The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)





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  • i must say i was very pleasantly surprised. i didnt excpect this from after what i had seen and heard about the show.

    i must say i was very positively surprised. i didnt excpect this rom after what i had seen and heard about the show. the first pictures i saw of the characters didnt exactly have me jumping for joy, but the style really does work. so far atleast. from what i understand the show doesnt follow the comics by the letter, but i see this as a neccesery thing. i mean the comic first started when dinos still lived ( well almost anyway) so adapting new origin stories for some charcters is just fine with me. but again i was never a big hardcore fan of the spider-man comic. the ultimate spider-man on the other hand, thats my cup'a tea. its more likely that the producers had that comic in mind when creating the Spec-Spidey, as both are about peter parker as a newley turned spider-man with a still cracking voice.
    and speaking of peter parkers voice, im not totally into the one he's been given, but i can stand it, and it will probably grow on me. for one of the biggest deals on animated shows are the voices and their owners voice acting ability. if you ask me it can make or (atleast almost) break a show.
    and before i end this little review which will be read by oh so few, i feel i must give props, yes i said props, on the truely Spectacular opening credits (see what i did there?). both visual and audioable greatness. its like a little music video, i do so enjoy the "filmed" animation, background out of focus and jagged frame rate, the slightly shakey "old video reel" on the peter/gwen/harry/jonah nameings. and the very catchy jazz/rock/alt theme song, that doesnt say theme song or animation, but screams a great Spectacular Spider-man. almost literally.

    wow, that became longer than i expected.
    however, one thing does rub my grey matters. no M,J?