The Spoils of Babylon

Season 1 Episode 3

Kicking the Habit

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2014 on IFC

Episode Recap


Eric discusses the production of chapter 3 of The Spoils of Babylon and how he held the crew at gunpoint when they objected to him filming hundreds of takes per day. The author admits that he filmed the drug sequences while taking hallucigens.


Devon and Lady Anne have a daughter, Mary Anne Abigail Morehouse, and Devon is happy that things are perfect in his life. He is gone on the night when Cynthia goes to see Lady Anne. Although Cynthia to remain calm despite the fact that they are rivals for Devon's life, she soon flies into a rage when Lady Anne promises to keep Devon warm with their lovemaking. Cynthia grabs a log from the fire and sets Lady Anne on fire, and then runs out of the house with the baby as the house is consumed by flames.

When Devon arrives, he is heartbroken to discover that nothing is left of Lady Anne but her charred and melted head. He tells Cynthia that he can no longer bear to stay there and will go out into the world holding his beloved's head as a reminder that he has lost his hope. Devon asks Cynthia to look after Mary Anne and gives his child Jonas' compass as a gift. Cynthia pleads with him to stay but Devon leaves.

In her brother's absence and with her father's growing illness, Cynthia takes control of Morehouse Conglomerated. She refuses to partner with other companies, insisting that the military will stockpile more oil after the war. The board members fight her, insisting that she can't handle the job because she is a woman, but Cynthia vows to run the company until Devon is found or confirmed dead. After the meeting, board member Cyrus Mego asks Cynthia if she is consulting with Jonas and she admits that Jonas has been babbling about some device and demanding to see Devon. However, no one knows where to find Devon and he has been gone for over a year.

Devon travels across the land, listening to jazz and shooting up heroin. He finds his way to the Lorraine Saint Domaine Hotel and spends most of his time drugged up. Cynthia finds him there and comes to see him, and tells him that Jonas is dying and wants to see him one last time. She gives Devon the compass back and offers to help him kick the habit. Devon agrees and asks her to lock the door, and warns that it won't be pretty.

Three days later, Devon is completely cured with the aid of Cynthia's saxophone playing. However, he admits that he is still addicted to her, and Cynthia tells him that he never needs to kick that habit. They have sex on the bed as jazz music plays in the background.

When Devon returns home, he goes out with a wheelchair-bound Jonas and his adopted father explains that he's dying. When Devon refuses to believe him, Jonas Devon with his cane until the news sinks in. He tells Devon that Seymore is close to finishing the carburetor, and that its existence must stay a secret. Once they release it, all of the oil companies will be ruined, including Morehouse Conglomerated, but Jonas is satisfied that he will make the world a better place. Jonas then tells Devon that Cynthia can't be allowed to run the company because she' unethical and crazy, and is shocked when Devon tells him that they are in love. The shock proves too much for Jonas, who with his dying breath forbids Devon to have a relationship with Cynthia.

Later, Devon and Cynthia address each other with British accents, and Cynthia insists that now they can consummate their love. Devon refuses, saying that Jonas wouldn't want them to be together, and walks away. Heartbroken, Cynthia sings a touch song about love in her new British accent.


Eric tells his audience that more music, gaiety, and color will bring excitement to their lives.