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  • Nationwide race

    I feel that the panel needs to be at a race before they commenty on what the race fane wants. Yes they know the risk factor on what wold happen at the race if an accdent happens. The one reporter stated that the fans were pressed against the fence. You canot get within 5 ft of the fence without security moving you back. The fences are very high and none of the debris went over the fence. Now if you use the thought that fans needs to be protected then put your plexi-glass around the whole ballparks & arenas because you could get klled by a baseball or a payer falling on someone. Get real. One of the reporter mention to add plexie glass around the track to stop the debris from getting into the stands. Do you think that a sheet of plexi-glass will stop that tire? I would be willig to bet that more fans get hurt at other sporting events than at a NASCAR event. I feel that the Sunday Sports reporters need learn more about a sport they are commentting on.