The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)


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  • A delightful surprise. Despite the bad animation, there's some great storytelling and action.

    There is a reason Spider-man is considered a top-tier superhero. The character has decades of rich stories, and the unique spin of being relatable all make him a fan favorite. The old 90's series was a decent adaptation, but this new show is probably better when it comes down to truly capturing the essence of who Spiderman is, ad what he stands for. There are more characters here, right off the bat (most notably Gwen Stacy- a pivitol role) and though changes have been made regarding villains' relationships, it all works out in a neat and understandable way. The two things I don't like- and these are enough to be more than just minor quibbles, are the animation and the theme song (2 of the most important aspects to a cartoon show!) The character models all have pupils too big for their eyes (is this Powerpuff Girls?) and I HATE the opening music. The 90's show was better in both respects. Despite this, the action is well staged, and we get to see how hard life is being Peter Parker. The decision to put him back in highschool is a natural fit.
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