The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 13

Nature vs. Nurture

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2008 on Disney XD
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With Aunt May out of the hospital, Thanksgiving coming and the alien suit gone, Peter's life is finally getting better. However, the Symbiote has survived and found a host within the vengeful Eddie Brock. Now Spider-Man must face this monster, named Venom, a creature that knows everything about him and will stop at nothing to get revenge.moreless

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  • great

    best spiderman show ever
  • A good, but not great season finale.

    I could have done without the gaga on top finish. No I'm not talking about the Peter/Gwen kiss, I actually dug that. I'm talking about the part where the symbiote goes inside Peter's head and can't take Peter over "because of the power of loved ones". Yes I know it was a homage to the comics, but it was done alot better last week, here it was just treading over the same point. Spidey tricking the symbiote to release Eddie then capturing it would've been more than enough IMO.

    My main problem with this episode honestly felt more like Spider Man/Peter Parker vs. The symbiote round 2, with Eddie Brock just along for the ride. The fact that we never see Eddie Brock in another scene after the symbiote leaves him only further proves this point.

    This episode should have been more about Spider-Man/Peter Parker vs. Venom/Eddie Brock, his bro, his life long friend ever since both their parents died. But the more interesting story takes a back seat to the symbiote's story. The action sequences while good looking don't do anything to enhance the emotion behind this fight, the emotional charge that we should've got.

    Example: When Peter realizes that Eddie has bonded with the symbiote it barely fazes him mentally. He realizes it, but there's hardly any oommpphh behind it. Considering all the things that Peter has supposedly gone through with Eddie Brock since childhood, this was just lacking IMO.

    The fact that Eddie has all this knowledge about Peter Parker/Spider-Man, yet all he does is try to hurt him on a physical level, instead of on a social one makes it feel even more lacking. There's more than one way to hurt someone than just by physical violence. Even Eddie Brock in the 90's cartoon did more to try and damage Spidey's reputation, than Eddie did in this cartoon. Of course this has been a problem with all the iterations of Venom: Any damage he tries to do to Peter/Spider-Man pales in comparison to the damage of what other rogues have done.

    Anyways this was an above average episode, but there's still so much more they could've done here, with Eddie Brock as the center of the story. Instead the symbiote vs. Parker side drowns out the potential emotion behind the Eddie Brock vs. Peter Parker side.

    Oh and line of the episode goes to Tombstone, "I really should start locking those windows." If there's one villain I look forward to seeing next season, it's him.

    Oh and I also liked the ending with Gwen kissing Pete. It was nice to get some development for her and her feelings for Peter, and I look forward to seeing where this is going next season.moreless
  • Something a miss here.

    Pretty good episode,But like I've said with the other episode Reaction,there is just something missing here.

    Venom is an "OK" villain but this Eddie just doesn't quite cut the mustard as Venom.He just doesn't really make any sense with the way he goes about getting even with Peter.He tries to hurt Aunt May and Gwen;both of whom he likes and would never do any thing to hurt them if he was him self.

    Anyway,It's not as bad as it sounds.The fights were good ,the end scene with Thanksgiving dinner was a nice touch and the end end scene with Pete and Gwen was really sweet.Plus,I'm glad that they used a different way to defeat Venom this time instead of doing the sonic sound wave thing like they have used so many other times in Spider-man media.moreless
  • The season starts with a bang and ends on one too.

    Not much to say on Venom, but that the character is easily better than the comic. Eddie is more likable, and his transformation into Venom is coherent and well put together.

    Getting into the earlier stories through The Essential Spider-Man, it was easy to appreciate the appearances of Peter's various love interest.

    With that in mind I'm aware that Pete and MJ won't hook up right away, which is fine since this is about his early years. Besides, I find the Peter/Gwen dynamic to be just as good as the comic, maybe even better (And I'm not just saying it because of the look that she gives either, honest).

    Here's to another solid 13 episodes.moreless
  • This story sums up the entire first season by giving you the epic battle between Spider-Man and Venom. After gaining the alien symbiote, Eddie Brock attacks everyone Peter Parker cares about, but Spidey isn't gonna let him without putting up a fight.moreless

    This Episode was in Spideys' name "Spectacular".

    The story was exciting and the battle was awesome. Venoms motives and back story show that there is more of a reason he hates Peter rather than only hating him for Peter making him lose his job. Eddie is shown also to have a much darker side going after Peters loved ones, thus extending the story rather than just showing a scatterbrained fight. The Fight was Awesome and Brutal. Venom seriously beat Spidey out of his costume. Its hard to believe even the Amazing Spider-Man could take that kind of punishment from an enemy and an old friend. The "i fight for my friends" motive of the episode was cheesy but came out nicely in the end and it didn't interfere with the battle. the way he beat Venom was smart and unexpected. I'm glad that they are sticking to the comics when they made Gwen kiss Pete at the end of the episode, showing that Gwen was the original lover for Spidey. All together, a great episode for Altogether Spider-Man fans and those who didn't find the Spider-Man 3 battle satisfying enough. Great job and keep up the good work writers.moreless
Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


Guest Star

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Randy Robertson

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Dorian Harewood

Dorian Harewood

Dr. Bromwell

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Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Eddie Brock/ Venom

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In all past incarnations of Venom, excluding the Ultimate incarnation, Peter used the symbiote's weakness of sound to defeat him. In this series, he tricks the symbiote into leaving Eddie by choice.

      This was a homage to Spider-Man's second battle against Venom where he used the same tactic to defeat him.

    • The beginning of this episode uses footage from the original trailer for The Spectacular Spider-Man.

    • It is revealed in this episode that Aunt May was trying out recipes in order to publish a cookbook.

    • Gwen Stacy finally kisses Peter Parker at the end of this episode.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Spider-Man: I still can't believe the Symbiote got Eddie. Maybe I don't want to believe. He was right there when I tried to destroy it, and MJ warned me! If I listened, she wouldn't be in danger right now. (Spots Mary Jane) There she is! And with Flash... ew. Well, at least Flash isn't evil. Okay, well, at least he's not possessed by an evil Symbiote. At least, not as far as I know...

    • Spider-Man: Come on, Eddie, you've always liked her, let me save her.
      Venom: Oh, you'd love that, to be her hero... but you're the villain here!

    • Venom: (After wrapping Spider-Man in webs) Destroying you now would be too easy. You haven't suffered enough and we want to dismantle you... piece by piece. After all, we know who you are... and everyone you care about!

    • Spider-Man: Eddie, please fight it! Don't let the symbiote control you!
      Venom: No one's being controlled! We simply share the same desire... your destruction!

    • Spider-Man: (After stopping a robbery in the original costume) The old red and blue... not too shabby.

    • Venom: Bet you're missing the black suit now, huh?
      Spider-Man: Oh, will you please shut up?!
      Venom: That's Spidey, he can quip it out... but he can't take it!

    • Spider-Man: Don't do this, bro!
      Venom: We're not brothers! Our parents may have died together, but you had your precious aunt and uncle. We had no one, we've always been alone... until now.

    • Venom: From now on, we're poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man... we're Venom!

    • Tombstone: I take it our deal is off.
      Spider-Man: There's not enough money in the world to turn a blind eye to your great works. Keep the light on, cause I'm coming for ya!

    • (After Spider-Man leaves, Venom enters Tombstone's office)
      Tombstone: I really should start locking those windows.

    • Peter Parker: (To himself) Spidey's not a disease that needs a cure. He's more than just a random bug bite, too. (Takes the lid off the Gene Cleanser) Spider-Man is who I am, my destiny. (Pours it into the sink, but it starts to overflow and fill the sink) Oh man!

    • Spider-Man: Okay, you win.
      Venom: (Laughs) Of course we win.
      Spider-Man: Not you, it. The symbiote's proven its point. I'm nothing without it. Take me back. That's what it wants, right? A reunion with its first love?
      Venom: The symbiote has found a better partner in me!
      Spider-Man: Me? Not us?
      (The symbiote begins to seperate from Eddie Brock)

    • Tombstone: Destroy Spider-Man!
      Venom: We were hoping you'd say that. Oh, you don't mind if we have a little... fun with him first?
      Tombstone: I don't micro-manage.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      June 1, 2009 @ 7:30pm (ET)

    • This is the final episode to air on The CW4Kids. Starting in March of 2009, this series will air on Disney XD, the successor to Toon Disney.

    • Venom
      Venom made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #300. Former Daily Globe journalist Eddie Brock loses his job when Spider-Man revealed one of his stories as a fraud. Left with a hatred over the one who ruined his dream job, Eddie Brock bonded with the alien symbiote that attempted to take over Peter's body, and thus Venom was born. Wielding stronger versions of Spider-Man's power, and the ability to not trigger his Spider-Sense, Venom's motives are not to rule the world or to steal money, but to kill Spider-Man.


    • Flash Thompson: Wood Oak's mascot is pretty cool, but the animatronic chick makes him look like King Kong. Not Kenny, the monkey.

      Reference to the character King Kong, the giant ape from the 1933 original film.

    • Spider-Man: Come on, Venom. Is that the best you got? I'll stick with the red, torn and blue.

      Spider-Man is alluding to the colors of the American Flag, which is red, white and blue.

    • Venom: What's the matter, bro? Spider-Sense didn't tingle?

      An allusion to the classic line "My Spider-Sense is tingling." This relates to how Venom is unable to trigger it due to the symbiote once being a part of Spider-Man.

    • Romita's Pizza:

      Peter Parker asks if Romita's Pizza delivers pizza. John Romita is a key artist in the Spider-Man comics.

    • Episode Title: Nature vs. Nurture The title of this episode comes from the study between the superiorty of an animal's natural abilities and personality or if it can go through experiences that can change it. This relates to how Peter was nurtured by his aunt and uncle to become the person he is now, while Eddie had to deal with life in his own way like in nature.

    • Spider-Man tricking the symbiote to leave Eddie Brock and merge with him again is reminiscent to a scene in Amazing Spider-Man #317.