The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)





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  • Delightfully surprised and now slightly obessesed...

    Alright, I'll admit it: I was skeptical at first. I mean have you seen those big eyed, weird looking characters? Before watching the the show I wikipedia-ed it and found they had made some some changes and I wasn't sure about this whole set in high school thing (Actually the first comerical I saw with Spidey proclaiming he had to be home by ten made visualize him singing "we're all in this together.."). However, after watching the first few episodes I was pleasantly surprised. All the classic characters are there (even Gwen:/), the most changes are updates (let's make the spider gentically altered and give Peter Parker and co. cell phones!) others are much needed back stories and slight changes to plot (for once the Goblin Arc was actually a bit of a mystery and Eddy Broc is now Peter's friend/older brother figure). The jokes are actually funny, and the theme song is bound to get stuck in your head. But most importantly, Peter's school/homelife is protrayed in believable and again, suprisingly, mature way. We can totally buy this akward, gifted kid just trying to take care of his aunt and sort through his many issues. And who doesn't love good old lound mouthed J. Jonah Jamerson? Although the jury is still out on wheter or not it's better than the ninites Spidey it's defintly "Spectacular" (or if you prefer "Amazing).