The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2008 on Disney XD

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  • After a tussle with the Black Cat, Spider-Man unknowingly acquires a new black costume and a new enemy: The Chameleon!

    As much as the hype is for the new black Spidey, this episode was alright in most standards. As Dr. Connors studies the mysterious black alien that was introduced at the end of "The Uncertainty Principle", Spidey encounters a break-in by the sexy Black Cat. Winding up with a new black costume after in pursuit of Cat, Spider-Man takes on a new enemy that is tarnishing his heroic reputation: The Chameleon.

    In this episode, Spidey becomes slandered by the Bugle because of the previous episode's events with newspaper sales, thus old J.J.J's classic hated for Spidey begins. Jameson's character is always a great laugh between the action and the drama of the episodes. Also, for new characters go, the viewers were introduced to two of them: Black Cat and the Chameleon.

    ~Black Cat - Tricia Helfer did a nice touch with the voice of the bad little kitty, but I found it took some getting used to from Jennifer Hale's whiny high pitched role in the '94 series. Helfer had a deeper, more mature voice for her sexy lines with Spidey. She stole (no pun intended) the spotlight in this episode, especially with the 2002 movie's classic upside-down kiss at the end as a little distraction to make her escape. Poor little Spidey...Let's hope Cat will pop up in a future episode.

    ~Chameleon - Steven Blum seems to be pulling the strings with a bunch of character in this series so far (Green Goblin, news reporter). As a villain, the master of disguise was alright for my taste, although I wished he had a bit more screen time as his original self before parading as Spider-Man. I was a little unused to seeing Chameleon talking, due to that he was silent in his true form in the '94 series. As for his quick getaway in the end, a nice touch, but hopefully, not being seen for a little while. A few other comments about this episode...

    ~Eddie Brock - More back story for the upcoming Venom saga at the very end of this season. After reading the Bugle, Eddie finally admits in front of Gwen Stacy that Peter can't be trusted anymore after saying that Peter didn't bother to call the cops while the symbiote was stolen. "Bro had his second chance..." Good quote to show his anger. I'm crossing my fingers that Eddie will hopefully show up in the upcoming episodes before his big transformation.

    ~Quintin Beck & Phineas Mason - A little cameo in this episode as Chameleon's illusionists for his Spidey stunts. Big hints that Mysterio and the Tinkerer will be showing up in future episodes.

    ~The Black Costume - As all Spidey fans did a big fangirl 'squee' all around the world as they saw the preview for this episode, I hoped the symbiote would live to its reputation as it did in the '94 series. As it's appearance went, I'm surprised Peter didn't get more a reaction as it did in '94. It seems that the animators took the appearance from the recent film into the new series. A nice touch for realism, plus the symbiote's powers were a nice bit when Peter changed back to normal. It's a shame they didn't change into different clothes as the '94 series did. Maybe the suit will get more of a use before the saga is over. The best part of it all was when Spidey was going to tell Captain Stacy that he stole the symbiote, but is cut off by the alien's influence on his mind: "What are you doing? If you tell the truth and they'll take the suit away. And you NEED it's power people..." Best part ever.

    ~Writing - Was pretty decent. As good as the episode was, it felt a little rushed. The suit should have been given bit more time to show itself properly, but as a 23-minute cartoon plus commercials, the writers could only do so much. I actually loved the awful quotes they gave to Chameleon as he was masquerading as Spidey though: "My insect early-warning system's tingling!" (Best line ever.)

    Chameleon: "How about a taste of Spider punch?"
    Spider-Man: "I do NOT sound like that..."
    (Love this scene!)

    Altogether, this episode was a pretty good start to the Venom saga. Next week, Sinister Six!
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