The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 3

Natural Selection

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2008 on Disney XD



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  • Quotes

    • Spider-Man: (About the Lizard's lair) It's like a sauna in here! And me without my Spidey-trunks.

    • Peter Parker: I never asked to be Spider-Man! I never asked for these powers! Never knew it would be a bashed up hand, a hard 9 pm curfew, no job and friends who all think I'm scum! (Takes out vial of gene cleanser) It was all just a twist of fate and bad luck. A random bug bite. (Opens vial) Easiest decision I ever made. (About to drink the gene cleanser before spotting a picture of a younger Peter and Uncle Ben) Except... except I saved him... (Flashback to Dr. Connors after turning back to normal, being hugged by his family) Spider-Man's no magic wand but thanks to the web-head, Curt's cured and Billy gets his father back. So what if no one threw a parade? (Webs vial under his desk) Spidey stays, because Spidey is needed... for now anyway.

    • Martha Connors: Peter, you're young and faced with difficult choices. Young people sometimes make mistakes.
      Peter Parker: Thanks for understanding...
      Martha Connors: I understand you, but I can't trust you. You're fired.

    • Spider-Man: (Gives Lizard the Gene cleanser down his throat) Brought you a present, Lizzy. Gene cleanser. Guaranteed to remove your toughest stains: grease, mustard, even lizard DNA!

    • (After Spider-Man appears in Dr. Connors' lab)
      Gwen Stacy: How did you know that we needed you?
      Spider-Man: Uh, my spider-sense was... tingling?

    • Spider-Man: (After kicking Lizard away from a punk girl) Sorry, pal. No eating in the subway!

    • Martha Connors: Lizard DNA is more primitive than human and the reptilian part of your brain is growing.
      Dr. Curt Connors: It's growing. I'm regressing. I can feel the change... (Growls in pain)
      Martha Connors: Curt, please! You need to keep a clear head.
      Dr. Curt Connors: No! You need to hurry. I'm losing control...

    • Gwen Stacy: Still no Spider-Man pictures, huh? Pete, counting on that prize money for your aunt may not be...
      Peter Parker: What else am I supposed to do? (Wrings out water from his shirt) I never asked to be broke, or semi-grounded, or smart enough to be Flash's drenching boy...

    • Spider-Man: (After catching a bunch of crooks stealing from a bakery with his Spider-Signal) So, you rob the piggy bank, but don't touch the cookie jar. Wow, you must qualify for nephew of the year: twisted division.

    • Gwen Stacy I'm so not letting you wish away your big brain.
      Peter Parker: If it's so big, how come it can't solve my problems?
      Gwen Stacy: Big but unripe. Give it time, Cantaloupe Boy.

    • Spider-Man: Now if I were a 6'5" lizard instead of a 5'6" spider, where would I hide?

    • Spider-Man: (Spots something lizard-like in the water of the reptile exhibit) Gotcha! (Finds out it's a crocodile) Oh great, the in-laws!

    • Spider-Man: (After seeing Lizard crawling on the subway walls) Hey, wall-crawling's my shtick! If you start spinning a web, I'll sue!

    • Spider-Man: (About Lizard) Oh yikes! Can you say halitosis? (Lizard growls) I knew that you could.

  • Notes

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      March 23rd, 2009 @ 8:30pm (ET)

    • This episode can be seen on "The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack of the Lizard" DVD.

    • The is the first appearance of Kenny "King" Kong. Created in Brian Michael Bendis' "Ulitmate Spider-Man" comic series, he's a friend of Flash Thompson, therefore one of Parker's tormentors, and a big fan of Spider-Man. However, the latter trait has yet to reveal itself in the series. This is also the first time he's appeared in a Spidey-related genre outside the comic.

    • The Lizard
      One of the first villains Spider-Man has ever faced. Dr. Connors was a surgeon who lost his right arm in war. He spent years in the Florida Everglades studying how a lizard can regenerate lost limbs. Using genetically enhanced lizard DNA, he injected himself with it. He regained his arm but transformed into a savage monster with a ferocious hatred towards humans, except for his wife and son. Since being cured, Connors has remained a close ally to Spider-Man.

    • Spider-Man keeps a vial of the Human-Gene Serum, feeling some regret for bearing his powers. Drinking the Serum will eliminate Peter's spider powers.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Natural Selection

      In nature, natural selection is a process where desirable traits of other animals are received in reproduction.

    • Peter's contemplation of removing his powers is a common plot from The Amazing Spider-Man #100.

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