The Sports Reporters

Sunday 9:30 AM on ESPN Premiered Oct 02, 1988 In Season





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  • Brains over brawn in this different approach to the normal sports bash.

    For those of us who are regularly irritated by sports panels comprised of loud mouthed ex players and worn out coach's, 'The Sports Reporters' offer up something fairly unique: A sports panel of articulate, soft spoken and knowledgeable men and women, giving well thought out opinions on a wide range of contemporart sports issues. They do this without talking over each other, without wearing garish suits or enough gold jewelry to fund an emerging nation. No distractions here, no expert 'Picks' on Sundays games and no procrastinating or belaboring the obvious. They are also given time to speak about whatever they like. Thus, one member may take a light hearted jab at Bill Belichiks wardrobe, while another addresses the growing disparity in teams performances. John Saunders keepd a steady hand on the tiller and lends an air of soft spoken authority to the program, while the everchanging eclectic mix of the men and women on the panel, ensure a wide range of facts, stories and opinions, that keep you fairly riveted. Good show.