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  • Great for anyone who loves Spider-Man!

    The is Spider-Man not Disney XD's bullsh*t. F*ck Ultimate Spider-Man it will never in a million years be better then this comic accurate action packed heart felt master piece. This show was my childhood and 75% of what I know about Spider-Man came from this show. It's a great introduction to Spider-Man for kids and teens who want to know the character better.
  • Too Cartoony!

    I'm sorry but I just can't get into this show. After seeing all the

    positive reviews about it, I decided to give it a try. I barely got

    through an episode! I know it sounds kind of silly but I just can't get

    past the character designs and the overall look of the show. To me

    everything and everyone just look silly, childish and so cartoony. I

    just can't take it seriously. I know it probably has good writing and

    voice actors and all that, but to me it just looks too childish. Also,

    why is Spider-Man so skinny. He's seriously the same size as Gwen and

    MJ! And Venom has tiny legs and Doctor Octopus just looks weird. And

    what's up with the Green Goblin's chin?

    I grew up on the 90s Spider-Man: TAS and to me it just doesn't get any better than that. I know the animation isn't great compared to modern stuff, but I can easily look past that due to the great writing, voice acting and character designs. Anyway, I gave it a shot, but the Spectacular Spider-Man just isn't for me.

  • best spider-man series

    this series shares similarites to the comics(both mainstream and ultimate) and the films
  • It was okay, but I think the Disney XD version was better

    I think this is a great cartoon show but I also think there is more development with the plots and characters with the newer show. The show had a good run and had many moments and it was worth a watch at some point but ultimatly, it looses to the XD version hands down.
  • Where do I begin?

    This show is perfect! Every episode connects to each other that It leaves me wanting more and man, the action is just so well done and the comedy too is really funny, I love how it doesn't get in the way of things I could go on but I would probably take the whole page :) well to sum it all up, this show is Spectacular!
  • Well,

    ... it's better than 'Young Justice'.


  • First Spiderman cartoon I watched, still the best...

    I got hooked during the first episode when Spidey pulled at the mustache of one of his enemies during his fight with Tombstone's men. Laughed out LOUD on that one! Everything is done right in this show - funny convos between characters, great unfolding of his origin story spread through many episodes, LOL physical comedy moments, great character development of every major character in the show (including Spidey's enemies), theatrical bad guy monologues. Overall, a great show!
  • So Spidey

    Although the Abstract drawing of the characters is not my style, I did get used to it. But the absolute best part of the series is the dialogue. I have read Spider-Man comics since 1971. The original. And the way Spidey interacts with any villain in the series makes me feel like I'm reading right out of one of his books. Example, check out his first fight scene with the Black Cat. The whole thing is classic Spidey.

    And of course the one thing missing from Parkers life and also other media about his story. Gwen Stacey. Who could forget who he loved through all his hardest moments in the beginning. The one thing that made sense in his life. This was a MAIN character!!! And then to have it taken away by the Goblin. That whole story had me so upset and mad, it took me years to recover.

    Good voices. good dialogue and good storyline.

    My last word. Bring it back and keep it.
  • "Spectacular" says it all.

    A few parts are from "EvanWilder"'s review.

    There are so many things right with this TV show! As you can see, everyone, counting me, loves it!

    Characters: We have everyone in this show(Heck, even Gwen Stacy!) They're really interesting and done correctly. They were given a lot of emotion. Not a single one is hateable(Not even Flash!)! Peter Parker proves that even the nerd can get the cheerleader. We see Peter Parker's life at high school, as well. I love watching the teenage escapades of high school through the ever-so youthful eyes of Peter Parker. Everyone else was excellent.

    Plot: The plot was really deep. It was cleverly twisted and differs from everything else Spidey-related. The storylines are very addicting as well, and will always leave you with more!

    Humor: Spidey's witty lines are very fun to listen to, and other characters have humor of their own, like Flash's bully antics.

    Animation: Really well drawn! Spidey and the villains' movements are done very well. The character designs are done very well, and they're original. (For example, Doc Ock has a original costume that differs greatly from his original green and orange

    Writing: The writing is clever, original and memorable. The plot is deep(as I said before), the character depth is as deep as a endless pit, and Spidey's witty lines are funny, clever, fun to listen to and well-timed.

    Acting: The acting is fantastic. Everyone does a great performance. Josh Keaton is the absolute perfect choice for Spidey! Even Christopher Daniel Barnes couldn't top him.

    Action: The supervillain fights are really thrilling and exciting, and they're the best parts in the show!

    Concept: Just how anything Spider-Man-related should be. It's about Peter Parker's complicated life with his Spidey alter ego, as he confronts villains and life difficulties. But it's more than that. If you want to find out, go ahead and watch this masterpiece.

    Music/Sound: Let me start with the theme. Makes you get earworms from it in a good way, and you might even dance to it. The sound effects are also really well done. The voices are well-volumed.

    I think that's actually all I can salute about.

    Characters: 10/10

    Plot: 10/10

    Humor: 10/10

    Drawing/Animation: 10/10

    Writing: 10/10

    Acting: 10/10

    Action: 10/10

    Concept: 10/10

    Music/Sound: 10/10

    Total: 10/10

    This show is perfect for Spidey fans! You must watch this! Too bad this got cancelled: We could have seen Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Carnage and more. Oh, well, at least we have the 90's show that has them. Also the Ultimate show isn't as good as this, but it's at least funny.

  • The best Spider-Man series since the 1994 one on FOX Kids

    This show actually brought Kids' WB back to life after the block declined in 2006, but sadly, a few months after this aired, they got rid of Kids' WB and CW 4Kids took over. I miss Kids' WB, and The Spectacular Spider-Man, if this show had good reviews from critics, why was it canceled?
  • This show is amazing, spectacular, and pretty much every other word that come before Spider-man these days

    It's a rare circumstance for a show to run it's course entirely, without 1 episode that seems weak, and yet that's exactly what this show does, my only complaint, and it's so minor it barely deserves the 0.5 I took off, is the huge-pupiled character models used.
  • Spidey dat boy

    Man this should've never been canceled this way better than ultimate spiderman because it acually serious and ultimate spiderman is a joke fuck spidey need a motorcycle
  • spectacular spider-man

    The Spectacular Spider-Man Is The Cool Great Best Show I've Ever Watched I Love This Episode I Love Peter Parker And Gwen And Mary In This Cartoon
  • Great

    It may not be good as Spider-Man TAS (1994), but it has its charm that works. Great story and characters, such a shame to see it canceled. I would have loved to see where they could have taken the series. I hope Disney brings this back (especially because the failure of Ultimate Spider-Man). There is so much for this Peter Parker to do.
  • Spectacular success

    A worthy edition to the animated collection of Spider-man cartoons. This show had steady progression of characters, a likeable and great voice cast. Due to lack of ratings I think the people have been denied what would have been a potentially great third season. I loved the way the show ended, it set up a third season, but on it's own it's a good ending as well.

    Easily the second best animated version behind the 90's series. Way better than Spider-man Unlimited. Though the 60's amazing spider-man had a cool theme tune, and amazing friends had Iceman and Firestarr.

    My only downside is that it stuck to tried and tested villains which were used in earlier incarnations still loved it because the episodes were well written even if animation was too kid friendly for my liking.

    Hopefully Ultimate Spider-Man will be just as good.
  • Spectacular

    this series was well recieved by myself and a few friends. i being the most critical of everything.the voice acting was the best i have ever heard and it realy set the pace for the shows quality and uniqueness.the animation and art style were marvelous.each week i found myself wanting more.then the show was canceled due in part to budget issues.there is a new series set to air in 2012 also based on the ultimate titles.i hope it is as good.
  • The Only Enjoyable Show Left, and defintely one of the top animated 3 shows this decade.

    Whenever you see shows these days (particularly cartoons), u wonder who ever wants to see this junk, shows nowadays are bland, either that or they have some sort of new-age comedy i dont understand.

    But when i see the spectacular spiderman i see that least peice of thread, and that peice of thread represents shows that are actually enjoyable, its not like the useless junk they put on TV now.

    This show offers entertainment like no other, it has a cleverly twisted plot that differs from the comics, the movies, and even the other TV shows. The characters are actually given emotions, the storyline is extremely addicting and will always leave you asking for more.

    To be fair, i think i can call this a nearly flawless show, there are of course little tweaks here and there (like the fact that they kinda messed up Venom), but compared to other shows, they are invisble.

    When "Danny Phantom" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender" dissapeared from television, i lost hope that i would ever find a show like those ever again, but now when i see, "The Spectacular Spider-Man" i definitely see a show that IS in fact Spectacular. So its fun, entertaining, addicting, and it offers alot of action, and a worthy storyline. So why not watch it? arent those the requirmens of a excellent TV show?
  • Great show.

    Great show -- the boys love it but I'm wondering when a new episode is going to air. It's definitely been a while...

    Here comes the 100 word filler: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • i must say i was very pleasantly surprised. i didnt excpect this from after what i had seen and heard about the show.

    i must say i was very positively surprised. i didnt excpect this rom after what i had seen and heard about the show. the first pictures i saw of the characters didnt exactly have me jumping for joy, but the style really does work. so far atleast. from what i understand the show doesnt follow the comics by the letter, but i see this as a neccesery thing. i mean the comic first started when dinos still lived ( well almost anyway) so adapting new origin stories for some charcters is just fine with me. but again i was never a big hardcore fan of the spider-man comic. the ultimate spider-man on the other hand, thats my cup'a tea. its more likely that the producers had that comic in mind when creating the Spec-Spidey, as both are about peter parker as a newley turned spider-man with a still cracking voice.
    and speaking of peter parkers voice, im not totally into the one he's been given, but i can stand it, and it will probably grow on me. for one of the biggest deals on animated shows are the voices and their owners voice acting ability. if you ask me it can make or (atleast almost) break a show.
    and before i end this little review which will be read by oh so few, i feel i must give props, yes i said props, on the truely Spectacular opening credits (see what i did there?). both visual and audioable greatness. its like a little music video, i do so enjoy the "filmed" animation, background out of focus and jagged frame rate, the slightly shakey "old video reel" on the peter/gwen/harry/jonah nameings. and the very catchy jazz/rock/alt theme song, that doesnt say theme song or animation, but screams a great Spectacular Spider-man. almost literally.

    wow, that became longer than i expected.
    however, one thing does rub my grey matters. no M,J?
  • Beautiful Animation, witful dialogue and great fight scenes

    All those three add up to a perfect Spider-Man show. This in some aspects is better than the spider-man show that appeared on FOX. Though the one in fox was more emotionally and more in depth. This series is more comical and is just fun to watch. The theme song shows that the series is vibrant. I also like that show doesn't have the tight censor restrictions that the fox series had. This is one of my favorite animated marvel animated series. At first I was wary of this show, but I have grown to enjoy it very much. I hope I see more of the show in the future.
  • It surely lives up to name SPECTACULAR!

    Everyone knows the story of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. (You should otherwise you must live in a box.) When Spider-Man premiered, it captured my heart. To be honest, there hasn't been a lot of shows I would be gladly to watch re-runs of. It's shows like The Spectacular Spider-Man that inspire me one day to become a swell writer.

    Why do I love this show to death:

    The show is smart, funny, and each episode leaves you wanting more. How each season is divided into story arcs allowing more than just one main villian unlikely to the Spider-Man of 94 (It was always Kingpin, Kingpin, Morphius, Kingpin... I grew with that and all but this show....this show is just spectacularly well done.)

    Peter Parker proves that (yeah...oh, yeah) even the nerd can get the cheerleader. We see Peter Parker's life at high school (which I can relate..) I love watching the teenage escapades of high school through the ever-so youthful eyes of Peter Parker.

    The supervillain battles are superb! Each postition is original and deeply remembered. The animation was simplified to show more movement. (which is what I like to see!) His quotes are so funny that I still remember to this day. (I'm hoping to use one of those quotes someday.)

    Overall, The Spectacular Spider-Man has everything I could ever want in a show. High School Drama! Best Friend(s) overdoses on symboite and "the juice". It has a nerd becoming seirously popular! Underlined humor and plotlines that leaves you wanting more. The only I asked from The Spectacular Spider-Man is another NEW episode.
  • Starts off with a great pilot and just gets better.

    When I heard about a new Spider-Man cartoon coming out, I was certainly excited. Even more excited when finding out that Greg Weisman was going to be involved with the cartoon (Given his work on Gargoyles).

    Seeing the first two episodes made the wait worthwhile. Already the show had:

    - Funny quips from Spider-Man.
    - Developing story.
    - Likable characters.

    Weisman and crew have stated their intentions to keep the show close to the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko era and I have to say that they do even better. As much as I enjoy the Lee/Ditko tales, the formula wears a bit thin, where as the cartoon pulls the formula off without it being redundant.

    I'm sticking with this series to the end (which hopefully will not be soon).
  • Best one yet

    This show is, in my opinion, the best incarnation of the character of Spider-Man that I have ever seen. Granted, the character design was a bit odd. But still. I think that this show did the best job thus far of portraying the struggles (emotionally and physically) of the hero and showing how Peter had a hard time trying to make his way in high school. There was a heavy focus on the character's ability to think. But unlike the 1995 version, this one also focuses heavily on the action aspect of the hero. The only problem with this show was that it wasn't renewed for a third season and the question of why has bugged me for a very long time.
  • This show I must admit a had my doubts about it at first.

    This show,I must admit a had my doubts about it at first, but not anymore. I did not start at the beginning, the first episode I watched was Market Forces (episode 4) and after watching the episode Catalysts (episode 7) I was hooked.
    In season 1 almost ever episode a new super villain would appeared in total 10 villain in 13 episodes is a lot in just one season, so in season 2 the creators gave us only 6 super villains, but that does not mean that we are short changed, no we get a gang war the Master Planner all the villains from season 1 return (the Lizard is the only one not to come back for second round)and we also get new and improved team members for the sinister six and the Enforcers.
    I have high hopes for season 3.
  • Spectacular indeed.

    Spider-Man has had a number of hit-and-misses when it comes to animated versions of himself. Either he's done quite well, or quite poorly. Spectacular Spider-Man, however, is the webslinger's best animated work by far, for a number of reasons.

    The first, by far, is the script. It's taut, witty, and places extremely close to the comic mythos. Spider-Man's quips come across as genuinely funny, while the teenage angst sets the tone for Peter Parker's awkward life. It never feels corny, nor too serious; it's a perfect blend of fun.

    Second, also by far, is the animation. Spider-Man's movements are fluid and fast, as are the movements of his enemies. Fights go all over the place, and can be quite over-the-top, but you never feel things are getting ridiculous. You really feel like Spider-Man is fighting tooth-and-nail when he tangles with foes like Doctor Octopus, Tombstone, Green Goblin, or Venom.

    Third is a well-done all-star cast. This show uses many staple characters from the Spider-Man comics, and portrays them very faithfully (at least, from what I've heard). Nods to the comics are everywhere, and while a liberty or two may be taken with a character, it never feels like a disservice to the originals.

    Spectacular Spider-Man is easily the best Spider-Man cartoon to date, and may well be the best Marvel Comics cartoon to date as well.

    I patiently await (and hope for) the third season's arrival.
  • A delightful surprise. Despite the bad animation, there's some great storytelling and action.

    There is a reason Spider-man is considered a top-tier superhero. The character has decades of rich stories, and the unique spin of being relatable all make him a fan favorite. The old 90's series was a decent adaptation, but this new show is probably better when it comes down to truly capturing the essence of who Spiderman is, ad what he stands for. There are more characters here, right off the bat (most notably Gwen Stacy- a pivitol role) and though changes have been made regarding villains' relationships, it all works out in a neat and understandable way. The two things I don't like- and these are enough to be more than just minor quibbles, are the animation and the theme song (2 of the most important aspects to a cartoon show!) The character models all have pupils too big for their eyes (is this Powerpuff Girls?) and I HATE the opening music. The 90's show was better in both respects. Despite this, the action is well staged, and we get to see how hard life is being Peter Parker. The decision to put him back in highschool is a natural fit.
  • I grew up with the 90's version, but this, oh man, this is so much better. The writing, the action, the voice acting and the story! Oh boy it's great. Especially if you watch it in HD.

    I recently started following this series on Disney XD, I've seen a handful of episodes and man it's pretty good. The show focuses on the adventures of Spiderman/Peter Parker and his daily ordeals as he deals with High School. Some of the issues Peter faces include trying to help his Aunt pay the bills, trying to maintain a friendship with Gwen Stacey, and Eddie Brock, while trying to help his friend Harry who has a strained relationship with his father, and not to mention battle a bunch of tough enemies. The show is very well written, and the action sequences are just incredible. They aren't lazy, and the voice acting is superb. I actually like this version better then the 90's version which I thought was a bit to hokey and cheesy at some parts, and not to mention he couldn't really do any fighting in that version. In this version he is able to use all of his abilities. I hope this series keeps going because it's so entertaining.
  • The Batman TAS of the Marvel cartoon universe, and Weisman is the new Bruce Timm.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    When the show first came out, the designs were understandably peculiar to the standard Spider-Man fans out there, waiting for the definitive Spider-Man cartoon which promised to be more faithful to the heart of the comics than ever before. We were all skeptical.

    The show has blown us all away. Greg Weisman has turned his rather simplistic designs into works of art, and it incorporates by far the best action seen on a Spider-Man show. The show might be a little hard to digest if you're viewing it from the first episode, but it becomes far FAR better when watching it in order. Each episode is set in arc form---meaning that 3 episodes of each season are all intertwined to create a sort of serial which balances off the other episodes. So as a result, there are no filler episodes---each has their own purpose, and although the 90s show accomplished this---you'd be lost if you missed more than 2 episodes of the season. Beware, this show is set from a younger Spider-Man, as to how he appeared from the Ditko era, so the tone will be a tad lighter within the supporting characters---but the show is still markedly more mature than the FOX Spider-Man show. The relationships are also changed a tad from the comics. Harry and Gwen are now best friends with Pete in high school, and as jarring as that sounds---each develop their own purpose. Gwen has been given a geek look, which might upset some purists who believe she should be a beauty queen---but her character will make sense as the show moves along. Also refreshing---Mary Jane for once is not the MAIN love interest. Hell, she doesn't even appear until the 6th episode. There are also an extremely large supporting cast, which makes the transition from Spider-Man to Peter Parker no big deal. Heck, you might even want to see what happens to Pete instead of his alter-ego.

    When dealing with bad guys, the tone of the show shifts from fairly dark to brutal, and the violence is amped up completely from FOX. If you're worried about censors, don't be---because the show doesn't hold back---it delivers. The guns are thankfully real, with quite a few 9 mms and machine guns being seen === and not lasers, (if you can get past the laser sounds.) What the show does best is that it doesn't speak down to the kid audience, because I believe that Weisman made it more for the fans if anything. The show becomes pretty deep, and a lot of the material could be seen as heavy, but its no more than the DCAU Bruce Timm universe. There are references to death threats as well which is welcome. So, bottom line, the show has gone on long enough to where I can say its the best version of Spidey out right now, that doesn't talk down to the kiddies, and is a throwback to the 90s when shows could be intelligent and non compromising at the same time.
  • Delightfully surprised and now slightly obessesed...

    Alright, I'll admit it: I was skeptical at first. I mean have you seen those big eyed, weird looking characters? Before watching the the show I wikipedia-ed it and found they had made some some changes and I wasn't sure about this whole set in high school thing (Actually the first comerical I saw with Spidey proclaiming he had to be home by ten made visualize him singing "we're all in this together.."). However, after watching the first few episodes I was pleasantly surprised. All the classic characters are there (even Gwen:/), the most changes are updates (let's make the spider gentically altered and give Peter Parker and co. cell phones!) others are much needed back stories and slight changes to plot (for once the Goblin Arc was actually a bit of a mystery and Eddy Broc is now Peter's friend/older brother figure). The jokes are actually funny, and the theme song is bound to get stuck in your head. But most importantly, Peter's school/homelife is protrayed in believable and again, suprisingly, mature way. We can totally buy this akward, gifted kid just trying to take care of his aunt and sort through his many issues. And who doesn't love good old lound mouthed J. Jonah Jamerson? Although the jury is still out on wheter or not it's better than the ninites Spidey it's defintly "Spectacular" (or if you prefer "Amazing).
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