The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2008 on Disney XD
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Spider-Man realizes the alien suit is ruining his life and tries to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it has grown too attached to Peter, and doesn't plan on leaving him.

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  • Peter Parker fights to separate himself from the symbiote.

    I love the way this episode draws on the Sam Raimi movies, then takes the storyline to a higher level. Spiderman 3 flubbed the Venom/Spiderman clash to a large extent, but this series' handling of it is very well done. The primary battle, of course, is internal as the symbiote tries to deepen its hold on Peter's mind. In that battle, Peter draws on his greatest strength--his love and respect for his family and friends. In the movie, the darkening of Peter's soul is played for laughs. It's ironic that we get a more serious depiction of that progression in a cartoon. That makes us feel more deeply the confusion and hurt of Peter's friends when he lashes out at them. And we get the final setup where Eddie's anger and hatred push him over the edge and completely under the influence of the symbiote. This episode does what all great writing should do; it leaves us breathlessly waiting to see what comes next.moreless
  • When Peter becomes aware of his alien costume taking over his life, he decides to get rid of it. But the symbiote doesn't give up that easily on leaving its host...moreless

    This episode wages Peter versus the symbiote in Peter's mind and memories. This was also the origin episode of how Peter became Spider-Man. This was very well put together seeing as the last good origin story was told in 1994, but it wasn't as good as this interpretation's. Instead of Peter actually narrating it in the middle of an episode for about five minutes or so in a nutshell, the viewers actually get to see it for themselves - in good old nostalgic black and white (very nice touch). The story continues after the events of the previous episode, where Peter, now almost consumed by rage by the symbiote, visits Aunt May in the hospital while Eddie Brock faces being fired from Connors' lab due to the symbiote being 'stolen' by Spider-Man back in "Persona". Greg Weisman returns as the writer for this episode since the pilot, "Survival of the Fittest," and he did a great job of interpreting the 2002 film origin with hints from other Spidey comic (Ultimate #100 anyone?) He really made this episode to be a nice story with some great eye candy such as when the symbiote wraps Peter in a cocoon to fight him inside his mind and when Eddie Brock makes a pact of bonding with the symbiote along with the alien "plugging" into his mind to feed him Peter's memories. He kept the story straight forward without overtaking the entire episode with just the origin story. At last, we see Uncle Ben animated in this series after 11 episodes! Ed Asner was a great addition to the cast as Uncle Ben for this episode. After being J. Johnah Jameson in "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" back in '94, it was cool to see Asner return to the Spidey universe in a different role. Uncle Ben was always the father figure for Peter and it made me cry when he died. Many of the moments were from the first film, but it still made me happy to see that Ben had a role to play in this series besides giving Peter words to live by. The only thing that bugged me was almost at the end of every sentence was he kept saying "kiddo", like how Mary Jane says "tiger" all the time. His fight with the symbiote was pretty interesting too, seeing that he never got the chance to live until that story arc. This episode was an interesting conclusion on Eddie Brock's transformation into Venom. As Eddie gets fired from his job at ESU due to the stolen symbiote, his hatred for Spider-Man and Peter grows. He really deserved to be shoved around by Peter since he was such an ass to bro in the previous episode. However, it was when Spidey came back with the symbiote and froze it made me feel sad for Eddie since it was his last chance for him to save his college funds. However, it was when he found out that Peter and Spider-Man were the same person that made me hang on the edge of my seat. Now, he knew that there was nothing that would stand in his way to give Peter what he deserved for ruining his reputation. Can't wait to see Eddie, or should I say, Venom, in action against Spider-Man in the season finale!

    ~Mary Jane Watson & Gwen Stacy: A small segment, but a big role to play for the future romance in the series as MJ does a little 'girl to girl' talk with an overly shy Gwen during lunchtime. She even gets Gwen to confess about her feelings for Peter and tells her to 'step up' before it's too late. Now, we play the waiting game... Go get him, Gwen!

    ~Flash (Eugene) Thompson: I was very surprised to see some character development for Flash in this episode, due to that he's usually a two-dimensional character that picks on Peter for most of the series. While Peter is crowded by the three hotties of M3 (Liz, MJ and Gwen), Flash just glares at Peter for being the center of attention with the girls. Greg Weisman's writing for Flash and Joshua LeBar's voice acting in this episode gave me a little heart for the quarterback, knowing that even though he can be a jerk, he's also a jerk with a sensitive heart. He corners a symbiote-aggressive Peter at the hospital, telling Peter that he's become a bigger jerk than he is and that Peter's friends are only trying to help him while Aunt May is in the hospital. Naturally, I would like to see more of the kinder side of Flash in future episodes. ~The Symbiote: This episode used a very nice combo from all the Spidey adaptations for this little evil ink blot. The alien continues to twist Peter's mind to its liking, influencing Peter to use "we" instead of "I", showing a closer bonding between the two. The creepiness of the alien takes its toll as it encases Peter in a black cocoon when Peter tries to remove it. Even the battle within Peter's mind was exceptionally well made: the black suit versus the good old red and blue outfit. The usage of Peter's and Eddie's voice with the alien influences the characters' darker sides was a nice touch too. But the best scene was with the symbiote and Eddie Brock. The tentacle plugging into his mind was absolutely creepy, but adds to the darkness of the alien's authority over the host. Weisman gives the audience an inside look of how evil this little alien is and it's something that would overshadow the 1994 series' one-viewed symbiote to shame. Altogether, this was an excelent episode with a good combination of re-telling of Spidey's origin and the introduction to the sinister Venom. Next week, the season finale: Spidey vs. Venom!moreless
  • The Origin Of Spider-Man (In good old Black & White).

    Even if influenced by the symbiote, it was pretty unsettling to see Peter shoving (in Brock's case literally) his friends away.

    As for the origin itself, I'd say that merging the movie and comic version was a good move creative wise.

    Hearing Ed Asner in another Spider-Man role was a nice surprise. Makes a good Uncle Ben.

    The Black & White tone didn't bother me since I've seen several B&W shows, cartoons and comics/manga. Heck, it's pretty fitting for an episode based off a 1962 story.

    Seriously though, Sally felt sorry for Peter? Sounds like we're veering into a What If? territory (kidding).moreless
  • Average;but here that is still awesome.

    "Intervention" starts of just minutes after the end of "Group Therapy".With Peter going to the Hospital to see Aunt May-With her heart attack and all.After that Peter goes to school and all his friends-plus half the Football-have found about,cue sympathy and Peter hates that and storms off back to the Hospital,where he runs into Flash who gives him a wake up call.

    Disheartened and angry Pete walks into Eddie (Who still hates him)and a small confrontation erupts and Pete tells Eddie to shove off and THIS is the final straw to break the donkeys.He realizes that the Symbiote is ruining him and this all happens in the first 5 minutes.

    Good episode and the black and white part of the story was a nice touch.moreless
  • Peter's Dark Side

    Great Episode. Every episode involving the symbiote is always well written. You see Peter's dark side emerge after the symbiote controls him, he flakes his friends, beats up Brock and starts working for Tombstone. I wished he would teach flash a lesson, but oh well. This episode was great until the flashback, which was kinda of boring for me, but otherwise overall the episode was great and splendid to watch. I wished there was a couple more episodes involving symbiote, but this is just as fine. This I believe is one of my favorite episode of the series. All right, thats it.moreless
Edward Asner

Edward Asner

Ben Parker

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Robert Costanzo

Robert Costanzo

Sullivan Edwards

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Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Crusher Hogan

Guest Star

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Eddie Brock/Venom

Recurring Role

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


Recurring Role

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    • Gwen Stacy: We all just want to help...
      Peter Parker: Help? Help? (Laughs darkly) That's a good one. How exactly do you plan on helping? Do my homework? Maybe lower my GPA? Or borrow my camera and take some Spidey pics, because I do need the money. I have some humongous hospital bills to pay!
      Gwen Stacy: We're just trying to be your friends...
      Peter Parker: (Angrily) Well, unless my 'friends' are prepared to pony up some cash, they can keep their help and their sympathy.

    • (After Peter spots Gwen, Mary Jane and Liz running up to him)
      Gwen Stacy: Peter! How are you?
      Mary Jane Watson: How's your Aunt?
      Liz Allan: Petey, I was so worried about you!
      Peter Parker: Wait, wait. You all know?
      Mary Jane Watson: I spilled, Tiger. Sorry.

    • Peter Parker: (To hospital secretary) I'm here to see my aunt, May Park...
      Eddie Brock: Room 204.
      Peter Parker: (Turns around to see Eddie Brock, surprised) Eddie, why are you...
      Eddie Brock: Because I still remember what a great lady she is. When Gwen told me Aunt May was here, I figured it was worth stomaching you for her sake. Should have guessed it wouldn't be an issue. I mean, why wouldn't you be here? She's only the woman who raised you.

    • Symbiote: In anger, you sought to hurt us. Instead, you've made us stronger...

    • Symbiote: This isn't over. You will be ours!
      Spider-Man: Don't think so Symbiote. I know what you are now... and what you need. (Spider-Man tackles into the bell, allowing the loud noise to weaken the Symbiote enough to rip it off) You feed off of negative emotions... but right now, I'm starving you out.
      Symbiote: Stop! Don't do this! We only want to help you, be with you!
      Spider-Man: Sorry, Symbie. I know this must hurt but we're just no good together. Consider yourself dumped.

    • Mary Jane Watson: You like Pete a lot, don't you?
      Gwen Stacy: Well, yeah, I like Pete. I mean, of course I like him. I like him, he likes me, we like... It's a mutual like-fest.
      Mary Jane Watson: That's not what I meant.
      Gwen Stacy: You mean, do I like him like him? Well, what if the answer is... yes?
      Mary Jane Watson: I get it, you and Pete, you've always been "just friends" and its hard to risk that. But if that's not what you want, girlfriend, you'll have to step up.

    • Symbiote: Stop Pete, come on. You're overreacting. The suit, the symbiote, its made life better, and there's no one else we need. Not MJ, not Gwen...
      Spider-Man: Not even Aunt May?! Those weren't my thoughts!

    • Spider-Man: Okay, if Flash Thompson is making sense, something must be seriously wrong. Why did I blow of my friends? MJ, Liz and Gwen- she's always been there for us since the seventh grade. What about the battle with the Sinister Six? The one that we slept through? Or the fact that we asked Tombstone for a job... or the fact that we keep thinking "we" instead of "I"?!

    • Eddie Brock: (After discovering Spider-Man's secret identity through the symbiote) Peter is Spider-Man! Why didn't I see it before? I don't have two enemies. I have one...

    • Symbiote: Eddie Brock, we sensed your fury, your hatred... its taste is sweet! Do you hate the Spider? Do you hate Parker?
      Eddie Brock: Do you have to ask?
      Symbiote: No, but we have much to show! (Jumps into Eddie's mind, showing images of Peter and Spider-Man)

    • Peter Parker: Don't push me, Eugene. I'm not in the mood.
      Flash Thompson: Yeah, yeah. Your aunt's sick. Poor puny Parker. Even Sally feels bad for ya, but not me. If you're hanging up on the sheek geek, that proves you're still a stuck-up egghead. (Sighs) A guy who can't even see that his friends are trying to help...

    • Peter Parker: (After his cell phone rings) Gwen. Aw, crud. What does she want with us now? (Shuts off his phone) Forget it. She and Brock can attend a "Pete's such a disappointment" dance together.
      Flash Thompson: You sellin' tickets to that or can anyone who thinks you're a jerk attend?

    • Eddie Brock: Yo, Bro! You cost me my job! (Grabs Peter's symbiote disguised shirt and melts in his hand. Peter then slams Eddie against a wall)
      Peter Parker: Shut it! We're tired of your whining. (Throws Edde to the ground) Shove off, Brock; permanently.

    • Crusher Hogan: (Pins Spider-Man against the cage) I don't like picking on little guys, so I'm gonnna make this quick, 'kay?
      Spider-Man: Thanks Crush, but I'm good. In fact, I'm very good. (Throws Crusher to the floor) One might even say great!

    • Venom: We will have vengeance... on Spider-Man!

    • Spider-Man: (To the burglar who killed Uncle Ben) I should drop you, take what you took from Ben Parker! (Throws him out the window, but catches him with his webbing) But he wouldn't approve. With a great power, comes great responsibility.

    • Spider-Man: Now, mud stain, shall we dance?

    • The Symbiote: We've already rooted deep within Peter Parker, mind, body and soul.

    • Uncle Ben: Peter, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. You see with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Josh Keaton, the voice of Spider-Man in this series, stated that this was his favorite episode on Comicvine.

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      May 25, 2009 @ 1:30pm (ET)

    • Venom being created in this episode widely differs on how previous origins of the characters are interpreted. All of Venom's origins normally have him being joined with the symbiote in the same church Peter rejected it. In this series, it follows the origin in the Ultimate Comics where Eddie Brock becomes Venom in a lab.

    • Jim Cummings and Ed Asner, voice of Crusher and Uncle Ben respectively, voiced The Shocker and J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.


    • The church scene where Spider-Man removes the symbiote is reminiscent of the scene in Spider-Man 3. The church he goes to is the also the same in the film.