The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 7

Identity Crisis

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2009 on Disney XD



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    • Ned Lee: Peter Parker, Spider-Man?
      (Curt and Martha Connors laugh hysterically)
      Martha Connors: Although, it would explain a few things. Like when...
      Curt Conners: You don't mean...
      Martha Connors: And what about...
      Curt Connors: That's pretty far-fetched!
      Martha Connors: And yet...
      Curt Connors & Martha Connors: No comment.

    • (After the symbiote is forced to reject Eddie and escapes into the sewers)
      Spider-Man: Eddie, it's over. You're free, you can stop this, stop hating.
      Eddie Brock: (Sobbing) Can't... it only loves me... for the hate.

    • Eddie Brock: We're quite unimpressed with the Bugle. They haven't run our big scoop yet, so...
      Peter Parker: I don't really care what impresses you these days, "Bro."
      Eddie Brock: Oh, but you will...

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  • Allusions

    • Venom: The Spider doth protest too much, methinks.

      This is a parody of a line from Act III, Scene II of the William Shakespeare play Hamlet.

    • Aunt May: Am I being Punk'd?

      Punk'd was a television show hosted by Ashton Kutcher were the cast and crew are hired to pull pranks on famous celebrities.