The Spectacular Spider-Man

Disney XD (ended 2009)





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  • "Spectacular" says it all.

    A few parts are from "EvanWilder"'s review.

    There are so many things right with this TV show! As you can see, everyone, counting me, loves it!

    Characters: We have everyone in this show(Heck, even Gwen Stacy!) They're really interesting and done correctly. They were given a lot of emotion. Not a single one is hateable(Not even Flash!)! Peter Parker proves that even the nerd can get the cheerleader. We see Peter Parker's life at high school, as well. I love watching the teenage escapades of high school through the ever-so youthful eyes of Peter Parker. Everyone else was excellent.

    Plot: The plot was really deep. It was cleverly twisted and differs from everything else Spidey-related. The storylines are very addicting as well, and will always leave you with more!

    Humor: Spidey's witty lines are very fun to listen to, and other characters have humor of their own, like Flash's bully antics.

    Animation: Really well drawn! Spidey and the villains' movements are done very well. The character designs are done very well, and they're original. (For example, Doc Ock has a original costume that differs greatly from his original green and orange

    Writing: The writing is clever, original and memorable. The plot is deep(as I said before), the character depth is as deep as a endless pit, and Spidey's witty lines are funny, clever, fun to listen to and well-timed.

    Acting: The acting is fantastic. Everyone does a great performance. Josh Keaton is the absolute perfect choice for Spidey! Even Christopher Daniel Barnes couldn't top him.

    Action: The supervillain fights are really thrilling and exciting, and they're the best parts in the show!

    Concept: Just how anything Spider-Man-related should be. It's about Peter Parker's complicated life with his Spidey alter ego, as he confronts villains and life difficulties. But it's more than that. If you want to find out, go ahead and watch this masterpiece.

    Music/Sound: Let me start with the theme. Makes you get earworms from it in a good way, and you might even dance to it. The sound effects are also really well done. The voices are well-volumed.

    I think that's actually all I can salute about.

    Characters: 10/10

    Plot: 10/10

    Humor: 10/10

    Drawing/Animation: 10/10

    Writing: 10/10

    Acting: 10/10

    Action: 10/10

    Concept: 10/10

    Music/Sound: 10/10

    Total: 10/10

    This show is perfect for Spidey fans! You must watch this! Too bad this got cancelled: We could have seen Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Carnage and more. Oh, well, at least we have the 90's show that has them. Also the Ultimate show isn't as good as this, but it's at least funny.