The Sports Reporters

Season 23 Episode 23

March 6, 2011

Aired Sunday 9:30 AM Mar 06, 2011 on ESPN

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  • 3/6

    The Sports Reporters may be one of the most underrated shows on ESPN. Usually I am not up early enough to check it out (hey, it's Sunday after all!) by I was able to check it out tonight. You had three panelists who are all smart, but do not have the massive egos some analysts have on this network. Jemele Hill seemed more relaxed here than she does on 1st and 10, and Bob Ryan came off as more competent when he did not have Tony Kornheiser constantly trying to one-up him on Pardon the Interruption. John Saunders was a good host too, and I loved his crack about people saying a lot of things about Charlie Sheen these days.

    Fun show today. I need to get up more on Sunday to check it out.