The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2008 on Disney XD

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  • Spider-Man gets the black suit! Black Cat appears! And the Chameleon is out to impersonate Spider-Man!

    The black costume looks great on Spider-Man! Black Cat develops a crush on Spidey and she complimented on his new, improved,and black costume. Eddie Brock finally has a grudge against Peter and Spider-Man. Eddie gave up on Peter. He gave him one chance and Peter blew it because he didn't bother to call the police when someone stole the black ooze. Eddie thinks Spider-Man was the one that stole the black ooze. Man, this episode had a lot going on and it was very exciting. The writers introduced the characters fairly well. I hope that under the black suit, Peter will become badder and does something that will really piss off Eddie. Oh, and the kiss in the end was cool! Peter now has a lot of girls that like him. And don't forget about the Chameleon. I think the Chameleon is working for the Red Skull. Quinten Beck made an appearance, but he wasn't Mysterio. I think the old guy who was helping the Chameleon was Smythe. Overall, excellent and perfect episode. Next, Spider-Man faces the Sinister Six!
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