The Spoils of Babylon

Season 1 Episode 3

Kicking the Habit

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2014 on IFC



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    • Trivia: Jonrosh is a Director - Financier - Creative Consultant - Fisherman - Zeitgeistio - Traveler - Dreamer - Accountant

  • Quotes

    • Eric: I controlled every aspect of the production. Sometimes violently so. I demanded perfection of myself. And so to the cast. I shot roughly six lines of dialogue a day, from hundreds of angles and many, many takes. The cast staged a revolt at one point, but I was prepared for this for I knew to carry a gun. I would not allow the film to be shut down, although I did take a two-month hiatus while I found out where my head was at.

    • Eric: What? So now I can't say that? You're--you're, uh, your viewers? Who are your viewers?!? Who's watching this garbage! What is going on? Not only here, but generally speaking?

    • Eric: I am especially proud of the acting in tonight's installment. I hope you will agree. "I hope you will agree." That doesn't seem right at all. "I hope..." Why am I hoping that they would...?

    • Cynthia: I tried to tell her not to start a fire. I told her, she must have done it anyway.
      Devon: It makes no sense.
      Cynthia: See, fires are very dangerous. Not to be blunt, but it makes total sense scientifically.

    • Devon: I must wander the earth, my head and I.

    • Devon: I hit the road with only my thumb and a beat-up Olivetti typewriter. I didn't know what I was looking for. God, love, death, kicks. I knew I needed to go and never stop going. My head bent to the railroad earth. I wandered forth into the electric negro dawn, cold water flats and boxcars booming through cities. Cleveland, Davenport, Denver, and the sound of mad jazz piercing through back alleys and flophouses. New adventures and miles between desire and hope. Desire and hope spread out like one long ribbon across the land, engines into the madness.

    • Cynthia: Why haven't you written?
      Devon: Well, I've been busy. I have a habit now, it takes up a lot of time.

    • Devon: What is true happiness? After a lifetime of missing it, I had finally found it in Cynthia, my own sister. Our love was forbidden by man but sanctioned by the angels.

    • Cynthia: The ground was green when first we ambled conjoined.
      Devon: Our ground was never so green. It has marred our souls like sneal worms in a hooper's frau.
      Cynthia: To compare our love thusly is a pauperous accounting.
      Devon: And to declare otherhow is vainglorious folly!

    • Eric: There it is, another ending. But fear not, there is more to come next time. More story, more music, more gaiety and color. For isn't that what moves us, the excitement of life? The thrill of being bitten by a snake? Isn't there something in the mystery of mini-particles forever dancing in the chaos of our vision? Deep down do you even know what I'm talking about? So shut your mouth. How old are you? What? Twenty-two? That's not even an age, stop lying to me. I have no intention of continuing on. No! I'm done. I'm through for the day. I for one have read my contract.

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