The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 11

Group Therapy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 31, 2008 on Disney XD

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  • Pretty Good

    This episode was pretty good, seeing the sinister six and continuing the venom saga was a good idea. Its awesome that Eddie Brock is so creepy, just like the comics. The only thing i can't stand about this episode is hearing doc ock talk. Seriously i just can't listen to him, and the theme is awful. Besides those flaws it was a good episode, with a good plot. Thank goodness mysterio wasn't a member what a bad villain. It was good that the super villains all team attacked Spider man, but seriously they could have done better. The team had everything, brains (Doc Ock) brawn (Rhino) aerial attack (vulture) and energy projection (shocker and electro) the only thing that could have completed there fighting group was fighting skills (kraven) but hes not in yet.
  • Spider-man fights the Sinister Six IN HIS SLEEP.

    I have no clue how the writers of this show came up with idea sleeping in a fight but it's genus.
    But you have to see it to know what I'm talking about.
    Any way back to my review,It is one of the best so far and thats something.A grate jail break scene starts off the show then we move the action to times squire(yet another brilliant fight scene and they put Aunt May in there too).And finely we got to...WAIT I have just got say I loved the baby driving a car gag.where were we owe right.

    We finely go to one of the best fight scenes if not the best in this show,it's on bridge thats all I'm going to say.

    So if it's so grate why did I not give a full 10 you ask,there was no Gwen what so ever thats why.

    But still an awesome episode.
  • The Sinister Six (Not Insideous Six) make their first animated debut.

    Have to say that each member gets decent screentime and focus in a single 22 minute episode.

    Would of liked to have seen more interaction with Sandman and Rhino since they've worked together before receiving their powers, but otherwise it was good to see their past association touched upon here.

    I find the scene with Eddie to be both funny and sad at the same time. Funny because of how he describes it, sad because of what's being said.

    Reading the original Aline Costume saga, I wasn't completely surprised that Peter was sleeping during the fight, but it was just as entertaining regardless considering the intensity of the action.
  • Good Episode

    At The End it Felt Like Nothing Happen I Mean Spidey Sleaped Frough A Battle With The Sinister Six And He Won The Sinister Six Have Some Of My Fave Vilians Still It Felt Like Smashing Grabing Punching Bating All at Once And Spidey Was Looking More Like The Symbiote Day By Day Its Mad Crazy A Bit Went Mad When Peter Realised He Sleaped Frough Oh With Sandman Doc Ock Rhino
    Electro But Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Best Episode Yet Was Intervention And I Agree With What Spaceway2007's Review For Intervention Still This Episode Was Great I Downloaded It Cause I Live In The UK So Its Not On TV Here.
  • This, is my...second favorite episode in the series, coming in besides 'Persona'. But this episodes delivers something... nostalgic really, the 'Sinister Six' is my favorite group of villains, and this episode does them justice.

    This, is my...second favorite episode in the series, coming in besides 'Persona'. But this episodes delivers something... nostalgic really, the 'Sinister Six' is my favorite group of villains, and this episode does them justice.

    The old plunnie from the 'Suit' arc from 'Amazing' where the suit takes over Peter for mid-night joy-rides found an absolutely wonderful application here, when the suit it self went against the Six, effectively tearing them apart, using their own abilities against them, ect. ect.

    Also on that note, everyone is effectively in character here. No botched delivery of lines, ect. ect. I found that the writers knew that Ock would notice Pete's silence during the battle excellent. I found Ock's strategic using of Electro to bust out rather IC for both of them. Ock's the evil (and mad, let's not forget mad) genius, and Electro is essentially the victim of unfortunate circumstances and desperate for help.

    The fight scenes, both with Peter awake and asleep, deliver. The awake Peter, even WITH the Symbiote, was simply not experienced enough to cope with the battle and Ock's genius brain and tactics; while at the same time the suit, by itself, is an utter animal: ruthlessly dispacting the Six and nearly killing some of them. Let's see...what'd I miss..ah. The motor cycle ride between Brock and MJ. I felt that Brock telling MJ on their ride how his and Peter's parents died was a clever IDEA, and the scene was alright, but the way they died seems earily similar to the 'Ultimates' continuity, and seems to serve little else other than to link it to that series. It barely seems to fit it's percieved actual purpose: Give Eddie another reason to hate Peter through Mary Jane. Their characterizations are good, but once again, the scene was rushed.

    That last scene at the end where Peter realizes that the suit is a Symbiote was actually pure gold. While in the original 'Amazing,' the moment when Peter found out the suit was alive, he tried to get it off instantly. This take on it is a lot better in my opinion. It shows that the Symbiot is imposing it's will on Peter, making him look for a reason to keep the suit, and giving him a darker out look.

    All in all, a pretty dang good episode. Pivotal in every sense; Peter goes against big group of baddies and suit begins to take over. The wasted scene between Eddie and MJ was really the only thing wrong with it.

    I look forward to all future episodes and I wish the creators and their staff good luck!
  • Spidey faces off against the Sinister Six while the Symbiote is slowing consuming him from the inside.

    Overall, an excellent episode. Action-packed great story telling and foreshadowing. At first, I wasn't comfortable with Peter and Eddie being good buddies, but now it's shaping up pretty well. Still, I don't think Peter has done enough for Eddie to be a jerk and completely shut him out of his life, but we'll see how the story continues to shape up. Speaking of Eddie, that date with MJ seemed a bit forced and made MJ look cheap; like she'll try anything once. First Peter, then Flash and now Eddie. She's being passed around like a bottle of beer on the wall and it's taking away from her character. I did like how Eddie wore a black jacket similar to the alien costume spider.

    The battle scene was terrific! Nothing better than seeing the Sinister Six back in action. Even better, seeing the Symbiote defeat all of them soundly. Before Peter went to sleep, he wished that he could wake up and find all the bad guys in jail and that's exactly what happened. The Symbiote took control of Peter's body while he was in REMville and battled the Sinister Six. I thought they would give Peter a bit more strength with the suit. In the 90's Spiderman cartoon, Spidey battled Rhino and overpowered him. This version wasn't able to do so, but still quick-thinking and cunning were able to outstmart Rhino and company.

    Otto's transformation from a whiny little scientist to the leader of a villain syndicate was a bit over the top. If the transformation were gradual, it might have been a bit more believable. Still, he made a good character to look forward to seeing. Speaking of gradual, it's good that the writing crew is making Peter's metamorphosis slowly instead of an episode or two. That way, we can feel the full effect that the alien costume has on Peter without it feeling rushed.

    Overall, an excellent episode. They'be gotten back to the basics; Spidey vs. the bad guys with some drama and a tad of clever story telling. Shows like this keep me optimistic for future episodes.
  • black suited spidey vs the sinister six.

    Why can't the Spider-man movies be more like this show. The action is so much better and I actually care about the characters in the cartoon. There is development between characters not seen in other cartoons; J. Jonah Jameson shows a different side after Aunt May goes to the hospital, Mary Jane shows attitude, and Spidey is starting to turn to his darker side. The anticipation for Venom is being built gradually and correctly. Spider-man overcomes 6 villians before he fights the symbiote and finally Venom. I hope this show doesn't lose its edge and is able to keep the momentum they have built into season 2.
  • With Electro's help, Doctor Octopus busts himself, Vulture, Sandman, Rhino and Shocker out of prison to quench their desire for revenge against Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Peter deals with his new alien costume along with the Sinster Six.

    After being Spidey deprived for two weeks after the CW4kids took over KidsWB, everyonefinally got excited for this episode with most of Spidey's big bads to come together to form the Sinister Six (although they are not stated as such until the Bugle prints it).

    This episode was very entertaining for the most part after the disappointing last episode, "Persona". The plan of how all the villains broke out was ingenious (the high-five by Rhino and Sandman was cool) with mostly Electro doing most of the breaking out from the outside.

    Peter, on the other hand, discovers more about the alien costume that he overlooked in "Persona". For example, the fact that he didn't know that the costume made its own webbing (how did he miss that?) Also, the costume is also removable, however, more mysterious to Peter than he realizes...

    Other honoable mentions for this episode...

    ~Sinister Six - (Mainly Electro)
    This Six surpassed the 90's Six hands down. Doc Ock called all the shots to form the team, with a soft side for Electro's condition on finding a cure and usually called him Maxwell through the whole episode. I had a soft side too for Electro in this episode due to that he was mostly used as a tool to break the villains out of prison, but still had a very tight loyalty to the Doc as shown at the dinner scene with the team. What made me love the character more was that he seemed to be the most innocent of the "Spectacular" villains, as seen throughout the episode that his eyes are opened calmly and not narrowed with rage as in "Interactions". You coul also see that he wanted to help the Six a lot with his newly controled powers on several occasions, often messing up at the wrong times. Electro was the one villain that didn't really want to be a villain in the first place, but due to harrasment from Spidey, Max didn't have much of a choice. What I also liked about the Six was all the character development. As much as they all hate Spider-Man, the villains all still had personal goals (Vulture having a bone to pick with Norman Osborn, Sandman getting his "big score", Rhino wanting to destroy Spider-Man, Montana/Shocker following Hammerhead and the Big Man (Tombstone), etc.) What was also interesting was that Doc Ock didn't want any harm to come to Aunt May and Anna Watson when the Six attacked Spider-Man. This shows that Ock still does have a heart and the brains for the safety of innocent bystanders. The dinner scene was probably my fave scene becides the six breaking out, due to the awkwardness with Ock and the waiter (which made me laugh a lot).

    ~Eddie Brock
    My prayers were answered when Eddie came back in this episode for more background on his character and his hatred for Peter before his transformation into Venom. How he left his "bro" hanging made me feel really sorry for both Peter and Eddie. Eddie "dating" MJ to make Peter jealous was interesting as Eddie explains his backstory (very similar to the Ultimate universe Eddie)while driving like a maniac on his motorcyle (to add a touch of badassery to his character). The end of that scene made Eddie more pissed off when MJ told Eddie that "Peter has his faults but he's still twice the man than you'll ever be." Guess who's going to be bait for Spidey to save? And did anybody nottice the Venom-likeness on Eddie's biker jacket?

    ~Aunt May
    Finally, all the symptoms of the previous episode of May's tiredness turns into a sudden heart attack at the theatre (with Anna Watson's first on-screen appearance). This process was similar to a similar scenario in the 1994 animated series storyline (I forget which episode). Also, how May unknowingly protected her nephew from Doc Ock was pretty cool. Let's hope that she'll be alright in the next episode...

    ~The Symbiote
    More usage the black suit in this episode, that's for sure, as Peter dukes it out against the Sinister Six. Peter also learns more about the suit's powers (to create webs, etc.) However, Peter learns the hard way when the symbiote takes over his body to fight the Sinister Six (and send in photos) while he was asleep. You can even tell by the moves Spidey was pulling off at the end were other-worldly in a sense and also he was serious about fighting when he didn't show any witty banter in the fight. The symbiote almost even impaled Doc Ock with his mechanical arms before the police scared him away. That seriously made the air very dark for a kids show. With Peter now becomming more agressive but aware of the suit's powers, Aunt May in the hospital and Eddie now poisoned with hatred towards Peter, next week's battle of Peter versus the Symbiote costume and the introduction to Venom will definately not be missed.
  • Six superpowered villains join forces to kill Spiderman, who is rapidly being taken over by the alien lifeform that has bonded to him.

    The march of two of the characters--Peter and Eddie--toward the "dark side" continues here. Eddie fumes with hatred for Peter, while Peter's mind and body continue to fall under the growing influence of the organic black mass that rode to earth on the hull of the space shuttle. When the Sinister Six attacks the second time, the alien lifeform is in complete control of Peter. Which is fortunate because it is the only thing that saves Peter's life here. The fight scenes are...well, spectacular. Adjectives like "fast-paced", "thrilling" and "exciting" just don't do them justice. There has been a steady progression in the characters and the central storyline from the first episode, and it is building toward what promises to be one heckuva season finale.
  • The black suit is slowly taking over Spider-Man! Eddie is starting to show his darker side! Aunt May is in the hospital! The Sinister Six is out to kill Spider-Man!

    Another great episode. In this episode, we see a lot of character developments. Eddie is showing his darker side by trying to make Pete jealous by taking MJ out. Eddie doesn't even consider Peter as a friend anymore, which is why he left him "hanging." Oh, and the black jacket that Eddie was wearing while riding his motorcycle looked a lot like the Venom symbol.

    The black suit is slowly taking over Spider-Man. While Peter is sleeping at night, the black suit takes over his body and uses it while he's asleep, which is why Peter feels exhausted when he wakes up in the morning. The black suit also takes pictures for the Bugle, while Peter doesn't even realize it. Spidey/Peter was careless and irresponsible for not knowing that Aunt May is in the hospital.

    The fight scenes with the Sinister Six were cool, amazing, spectacular, excellent, and fast pace! Spidey outsmarted the Sinister Six. Can't wait for next week when Spidey loses the black suit and Venom is created!
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