The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 9

Probable Cause

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on Disney XD



  • Trivia

    • This episode's theme song featured Peter Parker, Flash Thompson, Harry Osborne and George Stacy.

    • In the comics, Ricochet was a name Peter Parker used when Spider-Man was accused of murder in the Identity Crisis storyline. Fancy Dan, the Ricochet of this series, uses a suit that gives him abilities similar to a mutant of the same name from a Spider-Man influenced group called "The Slingers."

  • Quotes

    • George Stacy: There's no body, Sally. Peter...
      Sally Avril: Was blown to bits! Oh great, what am I gonna tell Liz? She looks awful in black!

    • Shocker: (To Ox) Exit door's open. Load 'er up. We'll squash the bug!
      Spider-Man: Squash the bug, squash the bug. Don't you know any other tunes?

    • Spider-Man: Bank heist? Really? Isn't that a bit beneath you?
      Shocker: Nothing wrong with a good heist, if the take's worth our while.
      Spider-Man: Our while? (Spider-Man is attacked by Ricochet and Ox)
      Shocker: Bug, meet the New Enforcers.

    • Tinkerer: So Ox, if Montana is Shocker, and Fancy Dan is Ricochet, what do we...
      Ox: (Firmly) Ox.
      Tinkerer: That works.

    • Jean DeWolff: Look, Sarge, we've been through this. Spider-Man means well... probably, but when he takes the law into his own hands, he goes too far.
      Stan Carter: (Darkly) If you ask me, Spidey hasn't gone far enough.

    • Ox: (In the elevator) Hmm-hm-hm-hmm, hmm-hm-hm-hmm, Spider-Man. Hmm-hm-hm-hmm, hmm-hm-hm-hmm, Spider-Man. (Notices Shocker glaring at him; defending himself) It's catchy!

    • Spider-Man: (After being partnered with Sally Avril) "Stinky Pete?!" Like Puny Parker's not bad enough. At least I had time to shower before the ride-along with the ever-personable Miss Avril. I can't believe I used to have a crush on her.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Spider-Man: What a revoltin' development this is.

      This catchphrase is used by The Thing, a member of Marvel Comics' first superhero family The Fantastic Four.

    • Shocker: Never did like to see a poor, dumb animal suffer.
      Spider-Man: Like, say... Br'er Rabbit?

      Br'er Rabbit is a character in the Uncle Remus stories of the southern United States, who overcomes his enemies through quick wits and trickery, much like Spider-Man.