The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 4

Market Forces

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2008 on Disney XD

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  • The Shocker gets a makeover.

    Like I said in the summary the shocker has some changes.

    1.He is Montana not Herman Schultz.(But I'm OK with that)

    2.He has a Southern accent.(I'm OK with this to) When you get past that,it's an alright episode.

    OK,Plot picking time.

    Aunt May was some outstanding bills and Peter (Being a moron) has to decide whether to help aunt May or buy a new camera for his job at the Daily Bugle.(The Episode has a moral to it if you haven't guessed already.)

    It was nice to see Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn again ,Plus did I hear some one say Mary Jane.

    Over all, It's a nice episode. Nothing epic or mind blowing, but satisfactory.
  • Good start to another story arc.

    Peter should have showed some more enthusiasum concerning MJ's good personality. Who knows, they could marry each other some day.

    If only Flint and Alex didn't resort to crime, I could see them as this generation's Odd Couple.

    Definitely thought of Spider-Man 3 with the emo line from Eddie.

    In all seriousness, I found the choice to use Montana as The Shocker to be a good one. It certainly keeps the story interesting. Besides, if you want comic book accuracy to be 100%, you should just stick with the original comic.

    While we can agree that Norman isn't parent of the year, I found his advice to be a sound one indeed. Funny when you agree with the antagonist.
  • Spidey faces off against a new foe while trying to keep his regular life under control.

    The classification is spot on in deeming this another great installment of the Spectacular Spider-man. The episode was very well written and contains foreshadowing in later establishing a relationship with Mary Jane Watson, the seething anger festering within Eddie Brock, battling an army of Supervillians funded by Oscorp and Norman Osborn on the road to becoming the Green Goblin.

    The Shocker proved himself to be a formidible adversary with good charsima and personality. Even though the traditional Shocker from the comics wasn't like the one portrayed in the series, he did a viable job of proving to be more than a match for Spidey. The battle scene was very entertaining and made Peter appear vulnerable as he couldn't find a way to keep Shocker off balance, but his genius intellect is what pulled the web head through to victory.

    Overall, this was a great episode and hopefully the great writing in this series continues to pleasantly surprise the viewers.
  • New villian on the block the shocker!, Shocker Vs Spiderman who will win

    Peter Parker has to choose between helping Aunt May pay the bills or buying a camera to further his career. Meanwhile, Montana (the Big Man's Enforcer) becomes the stunning Shocker to fulfill his responsibility: eliminating the Spectacular Spider-Man. This episode was preety good. Eddy and Gwen are still kindoff pissed at peter for not helping them to heal Dr. Connors (when he actually did as spiderman)
    Eddy has kind of cooled off but Gwen is still ticked. Harry needs help in a school subject and peter always has other comitments and ends up bailing on him, Harry is pissed and also is angry at peter. Also the Shocker seems to have the uppper hand on beating up spiderman. He traps him and believes he has killed him but Spiderman is still alive and comes back to Kick his @$$ so he defeats the shocker and it is found out that Norman Osborn was the leader of all this and wants spiderman Gone! We might see the Green Goblin soon.
  • So Spidey and shocker huh

    I have to admit the voices, the trash talk and the storyboard as well as the fight scenes are actually one to watch. Though the animation I must say is poor that what it was back on Fox Kids. But that's Kids WB, they butcher their stuff in the first season and fix it up in the second. But i do enjoy the series, there is a real storyboard going on there though I am also a sucker for good drawings and quality. I hope this series turns out well, it is nice to see of of his old villians return after ten years ago lol and yeah I will continue watching to see how this story develops.
  • Peter faced the Shocker while having trouble with Harry, Eddie, Gwen, and help paying the bills for Aunt May.

    This episode was well written! You can foreshadow that Peter is about to meet MJ. You can foreshadow that Harry will try to become popular like he was in the comics. I can see that Norman will start to get on his bad side and become the Green Goblin. He's already showing that he is bad by joining with the Big Man and agreeing to create "super villains". This serie is going very well so far. I hope it keeps up that way. Can't wait until next Saturday when he faces the Sandman! I hope Gwen will soon forgive Peter. As for Eddie, I'm not sure.
  • Spider-man Fights the Shocker while things are not doing so well for Peter except he gets a job at the Daily Bugle.

    I think this was a good episode. It was Strange to see Montana instead of Herman Shultz become the shocker. I think this episode is leading towards more storyline for each character Like Flint Marko who'll become the Sandman in the next episode, Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin and Peter meeting Mary Jane. I really enjoy seeing Gwen Stacy in every episode so far. I was suprise how Jameson can yell so much! He could lose his voice. I though that Flash Thompson was funny. And Poor Peter smell bad after fighting the Shocker. Spider-man had a very good fighting scene with the Shocker near the end of the episode. I can't wait to see the Sandman in the next episode. I give this 9.5 rating.