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  • Really

    Just finished my last episode of the sports reporters. You just shot (no Pun) down the Second Amendment. Have you become a political show now ? You just lost my viewership forever. Can't wait to discuss with all my friends. Pathetic !
  • Nationwide race

    I feel that the panel needs to be at a race before they commenty on what the race fane wants. Yes they know the risk factor on what wold happen at the race if an accdent happens. The one reporter stated that the fans were pressed against the fence. You canot get within 5 ft of the fence without security moving you back. The fences are very high and none of the debris went over the fence. Now if you use the thought that fans needs to be protected then put your plexi-glass around the whole ballparks & arenas because you could get klled by a baseball or a payer falling on someone. Get real. One of the reporter mention to add plexie glass around the track to stop the debris from getting into the stands. Do you think that a sheet of plexi-glass will stop that tire? I would be willig to bet that more fans get hurt at other sporting events than at a NASCAR event. I feel that the Sunday Sports reporters need learn more about a sport they are commentting on.
  • John Saunders comments on Bush.

    Just what we need now. John Saunders talking politics on a Sunday morning sports show. If he is not happy with the way this country runs, then he should go find employment in another one. I watch espn to get news on sports, not politics. There are enough liberals tiranting on other networks. People who watch your show are not interested in personal thoughts on this country. Saunders seems to be an educated man. I don't know why he would take this route. It is a cowerdly thing to do, and as much as he found joy in his comments i'm sure he does not enjoy this review.

    Gerty Nystrom, my English teacher at Wheaton Ill High (name drop-she also taught my football teammate, John Belushi) is rolling over in her grave with the pundits butchering the language the last two weeks of my favourite show. Jamele-"either of these guys ARE going to turn out". John-"neither Wentz nor Goff WERE invited". Bob-"none WERE bigger than Pearl" Gene-"one in seventeen college students USE marijuana daily". SINGULAR SUBJECT, SINGULAR VERB, people!!
  • Parting Shots / John Saunders / Nov 2

    Every once and a while someone says something which so true and presents in in a succinct and logical manner. Yesterday John Saunders on his Parting Shot talked about criticism of Russel Wilson. John, if you ever look at these comments take a bow. Russel there is one guy, a guy with the brain equal to all of the other dunderheads who has got your back, everyone else if you haven't seen the sequence you are missing something.


  • Racist criticism of Adrian Peterson

    For the most part I enjoy this features lively conversation among quick witted commentators. I do have a problem, however, with all the pundits (Boomer Esiason, Jim Rome, and Mike Lupica, among others) who are piling on Adrian Peterson, eagerly denouncing and condemning yet another black man. From my perspective, the above-mentioned critics of Adrian Peterson seem to be implying that black parents don't know how to be good parents. Is that really the message you want to send?
  • what was that graphic at the end of the show on Sunday Jan. 27th -- Memphis State 19-0? and Prayers to the Ryan family.

    I'm a devoted watcher and as a former professional sports
    pubicist in New York, Atlanta and Memphis, look forward to hearing discussions of the week and news of sports personalities that I might have known--this past Sunday at the end of the show, after "Parting Shots" and the sign off by John, there was a graphic "Memphis State 19-0"---I didn't see the next show/segment but did you mean to show The University of Memphis, my alma mater? Shame if you were--it's certainly not Memphis State any longer but it is the No. 1 mens' basketball team in the country--explain, please-possibly it was to be a story of years past--thanks and with many prayers to Bob Ryan and family in their tragic loss--Respectfully, Annette Winters, Nashville, TN and Solomons Island, MD
  • Brains over brawn in this different approach to the normal sports bash.

    For those of us who are regularly irritated by sports panels comprised of loud mouthed ex players and worn out coach's, 'The Sports Reporters' offer up something fairly unique: A sports panel of articulate, soft spoken and knowledgeable men and women, giving well thought out opinions on a wide range of contemporart sports issues. They do this without talking over each other, without wearing garish suits or enough gold jewelry to fund an emerging nation. No distractions here, no expert 'Picks' on Sundays games and no procrastinating or belaboring the obvious. They are also given time to speak about whatever they like. Thus, one member may take a light hearted jab at Bill Belichiks wardrobe, while another addresses the growing disparity in teams performances. John Saunders keepd a steady hand on the tiller and lends an air of soft spoken authority to the program, while the everchanging eclectic mix of the men and women on the panel, ensure a wide range of facts, stories and opinions, that keep you fairly riveted. Good show.
  • Jason Collins' sexual preferences are None of My Business, just as it would have been none of my business had he come out to say that he was an adulterer

    See Title, and see your Bible, as Jesus said in the New Testament that He did Not come to Change One Jot of the Law!
  • A great sports talk show.

    A great sports talk show that includes 4 reporters sitting around and giving their opinions on the current hot topics of the day. It's fun to watch these guys argue and fight like little kids sometimes. You are almost guaranteed of someone supporting your view and someone being against it. It also gives you amunition for arguments with friends because you can repeat some of the things that you hear on the show from the reporters that support your viewpoints. It was a little better when Dick Schapp was still alive but it is still a very , very good show that i watch all the time.
  • This is a great weekly show on ESPN. Top notch sports reporters from around the country come together to discuss and argue the week's sporting events. Originally hosted by the late Dick Schapp, and currently by John Saunders, it is the best show of its

    This is a great weekly show on ESPN. Top notch sports reporters from around the country come together to discuss and argue the week's sporting events. Originally hosted by the late Dick Schapp, and currently by John Saunders, it is the best show of its kind.

    Mike Lupica, Bob Ryan, and my favorite Mitch Albom make up the regular weekly crew along with many other regulars. The parting shots at the end give unique perspectives on stories that might of fell through the cracks.

    This is the best and one of the original popular sports talk programs. ESPN created Sports Reporters II and has many other similar shows (PTI, Around the Horn, etc.) based upon this classic.