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  • Disappointing. It would really help if the writers of these shows could be bothered to read the comic. Max Dillon never worked for Connors. Nor did Eddie Brock or Gwen. They also never went to HS with Parker. The show is claustrophobic as a 1 set sitcom.

    Disappointing is my 1rst reaction. What is with the eyes? That was my first thought.

    The animation is simplistic as is the story line. Did any of the producers or writers ever see the Ditko artwork? If they had they would have a clue to understanding why Sider-Man was such an iconic figure.

    I understand that this is aimed at a child audience, but I don't accept that it has to be presented as a children's show. Spider-Man appeals to a much wider audience or could at least if they followed the original comic book formula. Lots of action, Good Guy/Bad Guy Spidey's sense of humour for the younger audience. The pathos, moral dilemmas and complicated sub plots, coming of age stories for the older audience. Most young ones won't get it now but, WOW!, what a treat when they get older and see a whole new show when watching future DVD releases.

    It would really help if the writers of these shows could be bothered to read the original comic.

    The Peter Parker centric world where all the characters are 1 degree of seperation is absurd. The show is claustrophobic like a 1 set sitcom. This is negates so much of the potential of an animated series that can be expansive and has time to introduce nuanced characters.

    The producers/writers by forgetting the original formula have succeeded in creating a generic and forgettable super hero. There is a reason people love Spider-Man and he has endured for half a century. When another remake of Spider-Man is made they will again go to the source and not this.

    If this present incarnation had been the original Spider-Man introduced he would have gone maybe 3 seasons and been quickly forgotten. There would be no legion of fans spawning generations.

    As a contemporary cartoon I give it a 7. It is definitely better than average, all the more so given the sad state of weekend cartoons.

    As a Spider-Man story I am being charitable and give it a 4. It is better than Spider-Man and Friends what ever that thing was. However I am still far more impressed with the 90s animated adaptation that went for some 5 seasons, and was far more deserving of the title 'Spectacular'!
  • I love spider man.spidey is unreal everywhere, i will watch anything with him the movies were great, i cant wait for another movie, this was so much fun to watch and i never miss im looking forward to future work and ready to rock

    spidey is unreal everywhere, i will watch anything with him the movies were great, i cant wait for another movie, this was so much fun to watch and i never miss im looking forward to future work and ready to rock it, partyy party party party in my eyes, I wont miss a episode and ill tell all my friends. Chris likes watchin it with me to he is my guitar player, and he partys. We are on a one way street to party villa. I will tell everyone i know about this show and we will have a spidey party
  • A delightful surprise. Despite the bad animation, there's some great storytelling and action.

    There is a reason Spider-man is considered a top-tier superhero. The character has decades of rich stories, and the unique spin of being relatable all make him a fan favorite. The old 90's series was a decent adaptation, but this new show is probably better when it comes down to truly capturing the essence of who Spiderman is, ad what he stands for. There are more characters here, right off the bat (most notably Gwen Stacy- a pivitol role) and though changes have been made regarding villains' relationships, it all works out in a neat and understandable way. The two things I don't like- and these are enough to be more than just minor quibbles, are the animation and the theme song (2 of the most important aspects to a cartoon show!) The character models all have pupils too big for their eyes (is this Powerpuff Girls?) and I HATE the opening music. The 90's show was better in both respects. Despite this, the action is well staged, and we get to see how hard life is being Peter Parker. The decision to put him back in highschool is a natural fit.
  • It was okay, but I think the Disney XD version was better

    I think this is a great cartoon show but I also think there is more development with the plots and characters with the newer show. The show had a good run and had many moments and it was worth a watch at some point but ultimatly, it looses to the XD version hands down.
  • A re-telling of the classic tale of a shy high school boy bitten by a spider in a freak accident which turns nerd into hero! However, new problems arise as he's forced to balance life as a science geek and fighting baddies with his new abilities.

    Right off the bat, it got my attention...and kept it. I have to say that's most likely due to the writing, which is expertly handled. The way the characters were introduced as the storyline developed kept things moving along and I can't express how overjoyed I was that the first episode was not an "origins" story! Ben Parker's already gone but the "responsibility" quote comes in while Spidey's fighting a villain and uses it in the form of a quip! Bloody fantastic. Development of the characters was also helped along by how they related to one another in the first place like how Vulture knows Osborn and how Electro worked for Dr. Conners. My personal favorite little arbitrary bit? The Spidey-light! Total sweetness! The curfew clause is also killer.

    Now the one tiny complaint that I wrestled with had to do with the animation. I actually like it quite a bit. It's a decent cross between The Batman and Kim Possible. So, it was fun to watch and the dialog was key in it not coming of too cartoony. But here's my one widdo compwaint: the eyes. Seriously, perfectly round, completely filled-in circles? Reminds me a tad of the way they're done for the chunky DC super heroes action figures directed at the toddler set or the way they'd be done for a kids storybook, which isn't a bad thing in itself but in no way did it seem to match the rest of the animated style. But again, it's one complaint, and the smallest at that. So the deal is, yes, I will definitely be back for more!
  • Great show.

    Great show -- the boys love it but I'm wondering when a new episode is going to air. It's definitely been a while...

    Here comes the 100 word filler: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • The new animated Spider Man Series

    Let me start by asking where the heck Mary Jane is.

    The new Spider Man Animated Series was decent. Good voice acting, music and overall pretty good continuity to the original story. The series starts with our favorite web slinger flashing through the skies of Manhattan, and the pace of the show gets off to a great start.

    I love the music for the opening credits, and the series is going to be good, but so far is missing some elements. Did I mention Mary Jane? Um, hello? How do you have Spider Man without Mary Jane? In the series opener our favorite web-slinger approaches a cheerleader named SALLY... What?

    Gwen is in the series though, so time will tell if she will be the romantic interest, or if Mary Jane comes later. In addition to Gwen; Harry, Dr. Connor, Flash, and Aunt May are here at least.
  • Spectacular episode with a spectacular ending.

    This episode was nice and well plotted. First off it was nice to see why Hammerhead is called "Hammerhead". I also liked how the "properly" introduced the black symbiote with the spaceship, unlike the shooting star scene from the Spider-man 3 movie. We all knew that Norman and Harry were both the green goblin, but the studio did a great job of making us decided on which on. What i also liked about this episode was that Norman proved that he's not always the neglectful father towards Harry. Now that Harry was the Green Goblin, it's Norman's turn. I hope that he has a new costume which is similar to the movie and the comics.
  • This Spider-Man show truly IS Spectacular. Easily one of the best superhero shows in many, many years. Great fun and action for young and older fans alike.

    This is an awesome show with incredible amounts of potential to make it even better. The simplistic character designs doesn't bother me a bit, and the animation overall is fantastic. Just look at those web-swinging sequences and the action scenes, just beautiful to look at. It's also really dark and violent at times, it's refreshing. As you probably know, the 90's Spider-Man show didn't have punching or kicking and stuff like that. Awesomely creepy transformation scenes do appear in a ouple of episodes. I'm a complete sucker for awesome transformations. The writing is great as well. The voice acting is nice overall, with only a minor annoyance with Harry Osborn's voice. Peter Parker, or Spider-Man is very chatty. Perhaps a little too much sometimes. MJ also appears later on, she looks good but does she have to say "tiger" every freakin' time she talks to Peter? It's a really minor annoying detail and doesn't ruin this show a bit at all. Gwen Stacy may be my favorite character. She's just so sweet and loveable. I always enjoy a good death scene in a cartoon, but I actually hope they don't kill her off. Rather MJ than her. Anyway, I love this show and it's exactly what I need now as "The Batman" is cancelled(one season overdue, I think). "The Spectacular Spider-Man" is an incredibly entertaining superhero series with amazing action scenes, only rivaled by the ones in "Transformers Animated"(My favorite show). I'm really looking forward to seeing more of it, and if you like Spider-Man or awesome superhero shows, you should too. Hopefully we'll see at least one more season, this whole "KidsWB to shut down" is confusing.
  • Good Start!

    I think the fist thing that can be said about this iteration is that its probably the closest thing to the original Spider-man cartoon and the classic comic book too in terms of his snappy smart-aleck wisecracks and his terrible bad luck with his personal affairs. Special effects aside I think its even better than the movie versions. Of course there is just one small drawback that they have dumbed him down in his academic side which does not fall in with the original comic book since that was the only area he truly excels. I don't know but there is just something not entirely right with it. Still it won't make me change the channel or enjoy this new style animated version any less. Keep it up, its a good start! My advice to the writers is to stay faithful to the original as much as possible. It was good then, it will be good now.
  • It definetinely lives up to be SPECTACULAR

    Peter Parker, the everyday nerd, ends up with powers of a spider. Unlike past shows where the heroes fight a different villian every episode, I admire that there's also a backstory behind it all. I even more admire that it seems that it seems that each episode has morale.

    The part I don't get is where's Mary Jane..... I've never heard of a Spider-Man without Mary Jane....but then again...they are probably building to it.

    Also....I know some people don't like Spider-Man because it doesn't fully revolve around the comic or the artwork. The Batman was drawn differently but it became a classic; therefore, the same applies towards Spiderman.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man is the new WB kid's cartoon, set to start in early 2008. The show will air on the CW network and is the 10th television series about Spiderman.

    The series is aimed at kids, but producers say it will also appeal to teens and adults. The Spectacular Spider-Man picks up the original web-slinger's mythology at the beginning of his hero's journey, as a not so typical 16-year-old entering his junior year of high school. Having spent the summer engaging common criminals with his new-found powers, Peter Parker must conceal his secret identity and battle super-villains in the real world. This show is actually pretty good. Its a new spiderman cartoon series which is cool and is unique. Same villains, same characters, same hero but better plot and action. 9/10
  • i must say i was very pleasantly surprised. i didnt excpect this from after what i had seen and heard about the show.

    i must say i was very positively surprised. i didnt excpect this rom after what i had seen and heard about the show. the first pictures i saw of the characters didnt exactly have me jumping for joy, but the style really does work. so far atleast. from what i understand the show doesnt follow the comics by the letter, but i see this as a neccesery thing. i mean the comic first started when dinos still lived ( well almost anyway) so adapting new origin stories for some charcters is just fine with me. but again i was never a big hardcore fan of the spider-man comic. the ultimate spider-man on the other hand, thats my cup'a tea. its more likely that the producers had that comic in mind when creating the Spec-Spidey, as both are about peter parker as a newley turned spider-man with a still cracking voice.
    and speaking of peter parkers voice, im not totally into the one he's been given, but i can stand it, and it will probably grow on me. for one of the biggest deals on animated shows are the voices and their owners voice acting ability. if you ask me it can make or (atleast almost) break a show.
    and before i end this little review which will be read by oh so few, i feel i must give props, yes i said props, on the truely Spectacular opening credits (see what i did there?). both visual and audioable greatness. its like a little music video, i do so enjoy the "filmed" animation, background out of focus and jagged frame rate, the slightly shakey "old video reel" on the peter/gwen/harry/jonah nameings. and the very catchy jazz/rock/alt theme song, that doesnt say theme song or animation, but screams a great Spectacular Spider-man. almost literally.

    wow, that became longer than i expected.
    however, one thing does rub my grey matters. no M,J?
  • In a world full of generic, cheap cartoons, this show shines out as a fresh look at a tough franchise to do

    When i heard about this show i was so freakin excited. for a show that did so well in theaters, it deserved its own kick but show that would surpass even the 90's version. now dont get me wrong, 90's spider-man is an untouchable classic, but you have to admit that it is a little dated. its good to have a fresh new look at spider-man where other shows like "The Batman" have shined I had my doubts, however, when i heard about this. I was pretty worried that this show would regurgitate the same old story we've all heard our whole lives unless ur in ur 50's. THankfully, the writers of this show have done an outstanding job so far. they've recycled ample material from past spider-man worlds and have added plenty of exciting new twists to make it fresh. for example, the high school concept is one that was only used by Ultimate, so it makes sense that they would use this in the tv version. also, they've added wayyy more depth and connections to all of the characters, especially the villains. the way they are leading up to mary jane is also a great way to handle her character in a new and different way. i love how there is a head villain who is manipulating everything and i definitely love the animation. the fight scenes are fantastic, the plot flow is entertaining, and the overall sotries are simple yet they provide alot of character development. i love how peter learns something thats hard to learn in every story without it getting too aesop. overall this is a fantastic show that will generate alot of attention. my only two complaints are the round eyes that make everyone look stupid and harry's voice. he sounds like hes 5 years old. not cool
  • It was able to trump the early 90's version

    Its been over 10 years since we have had a decent spiderman cartoon (yeah Im looking at you Spiderman on sucked) Since the ending of Spiderman and then the short lived Spiderman Unlimited, its nice to see a spiderman cartoon worth watching and wanting more of it. From the artwork to the fluid motion, to the staying true to its roots while but yet making it better, it is all great. It would be nice to keep it on long enough to go through majore comic events; i.e civil war, one more day, etc. Lets hope this continues and keeps providing better than excellent cartoon viewing Spiderman FTW!!!
  • GREAT!

    I didn't think it was going to be this good but it is! I just wish it was on more the villians loook really good if any one likes spider man you will really like this new version of spider man and he's back and better this time. THanks WB for putting on a good show you should be proud of your self. This is now one of my favourite shows now on WB i watch it every Saturday it one of the only shows i watch WB for. Thanks for reading my rewiew and i hope this was helpful to you

    from dcelw540
  • Basically the beginning years of our friendly neighborhood spiderman.

    i really like this series especially because its much more accurate to the original spiderman storyline of the comics than the movies. I just hope that it will stay this way and not overdoo it like the spiderman cartoons of the '70s and '90s. Even though this is an animated series, it is still enjoyable to an older crowd as well, including my 22 year old self. However, i do hope that this series gets a little " darker " as did the comics. The animation in my opinion is really good depicting peter as a high school kid in todays age. Overall i would give this series a 9.0.
  • About a 16 year old boy who has two life's a nerd life and a spider man life.

    I say it's great for kids it shows a villain every time. I say comedy,animation,and drama. you might have to wake up earlier than usually but i say it's worth has a couple of new characters some are main.On the episode Market Forces Aunt May announced Mary Jane Watson but never appeared.Right when Peter heard her say"She has a great personality." he didn't like her.he also has a friend named Stacey.I can't believe it but Instead of a jock Eddie Brock is peter's jock new crush just another life of a 16 year old boy. that's my review.
  • It's called "Spectacular" for a reason, at least based on the trailers for it.

    Our friendly, neighborhood wall-crawler is back in an all new series. By what i've seen, it looks to be a great the way of graphic animation that is, the storylines and how they've developed the characters is still a mystery. It seems that some minor characters will have bigger cameos in this series and it also appears that they are keeping Sandman and not replacing him for Hydroman like the '94 series did (that in itself is a plus). March 8th, the day Spidey is reborn on the small screens, hope it's as good or better than his previous series.
  • Marvel's way of saying "Sorry for "One More Day'" to its fans.

    Okay, when the editor at Marvel published One More Day, they kind of kick a lot of the SPider-Man fans right in their pants, ruinng everything that our favorite web-head stands for. I can't even look at Spidey the same way again (unless they recton it. Oh, please recton it!) But then they aired this show a few months later, showing Spider-Man at his Basic roots in the comics, like being a High Schooler and hanging out with Gwen Stacey.

    All the episodes have the basic Tv-special themes that Spider-Man started out in comics, which is great for all. The art work and character designs are cool and unique, stuff we hadn't seen since Batman: The Animated series. The show is fun for all.
  • Don't know where to begin.

    Well i don't know what to say because gee THE SHOW HASN'T COME OUT! Accourse it will be a hit if it's anything like the "real movies". It's not shocking but truely amazing on how popular Spiderman really is in America and basically the world except for "poor countries"(sadly)and it's also really neat on how Spiderman has had "so many" cartoon shows and three different ones in the decade!
  • really great. whoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    i really liked how they didn't start out with Mary Jane as a starting character but with Gwen Stacy. i was really surprised at that. i am positive that she will appear in season 2 or later in season 1. i like how they started the "sandman" as a regular old robber with no powers. very nice. this is gonna be good. i cant wait how they are gonna turn Eddie Brock into venom. better yet, how carnage is going to appear! there are going to be better episodes coming. i can tell. and one more thing whats with peters mole?
  • Spectacular

    this series was well recieved by myself and a few friends. i being the most critical of everything.the voice acting was the best i have ever heard and it realy set the pace for the shows quality and uniqueness.the animation and art style were marvelous.each week i found myself wanting more.then the show was canceled due in part to budget issues.there is a new series set to air in 2012 also based on the ultimate titles.i hope it is as good.
  • Spectacular success

    A worthy edition to the animated collection of Spider-man cartoons. This show had steady progression of characters, a likeable and great voice cast. Due to lack of ratings I think the people have been denied what would have been a potentially great third season. I loved the way the show ended, it set up a third season, but on it's own it's a good ending as well.

    Easily the second best animated version behind the 90's series. Way better than Spider-man Unlimited. Though the 60's amazing spider-man had a cool theme tune, and amazing friends had Iceman and Firestarr.

    My only downside is that it stuck to tried and tested villains which were used in earlier incarnations still loved it because the episodes were well written even if animation was too kid friendly for my liking.

    Hopefully Ultimate Spider-Man will be just as good.
  • Spidey dat boy

    Man this should've never been canceled this way better than ultimate spiderman because it acually serious and ultimate spiderman is a joke fuck spidey need a motorcycle
  • It's been over ten years since I enjoyed seeing the wall crawler. While not all that eye-catching and bearing a new style, it works it's way into you heart and stays there. I can't tell by the first season, but hopefully this is a classic in the making.

    It's about time they made a good spiderman after how the movies effectively massacred half the characters. The 3D animation was worthy attempt, but failed in the end to live up to it's potential.

    Spiderman is a classic story reiterating the concept that with great power comes great responsibility. This show has done a wonderful job of showing said concept in a variety of angles as our main character and superhero desperately attempts to balance Peter Parker with Spiderman. And it IS a balancing act. When one does well the other tends to suffer as Parker's choices, both good and bad usually come back at him.

    The animation is lack-luster, but fluid and effective which I wold to be much more important after watching some of the fight scenes in MedaBots.

    Also, if you are a purist, try not to watch with tinted glasses as one reviewer seems to have. There are a variety of changes and although some of them seem questionable at first they don't have any major impact on the story and usually get ironed out quite nicely. The first three episodes give the general theme of the plot, so you can base you opinion on that. If you liked what you saw, good news, it only gets better.
  • really great show

    This is the best spiderman show i have watched. The stories are very interesting, and pretty much all of the villain's costumes have been reimagined for the better. I like this show a lot better then the 90's spiderman because, they used animation that was new and interesting while the 90's show was fairly bland animation wise and didnt bring anything new to the table. All and all a superb show that surprises you every week and with bender voicing sandman, how could you miss this show. This show has the potential to last a long time, and as long as the stories and animation remain up to par, i will continue watching it
  • The latest version of the classic tale is just as 'spectacular' as any of the previous versions.

    Spider-Man has had numerous television series over the years, probably the most out of any superhero, and this latest one just goes to show that our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will never get old.
    For this show, they've made Spidey slightly younger than previous incarnations, and moved around the positions of some of the characters as a result (for example, Eddie Brock never worked for Dr. Connors), but that's not necessarily a bad thing. For a start, the younger Spidey appeals to a younger audience, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it also gives the series originality, something to separate it from previous versions.
    As for the show itself, it's nothing short of amazing. As to be expected from Spider-Man, the one-liners are brilliant. The cheesy dialogue isn't cringe-worthy at all, it's actually funny. The plot is almost identical to previous versions, with slight alterations, and we all know how good the previous versions were. Even the theme song is good, it's nice and catchy.
    Spectacular Spider-Man has succeeded in entertaining Spidey fans of all ages, kids, adults, teens like myself, will all be watching the Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • Great for anyone who loves Spider-Man!

    The is Spider-Man not Disney XD's bullsh*t. F*ck Ultimate Spider-Man it will never in a million years be better then this comic accurate action packed heart felt master piece. This show was my childhood and 75% of what I know about Spider-Man came from this show. It's a great introduction to Spider-Man for kids and teens who want to know the character better.
  • best spider-man series

    this series shares similarites to the comics(both mainstream and ultimate) and the films
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