The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 6

Growing Pains

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on Disney XD

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  • John Jameson gets infected with aliens spores

    John Jameson gets infected with aliens spores from Jupiter and gains super strength.
    J. Jonah Jameson finely sees a way to get rid of Spider-man.I be strait up the Colonel Jupiter thing is just lame,I do not know if Colonel Jupiter is a Comic book character or a of the shows own creation,so I do not know who blame. It was not all bad Flash trying get the girl in throw drama was funny,and the auditions where interesting but got repetitive after the first 3 or 4.
    The end was unexpected, good and rushed (it lasted about 12 seconds)which was annoying,But the next one looks good I want say any more it will ruin it for you.
  • Captain Jupiter! And Flash tries to get a girls' attention by trying out for the school play?

    What was interesting was the way John Jameson's suit was starting to effect him. He starts off feeling odd about it, begins to think maybe he can be a hero, and slowly let that power take him over. The arc is very well paced and developed for only having a half-hour.

    Just like last the last episode, there are some random inserts from the highschool characters, and we find out later that everyone is auditioning for the school play. I liked the Shakespearean quotes- which directly related to the actual story going on, but using basically the exact same trick thing did from the prior episode (with the video testimonials), is sort of a sloppy thing to do.