The Spectacular Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 9

The Uncertainty Principle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 10, 2008 on Disney XD
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Spider-Man is pitted against the Green Goblin and Tombstone, while Colonel John Jameson attempts to land a damaged space shuttle.

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  • The final episode in the Goblin Arc. (Spoilers ahead)

    This is an unconventional episode to say the lest.

    Just when you think you know what expect from the writers of TSSM,they through you a curve ball.

    You really have to see the first two seasons of TSSM to understand what I'm gong on about,so if you have been a deprived of that privilege,I'll fill you in.

    It all started in episode seven,(Titled Catalysts,for the uneducated)when the Green Goblin made hie first appertain.Terrorizing The big man's (L. Thompson Lincoln) funned raiser for the Lincoln dynamic youth center,Spider-man gets in the way and Gobby goes and hides in the corner (for like five seconds).

    In the episode the writers try and make it painfully awhere that Harry is the most likely choose to be the Goblin and that Norman really doesn't have anything to gain from bring the green man-or so it seems.

    So two episodes later low and behold,what do you know, Harry is Revealed to be the GOBLIN.

    Now over the course of the next two seasons there are a lot of slight hints to this being complete faction.

    (And finally in the final episode of season two,this is shown to be the truth)

    There are some bits in between,but don't have time for that.

    Now the reason I bring this all up,is to point out that this episode is completely full of them and this makes for a really grate way for the viewer to come back and watch it over and over again intently.

    Vary good episode.moreless
  • The Green Goblin's second and apparently final appearance.

    I thought that the 90s Series did well in humanizing Jameson, but this as well as episode 7 and 11 do a better job. Plus, it helps to have a definitive reason for him to be labeling Spider-Man as a menace.

    I can't see how anyone believes Gwen to be a copy of Debra Whitman, considering that her stare can be intimidating to Peter.

    Peter's Halloween costume choice, gave me yet another Amazing Friends flashback.

    Favorite Line #1 (Liz): You can web me up anytime, Petey.

    Flash Thompson as a cheerleader. Much more frightening than any Halloween creature could ever be.

    Favorite Line #2 (Spider-Man): Trap. (Tombstone): Trap.

    So, Harry is the Goblin. Or is he?moreless
  • When the Green Goblin returns on Halloween night, Spider-Man and Tombstone must team up to stop him. But can Spidey face the awful truth of the Goblin's identity once he's unmasked?moreless

    As a startling and exciting conclusion to the Tombstone and Green Goblin storyline, this has got to be one of my favorite episodes of the series so far. First off, Hammerhead is kidnapped by GG as bait to lure the Big Man a.k.a. Tombstone to rescue him due to he had 'incriminating evidence' on him that could be used to put Tomby in jail. However, this was all a set up for the Goblin to kill two birds with one stone. Spidey and Tombstone work together to rescue Hammerhead, while Spidey goes head to head with the Goblin for a final showdown...

    ~Green Goblin

    Another great performance by Steven Blum with chops more of brilliant dialogue for the Goblin. The Gob-webs were a nice touch on the new glider, along with the ass-loads of shrieking pumpkin bombs he set for Spidey in the factory. He also kind of broke the fourth wall when he and Spidey were replicating the same conversation as the Goblin had with Tombstone. "Anyone else getting Deja-Vu?" (I laughed when I heard this...)

    ~Mary Jane Watson

    Again the famous red-head appears in a vampire outfit for Halloween. Her character's still only 2-D, always saying "tiger" to Peter in almost every sentence. (Ick!) However, I liked the fact that she told Dash (who was in cheerleading garb from the bet he had with Peter back in "The Invisible Hand", complete with squeaky fake breasts. Ew...) off that she wasn't dating him after the events with Liz Allan in "Reaction." Hopefully, the writers will build more of MJ's character in the later episodes.

    ~Gwen Stacy

    I have a soft spot for Gwen in this series, particularly because she's the only girl who seems to be doing something other than dating guys. She was even frowning when MJ and Liz were swarming over Peter in his Spidey costume. Do I detect a hint of jealousy for a certain superhero? We all know that you like Pete, girl. When will you ever tell him? Her confrontation with Harry was exceptionally well planned as she was concerned about her friend's 'drug' addiction. She felt so helpless to not help him more. Poor Gwen...

    ~Harry Osborn

    I absolutely love his character in this series as much as the '94 series. In every adaptation, little Harry is constantly living in his father's shadow, hoping that Norman will see him as not a worthless son. Harry, in this series, strive to do just that...with the help of the Globulin Green formula. The shocking reveal was when the Green Goblin was unmasked, revealing none other than Harry himself, who was under the influence of the serum the entire time. You could feel his pain in this particular scene as he questions about his identity as the Goblin. (It made me cry...)

    Harry Osborn: "I must have blacked out...again. I-I don't remember anything. But...but I can't be the Goblin (looks at the test tube of Globulin Green and breaks it against the wall) I never should have taken it! I've ruined everything...I'm sorry. So, so sorry..."

    As for his future in Season 1, Harry will going with Norman on his European work tour to clear his head about the incident and get some help from the addiction to the formula. Let's hope Harry pulls for the worst and returns back in Season 2!


    Another one of my fave characters, you see a different side of Jameson as he prays for his son's safety from his accident in space. Once that's over, he's back to his original yappy dog self. Also, while drinking up his son's glory in the Bugle, he forces Peter to sell he pictures to a rival newspaper: The Globe, outselling the Bugle's coverage of the space shuttle. Jameson's anger is expressed so seriously that it can only be explained in this awesome scene...

    Jameson: "The people have spoken. Get that traitor Parker in here and lock him into an exclusive deal. If they want Spider-Man, we'll give them Spider-Man...Robbie, here's tomorrow's front page headline: 'Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?'"

    ~The Symbiote

    This is a very brief scene after the Goblin incident, where Foswell and John Jameson discover an agressive black splotch on the space shuttle. Not the best intro with the symbiote, but a brief cameo in this episode, making way for "Persona" in which it will be bonding to Spidey, kicking off the Venom saga. Cross your fingers that it will be good!


    I have to give credit to the episode's writer, Kevin Hopps, whp kept viewers standing on the edge of their seats with the big question of who was the Green Goblin: the cold hearted Norman Osborn or the drug addictive Harry Osborn? In the end, everyone seem to gasp at the result that Harry was the Goblin due to extensive usage of the Globulin Green formula and not Norman, who was technically the original GG in the comics, past cartoons and films. Although the plot was really in front of everyone's noses (even Peter's) everyone seemed to point fingers at Norman for his mysterious behavior (and a secret chamber in his living room). Plus the big confrontation between Spidey, Norman and Harry was just brilliant. The viewers could see Harry's struggle to "man up" by his ass of a father to see that he wasn't weak. I even felt sympathetic for Norman as he pleaded to Spider-Man not to take Harry away to jail for his own safety if Tombstone's discovered he was the Goblin...

    Norman Obsorn: "I won't allow this. I'll say I was the Goblin. After all, I created the Green. I'm the main suspect..."

    Spider-Man: "No. He needs you... and what good would that be if you were locked behind bars for a crime you didn't commit?"

    Excellent, excellent writing, Kevin Hopps!

    A big applause for this episode. Hopefully, the brilliant writers won't falter yet. Next up: Black Cat, the Chameleon and the black costume!moreless
  • Green Goblin returns!

    Another great episode. It's so good that I don't even know where to start. The fight on the Green Goblin's glider was very cool and enjoyable to watch. The fight in the end was also cool. A lot of explosives. The Green Goblin planned his trap really well. The writers really confused us about the real identity of Green Goblin. Even the episode revealed it was Harry, I still think Norman is the real Green Goblin. I have a feeling that the real identity and the story of Green Goblin is not over yet. The Green Goblin will probably return in season 2. At the end of the episode, you see the symbiote. I cannot wait to see the next episode when Spidey will get the black suit and when he meets Black Cat. This show just keeps getting better and better. The Chameleon will make his first appearance next week!moreless
  • Best Cartoon ever, almost the best show ever

    This episode was by far the best episode yet (until next week). This episode confims this cartoon has the best animation and frame rate animation sequences ever. No show or cartoon has ever been so captivating and interesting. Its a complete sham its on once a week for only 30 minutes (approx 20-22 mins after commercials) The way they do the symbiote and the reveal of the green goblin could not have been better. While not directly from the original comics, the new material is just as good if not better. While i used to think the early 90's Spiderman was the best, Im glad to see this take it a step higher and better.moreless
Daran Norris

Daran Norris

John Jameson

Guest Star

James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Frederick Foswell

Guest Star

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Green Goblin/Dilbert Trilby

Guest Star

Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Liz Allen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (24)

    • (Sally Avril is dressed like a genie, while Rand Robertson is dressed like a cheerleader)
      Sally Avril: You haven't complimented on my costume.
      Rand Robertson: (Looking into his cellphone) Trying to get the latest on the shuttle.
      Sally Avril: Which matters to me, why?
      Rand Robertson: Maybe because John Jameson is like an older brother to me! And because... he might not make it.

    • J. Jonah Jameson: Here's tomorrow's front-page headline: "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace."

    • J. Jonah Jameson: The people have spoken. Get that traitor Parker in here and lock him into an exclusive deal. If they want Spider-Man, we'll give 'em Spider-Man.

    • Norman Osborn: I will not allow this. I'll say I was the Goblin. After all, I invented the green. I'm the obvious suspect.
      Spider-Man: No. He needs you. And what good could you do him locked away for a crime you didn't commit?
      Norman Osborn: Didn't I? This is all my fault. I drove Harry to...

    • (After the Green Goblin escapes)
      Spider-Man: Go ahead. Run. I know where you live.

    • (After surviving the crash)
      Spider-Man: Ok... all this pain at least proves I'm still alive.

    • (After dragging Spider-Man through a tunnel)
      Green Goblin: Well that taught us nothing. Perhaps a more drastic experiment is required. (Drops Spider-Man high in the air) Happy landing, Spider-Man!

    • Green Goblin: Now, let's see what cracks first: my gob-webs, or your bones!

    • Green Goblin: Why don't you just give up?
      Spider-Man: 'Cause I know your secret. I know whose face is behind that mask.
      Green Goblin: We all wear masks, Spider-Man. But which one is real? The one that hides your face, or the one that is your face.

    • Mary Jane: (To Flash Thompson) Whoa, pom-poms to yourself, big guy. I like you, but I won't be your replacement girl. This red head's a free agent, and plans to keep it that way.

    • Spider-Man: Next time you throw a bash, Gobby, leave out snacks. Your guests will stay longer.

    • Norman Osborn: You wanna rule the world, you don't punch time clocks.

    • Hammerhead: The Big Man's Tombstone. 'Cause that's all that's left when you cross him.
      Green Goblin: Well, if that's true, then a man like you must surely have acquired life insurance.

    • Hammerhead: (To the Green Goblin) I know you're out there.
      Green Goblin: Out there. In here. Everywhere. Yes, this will soon be my town, Hammie, and I could use a good right-hand flattop.

    • (Space shuttle is hit by an asteroid)
      Space Woman: Life support's still up. Otherwise...
      Colonel John Jameson: Otherwise it's "Houston, we have a problem."

    • Colonel John Jameson: But seriously, I still remember my first Halloween. I was an astronaut. Big surprise, right? (Sighs) As much as I love the beauty and tranquility of space, I'm glad we're landing tomorrow to see the costumes of the next generation of dreamers. Plus, this year, my astronaut costume rocks!

    • Gwen: (Left alone at the carnival) No Harry. No Peter. Someone is so getting the look.

    • Flash Thompson: (Dressed as a cheerleader) Puny Parker? He looks nothing like Spidey! I should have been Spider-Man!
      Peter Parker: (Grinning) Don't worry, Flash. You fill out your costume quite nicely, too.

    • Hammerhead: You think I'm afraid of a goofball dressed for Halloween? Can't be afraid of what you don't respect and I've only respected one man enough to fear.
      Green Goblin: The Big Man. Alias: L. Thompson Lincoln. See, I've already peeked under his mask.

    • Green Goblin: We both want Tombstone out of the picture.
      Spider-Man: For totally different reasons.
      Green Goblin: Details, details.

    • (Tombstone saves Spider-Man from the Green Goblin)
      Spider-Man: Uh, thanks?
      Tombstone: Take down the Goblin, or at least unmask him, and we'll call it even.
      Spider-Man: Uh, excuse me? Who rescued who from the molten steel?!

    • (Spider-Man and Tombstone find Hammerhead wrapped in chains in the refinery)
      Hammerhead: This is so embarassing.
      Tombstone And disappointing. Did you really think you needed a jump drive to protect you? Did you really think a jump drive could protect you?
      Hammerhead: Ah, come on boss, you couldn't have fallen for that. There's no drive, no incriminating evidence; there never was!
      Green Goblin: Yes, yes, I'm a big fat liar! Like we all didn't know this was a trap?

    • (Spider-Man and Tombstone meet outside the refinery)
      Spider-Man: So, Gobby offered you the secret toy surprise too, trap?
      Tombstone: Trap.
      Spider-Man: Figured, race ya inside!

    • Green Goblin: Welcome to the Green Goblin's House of Horrors, or should I say Refinery of Revulsion?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Harry's Addiction:

      Harry's addiction and reliance on the Gobulin Green formula is similiar to his drug addiction in The Amazing Spider-Man #96-98 (All three issues were un-approved by The Comics Code of Approval for their drug mention).

    • Green Goblin: My favorite flattop.

      This may be a reference to Flattop Jones, (a gangster from the old Dick Tracy strips by Chester Gould) referring to Hammerhead's unnaturally flattened skull and manner of dress.

    • Spider-Man: 'Twas the night before Halloween, and all through Manhattan... not a creature was stirring, not even the Green Gob... lan.

      An obvious parody of the Christmas poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

    • Man-Wolf

      You can see a wax replica of the character at the start of the episode. Ironically enough, Man-Wolf is the alter-ego of John Jameson.

    • The way Green Goblin carries Spider-Man in his "Gob webs" is reminiscent of the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #39. The main difference is that Peter is still wearing his mask.

    • Hammerhead: Keep laughing, Kermit.

      An allusion to Kermit the Frog from The Muppets.