The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 13

Final Curtain

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on Disney XD



  • Trivia

    • This episode's theme song featured Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey, Harry Osborne and Norman Osborne.

    • During the premiere of this episode on Disney XD, the regularly broadcasted episode aired without the voice track for most of the episode. However, the HD version aired without any problems.

    • This episode premiered at 9:30pm (ET) instead of its normal timeslot of 9:00pm (ET).

    • Over the phone, Norman Osborn refers to the person who gives him Menken's address as "Gargan." This is most likely the character Mac Gargan, a private investigator who will one day be the villain called The Scorpion.

  • Quotes

    • Green Goblin: Although I will admit you have an annoying tendancy to... well, survive, the Green Goblin has every contingency in place to test the outer limits of that talent! (Uses his razorangs to cut Spider-Man's webbing) Until all that remains is a red and blue stain on the pavement!
      Spider-Man: Hmm, now where have I heard that one before? (Creates a parachute out of webbing) Oh, yeah! From every super-villain I've ever come up against!
      Green Goblin: Then perhaps it would be more original if I simply remained silent while watching you splat! (Throws a pumpkin bomb at the parachute)
      Spider-Man: Well, it certainly would qualify as refreshing.

    • Green Goblin: Tonight, you're in a particulary unfriendly neighborhood, Spider-Man!

    • Green Goblin: Oh, what's wrong, Spider-Man? Off your game?
      Spider-Man: Nah, game's good, Gobs. Just getting acquainted with the rules.
      Green Goblin: Rule 1: Spidey must splat!
      Spider-Man: Rule 2: Ignore rule 1. Rule 3: Make Gobby look goofy.

    • Flight Attendant: Sorry for the delay, Mr. Rowan.
      Mr. Rowan: Don't apologize. I never do.

  • Notes

    • "Final Curtain" was not meant to be the final episode of the series. Greg Weisman confirmed the production team were striving to get 65 episodes out, these plans were canceled after Disney bought the rights to Marvel. Weisman also confirmed that had Spectacular Spiderman reached season 3, Carnage, Hydro-Man, Hobgoblin, and Scorpion were to make appearances.

  • Allusions

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