The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 13

Final Curtain

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on Disney XD

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  • Final Curtain does everything a season finale is supposed to do. It wraps up the season's big story thread in a fun and exciting way, sets up some arcs for next year, and it teases us with a couple of cliffhangers.

    2 equally revealing plots take place in this short, but sweet episode, one is the big reveal of who the Goblin actually is, the other is Gwen and Peter finally being open about their feelings for each other. Both are equally enjoyable.

    On the domestic front, Peter finally broke up with the heartbroken Liz Allen, but Gwen was not able to break up with Harry just yet, who knows about the couple, but is feigning ignorance in hopes of keeping Gwen with him. This will be an exciting affair to examine moving into Season 3.

    On the action side, it appeared neither Norman or Harry were masquerading as the Goblin, so we the audience are just as confused as Peter as the events unfold. There is some great misdirection with another Oscorp employee and even a joke that it could be Harry's mom, an idea I admit, I entertained!
    At the last second, I suspected there really can be no other Goblins besides the Osborns so wouldn't it be cool if Chameleon had a hand in some of this? Sure enough, it was a brilliant reveal and a great surprise to actually see this come true! Chameleon has entered the fray and I can't way to see more creative ways they can use him next year!

    Final Note: I'm loving Gwen Stacy on the show, but I'm getting worried that this might all be getting dragged out too long. Parker isn't even with Mary Jane yet, and we're moving into S3. Still here we are with Gwen who as all Spiderman fans know is fated to die. She never appeared in the 90s series for this exact reason. Can spectacular Spiderman deliberately include a character they must later kill? Or will they chicken out?
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