The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 7

Identity Crisis

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2009 on Disney XD

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  • Wow,I can not believe they did this.

    I mean this is the kind of episode the you use for the vary last if ever.the hole secret identity is one of the big things that drives any superhero show.but this show has gone a step is not always handled in the best way but(Ned Lee interviewing all of Peter's friends was not needed...OK maybe it was)the fight was well staged and brutal.But Eddie has no concise so even tho the fight was meant to be a personal for Peter it just wasn't.I am getting sick of Venom having a mouth in his
    chest it's wrong.

    I have just read my review man it is a bit negative but ow while.
  • Parker's identity is out, but it's handled very sloppily.

    This is the third episode in a row where we get these random excerpts from character's in Parker's world, commenting on something. First it was the home video at Flash's birthday. Then it was the auditions for the play. Now, it's reporters asking if Peter Parker is indeed Spiderman.

    This is my biggest problem with the episode: how stupid and unrealistic the public reacts to Venom's huge reveal of Parker's identity. If you're going to ask somebody, a- do you really think they'd know? and b- Would they really tell you anyway? A lot of it didn't make sense, and that was disappointing. I would have liked to see more of Parker doing some damage control, and better effort from Eddie Brock, who is pretty one-note about unmasking Spider-man. The only thing I liked was Flash sticking up for his hero, That added a layer to the bone-headed jock that I really welcomed.
  • Venom wants to ruin Peter Parker's life by exposing Spider-Man's secret identity to the world.

    Venom wants to ruin Peter Parker's life by exposing Spider-Man's secret identity to the world. Venom won't stop to unmask Spider-Man in public. The result is a no-holds fight that ranks one of the series' most intense and dynamic action sequences. From the level of destruction on Parker's high school, they might have to close it for some time for repairs. Parker once again proves that resourcefulness and smarts can prevail over brute force. Venom goes down but it is obvious that the symbiote will return. Whether Brock will again don the symbiote, it is still unsure. Despite the level of action, there is a good element of humor. As the press interviews Peter's aunt, friends and classmates, their reaction to the idea that Parker is Spider-Man is of laughter and doubt. Although, there is one person who believes that there is some truth to the story.
  • Over the years there have been many different versions and different episodes of Spider-Man, but the Spectacular Spider-Man's Identity Crisis is the single best one ever! This is an episode no Spidey fan can miss. Spidey Vs. Venom what more do you want?

    Venom's back! And he's more determined as ever to ruin Spider-Man/Peter Parker's life. What better way to do so than to tell the world that the two are one. When the media doesn't take his claim seriously enough Venom decides its time to unmask the 'wall-crawler'. Of course Spider-Man doesn't go down without a fight and with the assistance of someone who is determined to believe Pete IS NOT Spider-Man.

    For a kid's show this episode has the most action-pack, intense fight scene ever! Venom and Spidey one up each other constantly in battle. Spider-Fans do not miss this episode!