The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)



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  • This version of Spiderman adapts the old comics, the Ultimate Universe, and the Movie Universe. (There are SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW)

    Wow. Just wow. This series is one of the most amazing things to grace Saturday morning T.V. Season 1 is amazing, introducing so amny great characters. The first arc was a great start to the series. It did an amazing job with all the villains. The second arc adds on to the mystery of the Big Man, who at first I thought was going to be Kingpin. When I saw who it was I was so surprised! Tombstone as a crimelord is great. The Green Goblin arc was pure genius, giving us a good mystery to solve. The symbiote arc was surely a great one. This show's version of Venom (or Doc Ock for that matter) are not the best. Venom was just way too mad at Peter, for taking pictures...of the Lizard...and not going to the dance with Gwen. Seriously. Ock just goes from crazed maniac to Master Planner, to crimelord. Not the best interpretation. Season 2 starts off with the Master Planner arc. Which introduces some villains into the show. Mysterio, man, I just loved him.Kraven, he's okay. Final episode of the MP arc was amazing. Loved the comic book reference. The Venom arc was really good. Not great, good. Captain Jupiter was out there, though. Th final fight between Venom and Spiderman was sooo great. The Gang War arc. I really like this one. And finally Tombstone appears again! He had not been there all season! Silver Sable was stupendous here. The Enforcers return, in new costumes. And the four way fight between Spiderman, Silver Mane, Doc Ock, and Tombstone was one of my favorite fight scenes. And...THE GREEN GOBLIN! He returns! And we see Molten Man introduced, and then Black Cat comes back, with a new twist on who her father is! And finally we see who the Green Goblin REALLY is. I'm sure you know. And it is kinda scary how the theories of most of these people were right! All the way down to Chameleon! Scerry. And Peter FINALLY breaks up with Liz. But cant get back with Gwen because Harry is being a control freak!! And made Gwen feel bad for him. How low can he get? I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, RECCOMRND this SPECTACULAR show. Heres to a third season!
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