The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 4

Shear Strength

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2009 on Disney XD

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  • Who said New Years was a downer?


    This is the second time I have reviewed this episode. I was a bit critical of the episode last time.(I was told that it was the best episode ever, which it's not) my opinion raised a lifted a little on the second viewing

    The episode has a lot going on, but it does not come together that well, like when the Tinkerer and Electro crash the van when we see them later Electro gone but the Tinkerer is still there and when Spider-man just leaves and we have no idea what happened to him. But the first fight down the street was cool. It has good character development for Peter and Gwen, And the end I had hoped they would not do this but they did, poor Gwen. A bit overrated, but still nice.

  • A colorful cast of characters wreak havoc during the new year.

    This is one of those instances where Peter Parker's personal life was much more interesting than what was going on as Spiderman. The master planner finally reveals himself (to be Doctor Octopus?- okay) and his rogues, including Electro and Vulture kidnap Gwen Stacy. Stacy's father, the police Captain is in a prominent role, and he and Spidey are both trying to save Gwen. Unfortunately, since I was most interested in who Parker would kiss when the ball dropped (and slightly disappointed that the master planner didn't turn out to be Kingpin or something like that), all the underwater action left me somewhat disinterested.
  • Liz and Gwen have feeling for Peter. And Peter try to save the world in the new year.

    This is my first review, so i'm gonna try to give my best.(Considering that i don't speak english)
    This show clearly is showing progress, from the first season to this. And the characters have developent.
    And this episode show us how Peter is struggling with his feeling.
    ¿Gwen Stacy or Liz Allen?
    It seems that the choise is very clear. Liz take the next level and take vantage, unlike Gwen, who is confuse for the constant rejection from Peter Parker. The kiss in the end was surprising but painfull.Because in the comic Peter is with Gwen.
    I hope that the creators follow the comic, like have been doing until now.
    Great show, great chapter.