The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)





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  • The Only Enjoyable Show Left, and defintely one of the top animated 3 shows this decade.

    Whenever you see shows these days (particularly cartoons), u wonder who ever wants to see this junk, shows nowadays are bland, either that or they have some sort of new-age comedy i dont understand.

    But when i see the spectacular spiderman i see that least peice of thread, and that peice of thread represents shows that are actually enjoyable, its not like the useless junk they put on TV now.

    This show offers entertainment like no other, it has a cleverly twisted plot that differs from the comics, the movies, and even the other TV shows. The characters are actually given emotions, the storyline is extremely addicting and will always leave you asking for more.

    To be fair, i think i can call this a nearly flawless show, there are of course little tweaks here and there (like the fact that they kinda messed up Venom), but compared to other shows, they are invisble.

    When "Danny Phantom" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender" dissapeared from television, i lost hope that i would ever find a show like those ever again, but now when i see, "The Spectacular Spider-Man" i definitely see a show that IS in fact Spectacular. So its fun, entertaining, addicting, and it offers alot of action, and a worthy storyline. So why not watch it? arent those the requirmens of a excellent TV show?
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