The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)





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  • It surely lives up to name SPECTACULAR!

    Everyone knows the story of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. (You should otherwise you must live in a box.) When Spider-Man premiered, it captured my heart. To be honest, there hasn't been a lot of shows I would be gladly to watch re-runs of. It's shows like The Spectacular Spider-Man that inspire me one day to become a swell writer.

    Why do I love this show to death:

    The show is smart, funny, and each episode leaves you wanting more. How each season is divided into story arcs allowing more than just one main villian unlikely to the Spider-Man of 94 (It was always Kingpin, Kingpin, Morphius, Kingpin... I grew with that and all but this show....this show is just spectacularly well done.)

    Peter Parker proves that (yeah...oh, yeah) even the nerd can get the cheerleader. We see Peter Parker's life at high school (which I can relate..) I love watching the teenage escapades of high school through the ever-so youthful eyes of Peter Parker.

    The supervillain battles are superb! Each postition is original and deeply remembered. The animation was simplified to show more movement. (which is what I like to see!) His quotes are so funny that I still remember to this day. (I'm hoping to use one of those quotes someday.)

    Overall, The Spectacular Spider-Man has everything I could ever want in a show. High School Drama! Best Friend(s) overdoses on symboite and "the juice". It has a nerd becoming seirously popular! Underlined humor and plotlines that leaves you wanting more. The only I asked from The Spectacular Spider-Man is another NEW episode.