matthew 5:5) where Jesus famously promises that the meek will inherit the earth.

    • Spider-Man and Sandman: Armored Car scene

      Spider-Man engages Sandman in a battle inside a runaway armored truck, similar to their fight in the 2007 live action film Spider-Man 3.