The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2008 on Disney XD
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The Chameleon is out to blacken Spider-Man's name. The master of disguise loots the city while borrowing Spidey's look, forcing Peter Parker to get help from Black Cat.

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  • Better then it should be.

    It is a relatively well known fact,that if you put a big name villain in a episode you can be forgiven for going all out with the action and do nothing about a good story.But if you do not have a big name villain or a good story how do you expect to hard to find a winning episode with nothing.This is the perfect example of defying the odds and going for ii any way,and they succeed.With some nice action and an OK story line ,it just somehow works.

    Plus,it had one of the funnest lines in the season so far.moreless
  • Black Cats, Black Costume and oh my, a Chameleon to boot.

    Whether it was the animated series from the 90s or the original comic or the movie I enjoyed The Alien Costume Saga. Whether it's the effect that the costume had on him or the various designs of the costume I haven't decided.

    What I like about this version of the story is the blending of the other versions of the story (Playing his conscience, improving his physical attributes and the control over him as seen in the next episode).

    Between the goop comment (as well as her other wiity dialogue), the kitty sense and the kissing scene at the end, you just can't go with this Black Cat.

    Have to say that the Chameleon's disguises are impressive. His "Spider Sense" and quips are priceless. As for Quentin Beck and Phineas Mason, they're okay, but as for them returning. Well, I don't think they could fight Spidey on their own. Beck would be better off getting a pet fish and a fishbowl to keep them in.moreless
  • After a tussle with the Black Cat, Spider-Man unknowingly acquires a new black costume and a new enemy: The Chameleon!

    As much as the hype is for the new black Spidey, this episode was alright in most standards. As Dr. Connors studies the mysterious black alien that was introduced at the end of "The Uncertainty Principle", Spidey encounters a break-in by the sexy Black Cat. Winding up with a new black costume after in pursuit of Cat, Spider-Man takes on a new enemy that is tarnishing his heroic reputation: The Chameleon.

    In this episode, Spidey becomes slandered by the Bugle because of the previous episode's events with newspaper sales, thus old J.J.J's classic hated for Spidey begins. Jameson's character is always a great laugh between the action and the drama of the episodes. Also, for new characters go, the viewers were introduced to two of them: Black Cat and the Chameleon.

    ~Black Cat - Tricia Helfer did a nice touch with the voice of the bad little kitty, but I found it took some getting used to from Jennifer Hale's whiny high pitched role in the '94 series. Helfer had a deeper, more mature voice for her sexy lines with Spidey. She stole (no pun intended) the spotlight in this episode, especially with the 2002 movie's classic upside-down kiss at the end as a little distraction to make her escape. Poor little Spidey...Let's hope Cat will pop up in a future episode.

    ~Chameleon - Steven Blum seems to be pulling the strings with a bunch of character in this series so far (Green Goblin, news reporter). As a villain, the master of disguise was alright for my taste, although I wished he had a bit more screen time as his original self before parading as Spider-Man. I was a little unused to seeing Chameleon talking, due to that he was silent in his true form in the '94 series. As for his quick getaway in the end, a nice touch, but hopefully, not being seen for a little while. A few other comments about this episode...

    ~Eddie Brock - More back story for the upcoming Venom saga at the very end of this season. After reading the Bugle, Eddie finally admits in front of Gwen Stacy that Peter can't be trusted anymore after saying that Peter didn't bother to call the cops while the symbiote was stolen. "Bro had his second chance..." Good quote to show his anger. I'm crossing my fingers that Eddie will hopefully show up in the upcoming episodes before his big transformation.

    ~Quintin Beck & Phineas Mason - A little cameo in this episode as Chameleon's illusionists for his Spidey stunts. Big hints that Mysterio and the Tinkerer will be showing up in future episodes.

    ~The Black Costume - As all Spidey fans did a big fangirl 'squee' all around the world as they saw the preview for this episode, I hoped the symbiote would live to its reputation as it did in the '94 series. As it's appearance went, I'm surprised Peter didn't get more a reaction as it did in '94. It seems that the animators took the appearance from the recent film into the new series. A nice touch for realism, plus the symbiote's powers were a nice bit when Peter changed back to normal. It's a shame they didn't change into different clothes as the '94 series did. Maybe the suit will get more of a use before the saga is over. The best part of it all was when Spidey was going to tell Captain Stacy that he stole the symbiote, but is cut off by the alien's influence on his mind: "What are you doing? If you tell the truth and they'll take the suit away. And you NEED it's power people..." Best part ever.

    ~Writing - Was pretty decent. As good as the episode was, it felt a little rushed. The suit should have been given bit more time to show itself properly, but as a 23-minute cartoon plus commercials, the writers could only do so much. I actually loved the awful quotes they gave to Chameleon as he was masquerading as Spidey though: "My insect early-warning system's tingling!" (Best line ever.)

    Chameleon: "How about a taste of Spider punch?"

    Spider-Man: "I do NOT sound like that..."

    (Love this scene!)

    Altogether, this episode was a pretty good start to the Venom saga. Next week, Sinister Six!moreless
  • Felt a little rushed maybe

    Another great solid episode but for the first time watching this series I have a small complaint. I feel that the introduction of the smbiote suit was a little rushed and could have been done better. I almost think that if Black Cat didnt tell his his suit was black Pete would have never known. But other than that it was a good builder episode for things to come. I was wondering how they were gonna make Brock all pissy at Pete and they showed and did that very well. We got to see another member of the sinister 6, and it was my fav so far. Black Cat was an amazing addition to the show but would have liked to see some background on her for the ones out there that doesnt know the whole "super soldier" thing.moreless
  • Spider-Man gets the black suit! Black Cat appears! And the Chameleon is out to impersonate Spider-Man!

    The black costume looks great on Spider-Man! Black Cat develops a crush on Spidey and she complimented on his new, improved,and black costume. Eddie Brock finally has a grudge against Peter and Spider-Man. Eddie gave up on Peter. He gave him one chance and Peter blew it because he didn't bother to call the police when someone stole the black ooze. Eddie thinks Spider-Man was the one that stole the black ooze. Man, this episode had a lot going on and it was very exciting. The writers introduced the characters fairly well. I hope that under the black suit, Peter will become badder and does something that will really piss off Eddie. Oh, and the kiss in the end was cool! Peter now has a lot of girls that like him. And don't forget about the Chameleon. I think the Chameleon is working for the Red Skull. Quinten Beck made an appearance, but he wasn't Mysterio. I think the old guy who was helping the Chameleon was Smythe. Overall, excellent and perfect episode. Next, Spider-Man faces the Sinister Six!moreless
Josh Keaton

Josh Keaton

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Joshua LeBar

Joshua LeBar

Flash Thompson

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

J. Jonah Jameson

Deborah Strang

Deborah Strang

Aunt May Parker

Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Guest Star

Xander Berkeley

Xander Berkeley

Quentin Beck

Guest Star

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


Guest Star

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Eddie Brock

Recurring Role

Alan Rachins

Alan Rachins

Norman Osborn

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • J. Jonah Jameson: As I predicted, the web-head's turned out to be just another thug in a mask! Soon he'll be cut, jailed and run outta town!
      Peter Parker: (Brooding) How can he be jailed and run out of town?

    • Captain Stacy: I'm satisfied you're innocent, Spider-Man. We'll find out what Chameleon did with the E.T.
      Spider-Man: Actually, I sort of...
      Peter's Conscience: What are you doing? You tell the truth and they'll take the suit away, and you need its power... to help people.
      Spider-Man: I sort of figured you'd say that.

    • (Peter rushes home, and then bursts through the door)
      Peter Parker: What did I miss?! (Notices Aunt May doesn't even have the TV on) Aunt May, I can't believe you don't have it on! They discover alien life and you're not watching?!
      Aunt May: (Chuckles) Oh Peter, aliens are bug-eyed monsters who say "Take me to your leader," this is a mud stain on the space shuttle.
      Peter Parker: Not mud, organic mud. Living mud from outer space!

    • Black Cat: (Seeing Spider-Man in the black suit for the first time) Oh, that's a good look for you and I'm flattered truly. See, I knew we made a connection.
      Spider-Man: You, you're the real- (Finally notices the black on his costume) thief...
      Black Cat: Because I stole your heart? Heard it before, Swinger.

    • Spider-Man: And now a peek at our strange visitor... (Spots the Black Cat) and our strange visitor's visitor.

    • Black Cat: You got a sweet little skill set there, Spidey. You want in on this gig? We could split the take.
      Spider-Man: "Gig"? "Take"? These words are strange to me.
      Black Cat: A certain captain of industry offered an indecent of cash to steal that find. Said something about unlimited scientific potential.
      Spider-Man: Are you sure he was a full captain of industry, and not some industrial cadet showing off for the girls?

    • Mayor Waters: Norman. Wonderful of you to come.
      Norman Osborn: Are you happy to see me or your contribution?
      Mayor Waters: And if my answer is both?
      Norman Osborn: Then I'm investing in an honest politician.

    • Peter Parker: Boss, I'd like a word.
      J. Jonah Jameson: How about "scram"? Or two words, "scram kid." Or seventeen? "Get out of my office in two point three seconds or I'll staple you to a flagpole"?
      Peter Parker: How did you... count so... never mind.

    • Captain Stacy: He's too tall. This guy's a fraud.
      J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Man is not a fraud... I don't believe I just said that.

    • Black Cat: (About Spider-Man) My kitty sense is purring.

    • Eddie Brock: (After reading the Daily Bugle) I actually thought Spidey was a hero and I actually thought that Pete was a human being. He was here last night taking pictures and couldn't be bothered to call the police!
      Gwen Stacy: But...
      Eddie Brock: (Angrily) Don't bother, Gwen. (Crumples newspaper into a ball) Bro had his second chance. I'm done...

    • Chameleon: And who are you supposed to be?
      Spider-Man: I'm Spider-Man. The real one.
      Chameleon: The real one? You don't even have the costume right!
      Spider-Man: I'm in mourning for my buried rep.

    • (Spider-Man, upside down, comes out of nowhere to speak to Black Cat)
      Spider-Man: We made a pretty good team. Maybe you should change sides. (Black Cat smiles and remains silent) Okay, then why did you help me?
      Black Cat: You really don't know? (Pulls down his mask, then surprises him with a kiss on the lips; while kissing him, she takes out the Mayor's stolen necklace, then puts it away to continue kissing him)
      Spider-Man: (After the kiss) Wow Cat. I-I had no idea you... felt that way. (Realizes she's gone) Uh, Cat? Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. (Groans)

    • Spider-Man: Gee, I never thought I'd be rescuing the icky alien from the beautiful damsel!
      Black Cat: Well, I do believe it's Spider-Man.
      Spider-Man: Easy, Cat Lady, I don't wanna fight.
      Black Cat: Name's Black Cat, and cats don't fight spiders... (Kicks Spider-Man) we just bat 'em around!

    • Spider-Man: (Riding on a jet ski with the Black Cat) Sweet Ride.
      Black Cat: Haven't you heard? Crime pays.
      Spider-Man: (Covers his ears) I'm not listening. La la la la la la la...
      (Black Cat tilts the jet ski to the water to make Spider-Man hold on to her)
      Black Cat: Almost there, hold on tight!
      Spider-Man: Don't worry, I don't slip.
      Black Cat: Not why I said that.

    • Chameleon: (In his Spider-Man disguise) How about a taste of Spider-Punch?!
      Spider-Man: Please tell me I don't sound like that! Or at least that I offer a higher quality quip!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      May 4, 2009 @ 7:30pm (ET)

    • The Chameleon
      The Chameleon first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1, making him the first of Spider-Man's rogues' gallery. A Russian criminal for hire, the Chameleon came to America to commit crimes, using his unique skill of impersonating literally anyone. When he impersonated Spider-Man, he was stopped by the web slinger. The Chameleon remains one of Spider-Man's most dangerous long-standing enemies to date.

    • The Black Cat
      The Black Cat made her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 194. As the daughter of an infamous cat burglar, Felicia Hardy attempted to follow in her father's footsteps. In her first encounter with Spider-Man, she instantly fell in love with the Web Slinger. She reformed and maintained a relationship with him. Once learning of his secret identity, it became clear she was more interested in his alter ego than Peter Parker. When realizing he got married, Felicia developed a rivalry and rough friendship with Mary Jane. Even to this day, she's still in love with Spider-Man.


    • Newspaper Seller: Spider-thief and accomplice steal E.T.!

      The term "E.T." is a common shorthand term for "extra-terrestrial" and was made especially popular in Steven Spielberg's movie of the same name.

    • J. Jonah Jameson printing a retraction on Spider-Man being a thief, and hating it, is reminiscent of Spider-Man 3. In that film, when Eddie Brock's photo of Spider-Man is revealed to be a fake, Jameson fires him and angrily prints a retraction.

    • Exploding Playing Card:

      Beck tosses a playing card that bursts into flames. This is an allusion to another Marvel hero, Gambit (from the X-Men universe) who has the ability to charge objects with kinetic energy. This energy eventually explouds into flames, like the playing card.

    • Chameleon: My insect early warning system's tingling!
      Black Cat: My kitty sense is purring.

      Both lines are a parody to Spidey's classic line "My Spider-sense is tingling."

    • Mirror Reflection:

      Spider-Man looking at his new dark outlook through the building reflection while upside down is a nod to the same scene from the live action movie Spider-Man 3. This same scene was originally used in the three part episode "The Alien Costume" from Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

    • At the end of the episode, while Spider-Man is upside down, Black Cat pulls his mask down and kisses him while he's upside down. This is reminiscent of Spider-Man's kiss from Mary Jane in the live-action film Spider-Man.

    • The "Spectacular" version of the Symbiote Suit is a black version of the regular spider-suit with white webbing and an altered spider on the chest. This is the appearance of the black suit in Spider-Man 3. This change was made for the film to make it more realistic.