The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 3

Natural Selection

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2008 on Disney XD
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Episode Summary

Peter Parker and Spider-Man both must learn to own their choices when decisions made by Dr. Curt Connors transforms Pete's mentor into The Lizard.

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  • Complete Awesomeness.

    Doctor Connors is the LIZARD.

    This is one the best episodes of season 1,Heres why.

    1.The Lizard is a mindless,savage monster.

    2.Eddie Brock has his biggest roll yet(until Nature vs. Nurture) 3.The Lizard transformation was (excuse the pun) spectacular.

    4.It was just completely awesome.

    Now the idea of Peter considering to take the gene cleanser (to take away his powers) has some things in common with The Amazing Spider-man Issue #50:Spider-man No More(I think thats what it was)but I'm not going in to that here.

    Lastly Peter was an idiot to think that nun of his friends at the lab would find the photos in the news paper.

    Grate episode.moreless
  • Doctor Connors becomes the Lizard!

    This is the first episode where Peter Parker has to face the burden of being Spider-Man. Peter was fired for not helping Doctor Connors when he became the Lizard. But, we all know that he did help, but in his alter ego form. Anyway, Doctor Connors injected the serum into his right shoulder, hoping that it will regrow his arm back. And,as it turned out, it did regrow. However, it came with a price. Not only did Doctor Connors grew his arm back, but the Lizard DNA is taking over his Human DNA/brain. Soon, he won't remember anything about anyone. He will just violently attack. Again, this show just keeps getting better and better. In my opinion, its MUCH better than the 90's one (except when it comes to the characters' designs, but I'm used it now).moreless
  • We find out what Curt Connors has in mind with that serum, and it doesn't turn out well for anyone involved.

    Have to say that this episode was a nice flipside to the 1994 cartoon episode "Night Of The Lizard". Basically both had Eddie and Peter involved in the story, but this time Peter looks like the bad guy. Also a good example of Pete winning and losing at the same time.

    My favorite scene is definitely Spidey trying to sneak up on the Lizard only for the cellphone to go off.

    As for Pete's choice to make many off his Lizard photos, it's no different than when he did the same in the 1995 Series. Besides, even in some of the early comics he display a moral flaw.moreless
  • Forty years ago, the very first Spidey cartoon I ever watched was on ABC. And, it dealt with Peter Parker heading down to Florida to get snapshots of the notorious "Lizard Man." Which makes this episode doubly ironic.moreless

    Because, this morning marks the debut of this particular cartoon series on my local cable-TV provider! As a result, I'm probably a month behind the rest of this country in reviewing this episode. But, I don't mind, as I found "Natural Selection" to be surprisingly intelligent and riveting! In 1967, the animated Mrs. Curt Connors just stayed on the front porch of their Everglades home, wringing her hands in helpless worry. But, in 2008, she's her husband's partner in both marriage and research. Every bit as brilliant as him, in the genetic engineering field. In 1967, Aunt May wore prim-and-proper dresses worthy of Archie's Ms. Grundy. And, her only worry was her nephew's health. Yet, in 2008, she wears shirts and slacks just as casually as any twenty-something woman. And, she also has financial worries, the same as any other single parent. I know, I know! Different times/different standards. But, I'm still glad that the writers of this show could throw in modern angst without sacrificing the action and suspense that first got me hooked on Spidey-cartoons as a kid. In short; "Natural Selection" was like an Ultimate Marvel version of the Spidey-vs.Lizard match that I first watched, forty years ago. And, I hope this latest cartoon-version of the webslinger's adventures lasts twice as long as the Krantz Animation original.moreless
  • Spider-Man battles with the Lizard and demons in his personal life.

    This was a good episode that dealt with Dr. Curt Connors' experimentation process coming to fruition when he fused his DNA with Reptilian DNA thus causing his arm to regenerate. The side-effect was his brain was effected and the Lizard traits started to take control of him.

    The most substanative facet of the episode was Peter supposedly leaving Mrs. Connors, Eddie Brock and Gwen Stacy because of Aunt May's curfew when in fact, he went to battle the Lizard to get him under control and transform him back to a human in addition to taking photos for the bugle to assist with the bills. It was a pretty deep episode dealing with his responsibilities as Spider-Man, his loyalty to his friends and his responsibility to help out Aunt May. The episode ripped Peter into 3 directions with him ultimately choosing to help Dr. Connors AND Aunt May with the bills.

    Overall, aside from the action, there was an underlying darkness about this episode that forced Peter to make decisions that would effect his relationship with the people he cares about. Additionally, it illustrated that Spider-Man is a tragic character that doesn't always have a happy ending.moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Dr. Curt Connors/Lizard

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Martha Connors

Guest Star

Andrew Kishino

Andrew Kishino

Kenny "King" Kong

Guest Star

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Eddie Brock

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Spider-Man: (About the Lizard's lair) It's like a sauna in here! And me without my Spidey-trunks.

    • Peter Parker: I never asked to be Spider-Man! I never asked for these powers! Never knew it would be a bashed up hand, a hard 9 pm curfew, no job and friends who all think I'm scum! (Takes out vial of gene cleanser) It was all just a twist of fate and bad luck. A random bug bite. (Opens vial) Easiest decision I ever made. (About to drink the gene cleanser before spotting a picture of a younger Peter and Uncle Ben) Except... except I saved him... (Flashback to Dr. Connors after turning back to normal, being hugged by his family) Spider-Man's no magic wand but thanks to the web-head, Curt's cured and Billy gets his father back. So what if no one threw a parade? (Webs vial under his desk) Spidey stays, because Spidey is needed... for now anyway.

    • Martha Connors: Peter, you're young and faced with difficult choices. Young people sometimes make mistakes.
      Peter Parker: Thanks for understanding...
      Martha Connors: I understand you, but I can't trust you. You're fired.

    • Spider-Man: (Gives Lizard the Gene cleanser down his throat) Brought you a present, Lizzy. Gene cleanser. Guaranteed to remove your toughest stains: grease, mustard, even lizard DNA!

    • (After Spider-Man appears in Dr. Connors' lab)
      Gwen Stacy: How did you know that we needed you?
      Spider-Man: Uh, my spider-sense was... tingling?

    • Spider-Man: (After kicking Lizard away from a punk girl) Sorry, pal. No eating in the subway!

    • Martha Connors: Lizard DNA is more primitive than human and the reptilian part of your brain is growing.
      Dr. Curt Connors: It's growing. I'm regressing. I can feel the change... (Growls in pain)
      Martha Connors: Curt, please! You need to keep a clear head.
      Dr. Curt Connors: No! You need to hurry. I'm losing control...

    • Gwen Stacy: Still no Spider-Man pictures, huh? Pete, counting on that prize money for your aunt may not be...
      Peter Parker: What else am I supposed to do? (Wrings out water from his shirt) I never asked to be broke, or semi-grounded, or smart enough to be Flash's drenching boy...

    • Spider-Man: (After catching a bunch of crooks stealing from a bakery with his Spider-Signal) So, you rob the piggy bank, but don't touch the cookie jar. Wow, you must qualify for nephew of the year: twisted division.

    • Gwen Stacy I'm so not letting you wish away your big brain.
      Peter Parker: If it's so big, how come it can't solve my problems?
      Gwen Stacy: Big but unripe. Give it time, Cantaloupe Boy.

    • Spider-Man: Now if I were a 6'5" lizard instead of a 5'6" spider, where would I hide?

    • Spider-Man: (Spots something lizard-like in the water of the reptile exhibit) Gotcha! (Finds out it's a crocodile) Oh great, the in-laws!

    • Spider-Man: (After seeing Lizard crawling on the subway walls) Hey, wall-crawling's my shtick! If you start spinning a web, I'll sue!

    • Spider-Man: (About Lizard) Oh yikes! Can you say halitosis? (Lizard growls) I knew that you could.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      March 23rd, 2009 @ 8:30pm (ET)

    • This episode can be seen on "The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack of the Lizard" DVD.

    • The is the first appearance of Kenny "King" Kong. Created in Brian Michael Bendis' "Ulitmate Spider-Man" comic series, he's a friend of Flash Thompson, therefore one of Parker's tormentors, and a big fan of Spider-Man. However, the latter trait has yet to reveal itself in the series. This is also the first time he's appeared in a Spidey-related genre outside the comic.

    • The Lizard
      One of the first villains Spider-Man has ever faced. Dr. Connors was a surgeon who lost his right arm in war. He spent years in the Florida Everglades studying how a lizard can regenerate lost limbs. Using genetically enhanced lizard DNA, he injected himself with it. He regained his arm but transformed into a savage monster with a ferocious hatred towards humans, except for his wife and son. Since being cured, Connors has remained a close ally to Spider-Man.

    • Spider-Man keeps a vial of the Human-Gene Serum, feeling some regret for bearing his powers. Drinking the Serum will eliminate Peter's spider powers.