The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 6

The Invisible Hand

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2008 on Disney XD
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Flint Marko's former partner, Alex O'Hirn, becomes the Rhino.

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  • The Rhino lives!!!

    Finale episode in the Big man arc. After the flock known as Sandman, team big man go for a more animalistic approach And so the Rhino is born. Peters still trying to ask Betty out and to my surprise she says yes (sort of) and Mary Jane appears (at like the vary end, so if you want to see watch the next episode.

    Aunt May of coarse ruins the dater for him so he is not that happy about that but I think he was sort of expecting it (She was four years older, so yeah) The creation of the Rhino was nowhere as good as the Sandman one but it was funnier.

    Good not grate.moreless
  • We find out who The Big Man is and we see Mary Jane for the first time.

    Nice to see that the Grant/Brant bit wasn't lost on the younger crowd. I'm refering to Peter and Harry of course.

    Always good to see Jameson when he isn't doing the ranting, and this show does that well too.

    While Clancy Brown does good voice work for an antagonistic character, he certainly doesn't sound villainous when voicing a protagonist (refering to his voicing of George Stacy).

    Have to say that Tombstone really looked intimidating even before his display of power. He certainly earned a right to the title of Big Man.

    As for Aunt May, evil mastermind or not, Peter will definitely thank her when the wedding comes around the corner.moreless
  • Exiting very cool episode.

    This episode closes one storyarc and opens another one it has the first appereance of the RHINO who have been on the show ever since the first episode as Alex O`Hirn,has decent quantity of action and is another fun episode.

    It was kinda rushed this episode but okay, finally we get to see MJ and she says her classic comic book line. But unlike the previous episodes this one had not give any clue about the upcoming episode wen says that Norman will become the Green Goblin and im want to see wat happens in the fall formal and wath will happen with the Tombstone storyline aquired in this episode. well this was a great episode Rhino looks fantastic and lets see wath happens on the next episode.moreless
  • Another Saturday with another great episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man!"

    Like I said in my other reviews, this show is getting better by each episode. In today's episode, Alex O'Hirn becomes the Rhino. It was very interesting to see how O'Hirn turns into the Rhino. The scientific explanation of O'Hirn becoming the Rhino was also great, which added some realism. And again, great voice acting, great animation, and this time, the plot is much more interesting. Usually, we would get one storyline. For example,the past few episodes, we would get one villain that was created to fight the Spectacular Spider-Man. But in this episode, we get multiple storylines. Spidey fights the Rhino, meets MJ, asked Betty to the Formal, meets Tombstone, Eddie asking Gwen to the Formal, and we even get to see Foswell, the assuming Big Man. So far, this episode is the best!moreless
Alan Rachins

Alan Rachins

Norman Osborn

Guest Star

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Alex O'Hirn / The Rhino

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Big Man, Tombstone

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The mother and daughter that Spider-Man saves from the Rhino are the same mother and daughter seen in the car during the opening theme.

    • O'Hirn, the surname for this episode's villain of focus, is an anagram for rhino, the beast after which he takes his "super-villain" name.

    • In the Spider-Man comics, "The Big Man" was originally the alter-ego of Frederick Foswell. He was a Daily Bugle reporter who secretly controlled the crimes of New York and was the one who hired the Enforcers.

      After being defeated by Spider-Man, his daughter, Janice Foswell, was eventually the second person to take up the mantle.

    • The Spider-Man insignia at the end of the episode was in the shape of a heart. This same symbol can be found on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, which is the issue Peter and Mary Jane got married.

    • Rhino's suit now overheats due to lack of ventilation, a new weakness to the character that was never introduced in his comic book counterpart.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Peter Parker: (To Flash, About Betty) You wouldn't know her! She's 20, and hot!

    • Peter Parker: (Coming out of the broom closet) Is it safe to come out yet?
      Aunt May: Peter! Were you here this whole time? (Hugs Peter)
      Peter Parker: I'm okay. I was hiding. I'm good at hiding. (To Betty) I can also be very heroic. Honest.
      Betty Brant: Could we talk for a minute? (Leads Peter away to the window) About tonight, I can't go with you. I'm too old for you and it's just too weird...
      Peter Parker: (Surprised) You think I'm weird?
      Betty Brant: No, you're not weird, Peter. It's weird. I'm sorry... (Walks away, saddened)

    • Hammerhead: I'm impressed. Rhino's still underground and OsCorp's already got the contract to build his prison cell.
      Norman Osborn: After our success containing Sandman, who else would the city call?
      Hammerhead: Meaning you get paid coming and going. Sweet.
      Norman Osborn: Very. But these midtown brawls, people are beginning to ask questions. Best to let things cool off a bit.
      Hammerhead: (Grabs Norman by the arm) We cool off when the Big Man says so, see? Or do you want people to know who created Freak One and Freak Two?
      Norman Osborn: Please. There's nothing that can trace them back to OsCorp or myself.
      Hammerhead: Really? Tell that to Doctor Octavius.

    • Spider-Man: (After kicking a dehydrated Rhino down on his back) Come one, come all! Before your very eyes: the world's largest dehydrated turtle!

    • Rhino: (Smashes truck in anger with the truck's engine) Stupid truck! Made me lose Spider-Creep!
      Spider-Man: (Descends on web line upside down away from Rhino) Ahem?

    • Spider-Man: (Throws a display of bowling balls at Rhino) This always works in the cartoons... (Rhino crushes the bowling balls to dust) Ugh, television can so not be trusted...

    • Rhino: (While chasing Spider-Man) You like being hunted, freak?
      Spider-Man: Would you please look who's talking?
      Rhino: Oh, I may be a freak, but I'm not a coward!

    • Spider-Man: (While fighting Rhino at the Bugle) First, Marko becomes Sandman, now this? What's the Big Man's next move? Turning Flash Thompson into the Belligerent Bug-Zapper?

    • Rhino: (In the elevator) Hit twenty two, please. (Gestures to his fingers) These don't work so good on the little buttons.
      Mr. Foswell: Actually, twenty two's already been pressed. So, you're going to the Bugle? (Laughs nervously)
      Rhino: Yeah. You're name ain't Parker, is it?

    • Harry Osborn: Well, it's official. I'm going to the fall formal with Glorie Grant! (Waves to Glorie while she waves back)
      Peter Parker: I can top that. I'm almost definitely going out with Betty Brant! (Laughs) Hey! Grant, Brant. Our girls rhyme!

    • Spider-Man: (While riding on a detached car hood from the thugs' car) Surf's up!

    • Thug: Spidey's too busy popping Big Bads to worry about us!
      (Spider-Man suddenly lands on the car's windshield)
      Spider-Man: Ta-da! Say my name and I magically appear!

    • Peter Parker: (While Aunt May fixes his tuxedo) What's the point? Betty said no. Gwen's not home. I've already lost the bet to Flash. Showing up alone will just make it worse.
      Aunt May: Well then, isn't it lucky that Anna Watson's niece, that sweet Mary Jane, is on her way over.
      Peter Parker: 'Miss Wonderful Personality' (Shutters) is coming here? Now?
      Aunt May: (Looking behind the curtain) There she is. Oh my, what a wonderful dress. (Picks up the corsage and gives it to Peter) Here, I bought her corsage. Couldn't afford the limousine, but...
      Peter Parker: You planned this? Aunt May, you're an evil mastermind!

    • Spider-Man: (After fleeing from Tombstone's building) I've never ran from the cops before and this reeks! I won all the battles and never came close to winning the war. But Tombstone made one mistake: now I know there is a war.

    • Spider-Man: I'm here to see Mister Lincoln.
      Big Man: Then you should have made an appointment. But perhaps we'll make an exception to the hero of the day. (Turns around to face Spider-Man) I am L. Thompson Lincoln.
      Spider-Man: Please, you're the Big Man!
      Big Man: I've been called many names. My favorite is Tombstone.

    • Rhino: What do you think, I'm stupid?
      Spider-Man: Well, you are dressed stupid.

    • Tombstone: Come work for me. You can still be the hero, I'll even pay you. All you need to remember is to look the other way on occasion. On any occasion I choose.
      Spider-Man: I can't ever look the other way again.

    • Peter Parker: Y-You're Mary Jane Watson?
      Mary Jane Watson: Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Disney XD Premiere Date:
      April 13, 2009 @ 7:30pm (ET)

    • This episode can be seen on "The Spectacular Spider-Man: Rise of the Supervillains!" DVD.

    • According to Weisman, The Rhino's armor is made from a substance called Titanium-Resin.

    • Captain George Stacy makes his second appearance in a Spider-Man animated series. His first being the 1967 Spider-Man series.

    • Tombstone
      First appearing in Web of Spider-Man #36, Tombstone is a mob enforcer and a hitman. Working for high ranking criminals, Tombstone was an albino African American who bullied others and turned to a life of crime. Though not exactly a major supervillain, Tombstone is known for his above human strength and durability that matches.

    • The Rhino
      First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #41 The Rhino started out as a poor immigrant named Aleksei Sytsevich who tried out for a Soviet Union version of the Super Soldier project. Having his skin attached to a strong polymer, he becomes the muscle bound madman, the Rhino. Coming to America and taking the name "Alex O'Hirn," Rhino works for higher villains and is one of the many super villians with a major grudge against Spider-Man, never dropping the chance to smash the wall crawler to pieces.


    • Episode Title: The Invisible Hand

      The name of the episode is a principle which an individual who goes after his own interests tends to do good for his community. This episode refers to both Tombstone using Rhino to get rid of Spider-Man for all criminals, and Aunt May talking Betty into turning Peter down to introduce him to Mary Jane.

    • The scene where Jameson is being threatened by the Rhino into telling him where Peter Parker is, but lies to try to protect Peter, is similar to the scene in Spider-Man movie, where the Green Goblin attempts to get the same information out of him.

    • Spider-Man: Street Surfing
      The scene where Spider-Man uses the front hood of the thugs' car as a surfboard is similar to the scene where Spider-Man was fighting Sandman in 2007's live action film Spider-Man 3.

    • Mary Jane's introduction in this episode parallels her first comic appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #42 and Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

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